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Discover Australia Feel the wind in your hair as you cruise the world's longest road; tips for driving across this magnificent monster countryFind out where Lonely Planet's favorite Australians would rather b. I bought this book because I was curious what it'd be like to read a guidebook to my own country as well as because I'd like to travel within Australia I'm a long time user of Lonely Planet guides but since I discovered that you can buy them chapter by chapter for just 5 I rarely buy the full booksI don't like how this book includes so many places that I can't imagine many people wanting to go it'd be better if they gave detail on the best places and left the others out Rick Steves style his guidebooks are the gold standard it's such a pity he only writes Europe guides However I do like that this book covers a few dangerous places like outback tracks I do like reading a bit about places I'll never be brave enough to go I think the coverage of hotelsrestaurantsbars is a bit excessive but I do think that even though this information is better and free online it's good to have some such information within your primary planning source as a price indicator and the hotel prices in this book are good indicators they generally line up with the prices that are actually charged when you find a decent online deal note that this means that if you don't bother to search for a decent deal you will have to pay much than the prices listed in this book particularly if you're unwise enough to travel at peak timesIn this book I found a few destinations I'd like to visit that I hadn't already put on my wishlist I also found a few attractions I'd like to visit in Melbourne a city I've been to uite a few times that I'd never heard of before but that wasn't the case for any of the other cities I'm fairly familiar withThe hotel recommendations in cities I'm familiar with often line up with those I'd make except that they generally exclude chains chains can be a good deal in Australia esp at the budget end where they give a consistent experience than indies The restaurant recommendations also often line up with mine particularity in my home city I'm not sure if this means that I know about most of the good places or if it means that the writers didn't bother to look beyond the popular placesBooks like this take time to put together so there's necessarily some out of date information here one listed place in my home city closed before this book's publication date and many listed places will surely close before the next edition of this book but I don't think that will cause readers too many problems if they supplement this book with information from tripadvisor and google maps

free download Australia (Travel guide)

Australia Travel guideThe road research 204 maps one possum in a tentWine regions boxed and packaged brilliant food in every state decent coffee every 300kms Visit lonelyplanetcom for reviews daily updates and traveler suggestions. As usual with lonely planet guides we found this to be super helpful while planning our trip and while traveling around At the end of our trip we left this our aussie friends we were visiting as they had been looking at it and were interested in planning some trips of their own It does a good job of going into detail for all parts of the country including Tasmania and Victoria The main downside to the guide is that the book is heavy and rather bulky to carry around This is particularly frustrating if you are only going to a few parts of the country like we were Lonely Planet is now selling their guides as e books through their website with the option to buy the entire guide or just the chapters you need We plan to go that route on our next overseas trip

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characters Australia (Travel guide) ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ê Discover Australia Feel the wind in your hair as you cruise the world's longest road; tips for driving across this magnificent monster countryFind out where Lonely Planet's favorite Australians would rather beSeek refuge in Cape Tribulation's Wet TropESeek refuge in Cape Tribulation's Wet Tropics where the rainforest greets the seaJoin the dots; hear about Aboriginal culture from Australia's first people In This Guide 12 intrepid authors over 70 weeks on. I only wish Rick Steves did travel books for AustraliaI used Lonely Planet Australia as a guide for my recent trip down under and overall I was disappointed While it was helpful in deciding what I wanted to see beforehand I could have found all that information online on tripadvisorcom for example For me the most important function of travel books is to be my on site tour guide This book didn't have enough information on any individual place to be worth carrying along Of the 14 days of my visit I only packed it in my purse for 2 of them and even then I didn't find it of much use I am accustomed to Rick Steves' wonderful tips things like buy your tickets at this little shop and avoid the line and if you go to the very back of the market you'll find this fascinating statue and so forth There was none of that here I also found the few suggested itineraries to be very slow moving and incomplete But maybe my type of traveller is not the target audience for Lonely PlanetThe main source of the problem is that this book covers all of Australia in depth Even though I flew all over the continent visiting Sydney Melbourne the Great Barrier Reef and the central Outback I only used a small fraction of the guide's content Any book trying to cover so many sites is limited on what details it can include but the compromises made to keep the page number reasonable didn't work for meAnother big complaint the index was terrible and never had an entry for anything I tried to look up So I'd find myself paging through 30 pages on Melbourne for example trying to find the one paragraph that talked about Birrarung Marr It was very frustratingBarely 3 stars because I'm recognizing it has a lot of content I didn't use that probably added value I wish I had just bought several smaller books on the cities I was visiting