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EBOOK ✓ EPUB The Remnant é 9781929928200 ´ RANDARENEWABLES Ä Lt Commander Hrothgar Tebrey finds himself assigned to an archaeological expedition as a military attaché because of his knowledge of alien technology It should have been an easy assignment light duty to recover from the disaster of hisLt Commander Hrothgar Tebrey finds himself assigned to an archaeological expedition as a military attaché because of his knowledge of alien technology It should have been an easy assignment light duty to recover from the disaster Reading has been a struggle since COVID 2020 with sci fi as the only genre that comes close to sustaining my interest Recently Spence decided to offer up this Awakening series for free sustaining us during the outbreak I've followed Spence's blog posts for some time as he works as an editor and often shares passages and his corrections so I thought I'd give it a try If nothing else it wouldn't be full of errors The beginning was absolutely stellar invoking comparisons to any great in epic sci fi A search and recovery mission to an immense battleship discovery of a few survivors including Special Operations member Tebrey and then following Tebrey as he goes on his next mission to investigate a possible unearthed weapon at an archaeological dig The background setting is intriguing with a multi species alliance in an intergalactic war against the Nurgg a species that sees eradication or enslavement as the only options for any other lifeforms they encounter A brief interjection I have a terrible time with Kindle books and pacing Though I usually track by per cent read it's still hard to get a feel for the overall length As people during the US COVID would say March has last 102 days so far So my feeling of the book is that the first 20% or so was amazing and was an entire book in and of itself reminding me of Reynolds in House of Suns Epic space stuff Then the book became like modern Andre Norton Witch World with the remainder essentially taking place on planet and being about group dynamics and local politics Actually now that I think about it something about the on planet time reminds me very much of Andre Norton and Witch World The planet the people are excevating on is low tech but there are structures and remnants of a prior civilization Most of the time there isn't any ambivalence about the nature of good and evil in the conflict No one is conflicted or grimdarkThe writing was skillful in a technical sense My challenges were that I felt like the character of Tebrey changed uite a bit most likely for story reasons For instance in the initial ship board chapters we have the picture of someone who has a mission related to a possible weapon that will help in the war Later on the ground he allows himself to abandon that mission view spoiler at one point he says he wants to go off and explore; at another he gets very involved in local politics hide spoiler

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Of his previous mission but things uickly begin to go wrong Someone or something is manipulating events to sabotage the expedition When the science team becomes marooned on the planet by the tides of war the sinister force reveal Goodreads Autograph CopyWhat really happen to a scientific group and a military soldier as they were left stranded on an archaeological dig on another planet for almost a year due to war Their story unfolds as the learn to survive with the aid of Lt Commander Hrothgar TebreyAs things go out of control they learn to survive hunger and cold while losing fellow members They battle sinister forces and beasts along the way with people trying for powerThe Remnant is about surviving and what choices we make to live despite what we were told to believe in What we are willing to do for surviving and the people we care forThe story keeps the reader engrossed as you never what will happen next

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The RemnantS itself and Tebrey must fight against a seemingly unstoppable enemy to save not just himself the expedition and the woman he loves but his very soul Some things are worth dying for but it’s the things worth living for that matt Could have been 4 star but character motivations and plot threads were annoyingly all over the placeReminded me of playing tabletop rpgs where things happened due to player actions and whims and these had to be bent into the plot and story after the fact The opening scenes are great but do lead you to think you are reading a certain kind of story only for the rest of the book to take you on a completely different pathA lot of the action seems to take place 'offscreen' and in recap infodumpsNevertheless I liked the plot and setting and have hopes for the rest of the seriesview spoiler May cause flashbacks for He ManBattlecat fans hide spoiler