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Review ´ Grafarþögn É PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ Há segredos ue não podem ficar enterrados para sempreNuma encosta perto de Reiuejaviue algumas crianças brincam junto aos alicerces de uma nova casa em construção uando de forma inesperada encontram uma costela humanaA mórbida descobeHá segredos ue não podem ficar enterrados para sempreNuma encosta perto de Reiuejaviue algumas crianças brincam junto aos alicerces de uma nova casa em construção uando de forma inesperada encontram uma costela humanaA mórbida descoberta leva de imediato o inspetor Erlendur e a sua euipa da polícia científica a instalarem se no terreno unindo esforços para desen. Silence of the Grave Inspector Erlendur #4 Arnaldur IndriðasonInspector Erlendur returns in this gripping Icelandic thriller When a skeleton is discovered half buried in a construction site outside of Reykjavík Inspector Erlendur finds himself knee deep in both a crime scene and an archeological dig Bone by bone the body is unearthed and the brutalizing history of a family who lived near the building site comes to light along with it Was the skeleton a man or a woman a victim or a killer and is this a simple case of murder or a long concealed act of justice As Erlendur tries to crack this cold case he must also save his drug addicted daughter from self destruction and somehow glue his hopelessly fractured family back togetherتاریخ نخستین خوانش روز بیست و دوم ماه سپتامبر سال 2019 میلادیعنوان سکوت قبر کاوشگری‌های کارآگاه ارلندور؛ نویسنده آرنالدور ایندیرداسون؛ ‏‫مترجم زهرا زارعی؛ ویراستار رویا کیانی؛ تهران نشر قطره‏‫، ‏‫سال 1397؛ در 297ص؛ شابک 9786001199950؛ موضوع داستانهای نویسندگان ایسلندی سده 21معنوان سکوت قبرستان؛ نویسنده آرنالدور ایندیرداسون ؛ برگردان سارا یوسفی؛ ویراستار فرناز شهیدثالث؛ تهران آوند دانش، ‏‫1398؛ در 388ص؛ شابک 9786008668701؛آرنالدور ایندیرداسون متولد 1961میلادی، نویسنده مشهور ایسلندی، بیش‌تر به خاطر رمان‌های جنایی‌ خویش نامدار هستند؛ رمان «سکوت قبر» در سال 2005میلادی، به عنوان بهترین رمان جنایی سال، برنده جایزه انجمن نویسندگان جنایی انگلستان شده استکشف تعدادی استخوان انسان که در محلی دفن شده‌ اند، پای پلیس را به ماجرا باز می‌کند، و کارآگاه ارلندور، قهرمان مشهور رمان‌های ایندیرداسون، مسئول رازگشایی از ماجرا می‌شود؛ استخوان‌ها تک به تک بیرون کشیده و بررسی می‌شوند، و تاریخچه خانواده‌ ای که نزدیک محل کشف استخوان‌ها زندگی می‌کرده است، در مرکز توجه قرار می‌گیرد؛ کارآگاه «ارلندور» در حین کشف رازهای این جنایت، باید با مشکلی که برای دخترش هم پیش آمده، دست و پنجه نرم کند؛ «سکوت قبر» رمانی است نفس‌گیر، پرکشش و جذاب درباره جنایتی ناشی از خشونت، جنون و سادیسم که سال‌ها پیش رخ داده استنقل نمونه متن «توتی»، مرد غریبه، و مادرش، و گله ی پشت سرش را، به سمت زیرسازیها برد، و به جاییکه شیء سفید و عجیب و غریب را پیدا کرده بود اشاره کرد، شیئی که آنقدر سبک و صاف بود، که تصمیم گرفته بود توی جیبش بگذارد، و نگهش دارد؛ پسر محل دقیق را یادش آمد، دوید سمت ساختمان، و مستقیم به جایی رفت، که شیء افتاده بود؛ مادرش تذکر داد خیلی نزدیک نشود، و با کمک مرد جوان، خودش را به آنجا رساند؛ «توتی» استخوان را از مادرش گرفت و گذاشتش توی خاک؛ گفت «اینجوری افتاده بود»؛ هنوز هم تصور میکرد استخوان یکجور سنگ جالب است؛ بعد از ظهر جمعه بود و هیچکس سر ساختمان کار نمیکرد؛ در دو طرف محل اتوماسیون گذاشته بودند و برای بتن ریزی آماده بود، اما زمین بی حفاظ بود، و هنوز هیچ دیواری دور و برش نبود؛ مرد جوان رفت سمت تلی که پسر شیء را پیدا کرده بود، و مکان را بررسی کرد؛ با انگشت خاک را خراشید و از دیدن استخوان دستی مدفون زیر خاک وحشت کرد مادر پسر، مرد جوان را نگاه کرد، که به تل خیره شده بود، و نگاهش را دنبال کرد، تا خودش هم استخوان را دید؛ نزدیکتر که میرفت، با خودش گفت شاید بتواند استخوان فک و یکی دو تا دندان بیرون بیاورد از جا پرید، رو کرد به مرد جوان و بعد به دخترش و به طور غریزی شروع کرد به پاک کردن دهان دختر؛ به زحمت فهمید چه اتفاقی افتاده، تا وقتیکه دردی در شقیقه اش حس کرد مرد بیهوا با مشت به سرش کوبیده بود، آن قدر سریع که حتی متوجه نشده بود؛ یا شاید هم باور نداشت مرد اینکار را کرده باشد؛ این اولین مشت بود، و سالهای بعد از آن نمیدانست اگر درجا وِلش کرده بود، و رفته بود زندگی اش متفاوت میشد یا نه؛ البته اگر مرد این اجازه را به او میداد؛ با حیرت به مرد نگاه کرد، از مشت زدنش در حیرت بود؛ هیچکس هیچوقت اینجوری نزده بودش؛ سه ماه از عروسیشان میگذشت؛ دستش را روی شقیقه اش گذاشته بود و گفت «تو به من مشت زدی؟» مرد زیر لب غرید؛ «فکر کردی ندیدم چه جوری نگاهش میکردی؟»؛ پایان نقلتاریخ بهنگام رسانی 26031399هجری خورشیدی؛ ا شربیانی

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Terrar o resto do corpo secretamente sepultado e ao mesmo tempo investigar auele estranho caso feito de contornos brutais escondido debaixo da terra desde o período da II Guerra MundialÀ medida ue cada osso vai sendo desvendado também a história de violência doméstica e corrupção no seio de uma família vem ao de cima oferecendo àuele mistério sinais cada vez m. Don't pick this one up if you want something warm and fuzzy it's definitely the opposite But then again it's gloominess somehow seems a propos considering not only the main story here but the ongoing story of Erlandur Sveinsson the main character here He's not a happy man nor does he have any reason to be his children hate him his ex wife lies about him and he's got ghosts from his past that continually haunt him But as a detective he's got to let all of that go so that he can do his job As the story opens a baby is discovered playing with a piece of a human rib bone The baby's mother makes her other child take her to where he found the bone and an entire skeleton is discovered The police are called in and they have no choice but to wait until the archaeologists slowly and carefully work through the excavation to be able to even determine the sex of the bones All that's known is that the skeleton is probably uite old rather than recent anywhere from 50 to 70 years old While they wait for the archaeologists Erelendur and his team begin trying to figure out just who may have lived around the area in the past and to see if anyone may have gone missing around the time whoever it is laying in the ground was put in there As the police begin their investigations they become aware that a young woman went missing presumed a suicide and that the man to whom she was engaged was the owner of the property years ago when the area was shared with a military base during WWII Interwoven with this story is another about a family of former residents of the area a woman and her children who find themselves victims of the husbandfather a wife beater who not only uses physical violence but kills the soul as he metes out his abuse Between the two storylines you'll find yourself literally unable to put the book down That along with Erlendur's personal problems and the ghosts of his past coming back to haunt him make for one incredible read If you've read Jar City you've got to read this one The author's characterization is realistic the story is moving and the writing is excellent Highly recommended to those who enjoy good mysteries in general or to those who are looking for at good Scandinavian mystery writer Most excellent

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GrafarþögnAis tenebrosos de ue o terror pode ser coisa de gente comumO caso exige toda a coragem ue o inspetor Erlendur possa encontrar em si ele ue assistindo à morte lenta da própria filha toxicodependente ue depois de abortar entra num coma profundo não pode evitar confrontar se com as responsabilidades de ter levado também ele a sua família a uma degradação uase complet. Silence of the Grave the fourth installment of Arnaldur Indriðason’s Inspector Erlendur series is sneaky good Rather than hitting you over the head with a sudden grisly murder and in depth character studies the story unfolds so slowly that you might wonder if there really was a crime at allIt begins when a medical student spots a toddler gnawing on what appears to be an old bone while he waits for his younger brother at a child’s birthday party This leads to Inspector Erlendur and his team being called in to investigate The scene turns out to be an archeological dig of sorts; although it is not ancient it probably dates back to World War II Despite the fact that the unknown skeleton has been interred for decades Erlendur is impatient to learn the identity of the deceased but the forensic team will not be rushedAs the recovery effort inches ahead and the police investigation ensue Erlendur notices redcurrant bushes Who planted them Erlendur wonders Who lived here Later he learns that there was a chalet Eventually he has a name information to follow some of it leading nowhere Whose body is buried in the wall Is it male or femaleThe author gives us ideas as he shows us who lived in that run down building A family of five A mother husband two boys and a girl All are magnificently developed over the course of the book I must caution readers There is domestic abuse here physical emotional and psychological abuse that recurs throughout the book It cannot be skimmed in my opinion unless one totally skips these chapters and to do so is to miss the much of the essence of the story Would it be possible to continue this series without reading Silence of the Grave Since I have not yet read the next book I cannot presume to answer that uestion However knowing what Arnaldur Indriðason reveals about Erlendur during the course of this book as he sits with his gravely ill daughter Eva Lind I would say that it is an important book to read because of what we learn about Erlendur We see him being introspective than at any time in previous books More honest Perhaps even though he doesn’t wear his feelings on his sleeve emotionalWe also get to know his partners ElÍnborg and Sigurdur Óli better Now this doesn’t come easily in the first chapter or two It takes patience to get to know these characters because that’s the way Indriðason writes Slow and steady wins the race Imagine my surprise when I got to the end and found that I really enjoyed this book When all is said and done there is a lot to it than would appear after the first oh one third of the book If you expect and need a fast paced action packed thriller then this book this series is not for you But if you enjoy a skillfully drawn tale that takes you to another time and place then you uite possibly could love this book 4 stars