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Brides of Dracula The Legend of Dracula #2Best Kindle Brides of Dracula (The Legend of Dracula #2) By Perry. This is a great collection of short to middle length stories that are backdropped against every vampire legend out there and are good for keeping a soul up at nightThis is a handy book to dip into and back out of when other activities are pressing Easy to have a night off with the guys gals and ghouls of Perry Lakes's storiesThe style of writing is nicely polished and reads as smoothly as a diaphanous silk negligee falling from a pair of marble shoulders Red eyes may reflect many things not least of all terror and lustThere is a charming and highly entertaining short story named Immortal Love about the love of Istvan and Nadia and what became of them uite the gemThere is a very droll sense of humor in these stories from time to time which shows a nice range of emotional content given the other darker elements of the stories I particularly related to the Vordenburg characters and their specific uests and vulnerabilitiesWell worth a look

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Free read Brides of Dracula (The Legend of Dracula #2) õ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ¼ Best Kindle, Brides of Dracula (The Legend of Dracula #2) By Perry Lake This is very good and a main topic to read, the readers are very amazed and always take inspiration from the contents of the book.Ry amazed and always take inspiration from the contents of the boo. If you like reading about bloody history this is the book for you The author skillfully weaves folklore from around the world into tales of debauchery seduction violence and gore along with Dracula and his minions' insatiable desire for power over every person they meet The timespan covers many centuries leading up to the vampire's entry into England as Darcula and his brides rise and fall from dominanceYou need a head for remembering foreign names which unfortunately I don't possess The writing tells each story in the manner of old However it's a good thing the reader doesn't delve too deeply into any character as it would be too horrific Go ahead and read it if have the stomach and mind to do so—or if you dare

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Lake This is very good and a main topic to read the readers are ve. As a connoisseur of Vampire horror in particular VictorianGothic vampire tales I was thrilled to read Perry Lake’s BRIDES OF DRACULA Part II of THE LEGEND OF DRACULALake’s skill lies in his ability to use an authentic Victorian writing voice and style to convey the chilling terror or vampirism and the superstitions prevalent at the time Witchcraft curses necromancy dance macabre torture orgies and murder to mention a few all feature in this tale of the vampire Lord Count Vlad Draculea and his harem of beautiful cruel noble women who had all succumbed to the deadly lure of the Lord of the UndeadWith an array of historical mythological and legendary characters such as Mephistopheles Dr Faustus Jack the Ripper disguised as The Boy the notorious Erzsébet Báthory amongst a few Lake weaves a mesmerising story of cold brutality gut wrenching violence depravity and intrigue in Count Draculea’s world of the undead In human history there’ve always been and always will be men set on world domination It’s no different in the vampire dominion In Brides of Dracula we follow the travails of the somewhat unlucky Count and his hapless yet spiteful assistant Dr Faust in this horribly entertaining book as they blunder from one comical mishap to another in their uest for world domination and territorial expansion If one ever needed holy protection from disasters not least the unrelenting persecution by Vordenburg or Peter Cushing’s Van Helsing it is our evil Count But as we all know the wretched fellow is mortally allergic to the holy relics that might have spared him some of the misfortunes he encounters in his uest to ensnare an untold number of beautiful noble womenSadly however Lake allows himself to get too involved with the wealth of materials he accessed for his research resulting in a great deal of detail that do little to drive the pace of the story Too many names cities confusing dates and minor characters populate the book and the ending appears a rushed job with an opportunity missed to wrap up brilliantly what is otherwise a very strong plot We are left wondering what the war with Strigoica was and the whys and hows of it More could have been made of Strigoica the mother of all the Undead in the book as she was built up at the start of the story as bigger than life and expectations raised which were never satisfied in the endDespite these small disappointments anyone familiar with classic gothic vampire lore in the likes of John Polidori The Vampyre Theophile Gautier The Deathly Lover Aleskei Tolstoy The Family of the Vourdalak MR James Count Magnus Jean Baptiste de Boyer They opened the graves and of course Bram Stoker Dracula’s Guest will simply adore Perry Lake’s Brides of Dracula I certainly do and will be devouring other books by this writer