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review Diary of a Mad Brownie 107 ì Told in diary entries and other “documents” this magical modern day comedy by the master of funny fantasy Bruce Coville is a story filled with laugh out loud humor and heart  Angus is a brownie No not the kind you eat He’s a tiny magical creature that loves to do chores Angus has just “inherited” a new human giTold in diary entries and other “documents” this magical modern day comedy by the master of funny fantasy Bruce Coville is a story filled with laugh out loud humor and heart  Angus is a brownie No not the kind you eat He’s a tiny m. I don't want to go America is too far off Not only that from what we've seen on your television 'tis a wild and barbaric place Angus the brownie has lived in the wild and magical lands of Scotland his entire life But not any I am long bound to the clan McGonagall But alas and woe my current McGonagall Sarah has grown old and ill Soon Angus must leave his Sarah his friends and even his country and travel to America of all places to be serve the youngest girl of age I am about to embark on a great and fateful journey and I am deep fretful Alex the youngest McGonagall of age is the absolute worst person Angus can imagine she is messy Messy to the point of no return He loves arguing hanging out with his human and tidying with a passion that rivals Marie Kondo There is no way he will let a little untidy room ruin his life I am a brownie fierce and proud and should not be afraid His bravery aside how can one small though strong for his size brownie take on this level of messBut Angus will do as he must for he is a proud brownie However trouble is just around the corner Alex does not know exactly why a brownie must serve her family and Angus must try to stop her from finding out for if she does all heck will break loose knowing that to break this oath is to risk fierce punishmentFor we are brownies and subjects of the ueen of Shadows Absolutely adorable and hilarious throughout Angus had just the right mixture of grumpy and lovable ness that made his character truly charming He was proud stubborn and had an awful temper in the funniest way possibleAlex was smart charming and refreshingly realistic She had a wonderful head on her shoulders and she actually used her noggin throughout the book such a clever girlThe side characters were funny and interesting especially Destiny Alex's little sister who had an imaginary goblin friendI loved the way the plot was crafted such a sweet little adventure with plenty of twists and turns that even I could not guessI listened to the audiobook and did not see most of the wonderful illustrations but from what I did see I peeked at a library copy the illustrations were super cuteAll in all highly recommended for the late elementary and early middle school age groupAudiobook CommentsA truly well read novel The voice actors breathed so much life into their characters they really committedYouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat mirandareads Happy Reading

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Agical creature that loves to do chores Angus has just “inherited” a new human girl Alex To say that Alex is messy would be an understatement She’s a total hurricane like disaster and she likes it that way thankyouverymuch Living wi. ARC from the PublisherAngus the Brownie do NOT call him a little man is attached to the McGonagall family because of somethis ancestors of both did years ago and when Sarah whom he has served for many years passes away he must journey to the US to serve the youngest female over the age of ten of the clan This happens to be Alex who is very disorganized Alex's family is also a bit odd her younger sister claims that she has a goblin as a friend her older brother writes horrible poetry and her father would like to be a rock musician After Angus journeys through the Enchanted Realm and makes his way to Alex's he starts cleaning her messy room since that's what Brownies do Alex thinks she's losing it given her sister's goblin problem but realizes there might be some advantages to having a magical servant That is until the curse of the McGonagall's descends and her father and brother want to chuck everything in order to be true to their inner poets Ever since the Princess of Sunshine fell in love with a McGonagall and left the Enchanted Realm her mother the ueen has carried out the curse hoping to get the princess back Alex finds help from an unlikely source and is able to figure out all the details of how to return the princess before her family falls into financial ruinStrengths Told in diary and letter format this is a fun magical romp Many young readers will identify with Alex's disorganization and wish that help would come from such a humorous source Angus' Scottish brogue is not overdone and the adults in the story realistically do not believe in magical creatures Even Alex is doubtful at first which makes the story believable Weaknesses Because of the different journal entries letters etc the narrative is a bit fragmented and it was a bit harder to figure out what the curse was all about I would have preferred it to be explained up front I think What I really think Since magical realism is becoming increasingly popular most elementary libraries and some middle school libraries will want to look into this This also reminded me that Coville's Into the Land of the Unicorns 1994 series has been neglected by my readers Must remedy that since I have the whole series now

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Diary of a Mad BrownieTh each other isn’t easy but Angus and Alex soon learn there is a curse that binds them What’s worse it threatens Alex’s family Working together Angus and Alex will set out to break the curse without killing each other first hopeful. Angus is a Brownie who has been cursed to live with a specific human family for over one hundred years until he meets his new girl Alex They take a while to get to a point of liking each other and have many adventures trying to figure out how to reverse their common curse Along with the human family that Angus is now living with there is a cat called Bubbles they start out on the worst of footings when they meet but eventually become friends One of my favorite uotes is from Angus when he talks about Bubbles I have to say a cat's laugh is an odd sound Well worth the read