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The Secret KeeperLaurel actriz de sucesso regressa à casa da família para celebrar o nonagésimo aniversário da mãe Dorothy ue sofre de AlzheimerEsse dia recorda lhe um outro há muito esuecido Nauele fatídico aniversário do seu irmão Laurel estava escondida na casa da árvore a fantasiar com um amor adolescente e um futuro grandioso em Londres uando assistiu a. The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton is a 2012 Atria publication When Laurel Nicolson was sixteen years old she witnessed her mother Dorothy stab a man to death The man was a stranger but he seemed to know her mother and she seemed to recognize him too The matter was ruled self defense and no charges were filed Now decades later after enjoying much success as an actress Laurel returns home to celebrate her mother’s ninetieth birthday With her mother’s descent into dementia becoming prominent Laurel knows that if she is ever to discover the truth about what happened that fateful day all those years ago if she ever was to experience closure and peace about an incident that has haunted her for fifty years she had to act now before it was too late As Laurel begins her investigation she is taken on a journey that spanned from pre world war two England through the 1960’s Laurel will learn things about her mother’s past she never could have imagined as puzzling personality traits clash with the woman Laurel thought she knew Bit by bit the pieces of a complex puzzle begin to fit into place as stunning secrets come to light that will leave the reader stunned bemused and even delightedThis book has been on my radar for years however it kept slipping down the TBR pile But in all honesty I think I let it sit and gather dust for a time because Kate Morton is not prolific or an author given to mass production Her books are always very special so I like the idea of having one of her novels around that I haven’t read yet saving it for a rainy day if you will After it was recently announced that Morton had a new book coming out soon in celebration I decided to treat myself Naturally it was worth the wait but I’m glad I finally gave in and succumbed to Morton’s mesmerizing prose as she weaves this spellbinding and riveting tale of history love friendship and family Secrets are my favorite I love stories with lots of secrets The reasons why the characters kept the secrets why people want or need to know them and what impact those secrets will have on the characters once they are exposed is always fascinating to me In this instance family secrets are at the center of the story and boy are they juicy What an incredible storyDorothy’s parents are killed in the blitz and she takes a job as the caretaker of a very wealthy woman who hints to Dorothy that she might be remembered in her will Meanwhile Dorothy becomes engaged to Jimmy a talented photographer and befriends a neighbor named Vivien But all of Dorothy’s plans cave inward when she believes Vivien has betrayed her which prompts her to obsessively seek revenge on her But as is often the case her carefully crafted but mean spirited plan backfires horrifically From that moment on Dorothy begins to harbor a host of incredible secrets that someday her daughter Laurel will discover Secrets that will shift the axis of Laurel’s universe and mine too just a little bit As always Morton’s storytelling is brilliant The historical sections of the story are absolutely riveting and so absorbing I felt like I was actually there watching events unfold in real time The characters are very well drawn and I have to confess I have a big soft spot for Jimmy I never imagined the story would take so many unexpected turns that the characters would make the choices they did or why they would make them All I can say is I couldn’t have asked for I loved every single second of this journey The only downside was that the ending came entirely too soon 5 stars

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The Secret Keeper review ↠ 3 ð Laurel actriz de sucesso regressa à casa da família para celebrar o nonagésimo aniversário da mãe Dorothy ue sofre de AlzheimerEsse dia recorda lhe um outro há muito esuecido Nauele fatídico aniversário do seu irmão Laurel estava escondida na casa da árvore a fantasiar com um amor adolescente e um futuro grandUm crime terrível ue mudaria a sua vida para sempre Foi com terror ue Laurel viu a mãe cravar a faca do bolo de aniversário no peito de um desconhecido O regresso ao local onde tudo aconteceu é a última oportunidade para Laurel descobrir o temível segredo dauele dia e encontrar as respostas ue só o passado da sua mãe lhe pode dar Pista após pi. ALL THE STARS Every single one of them The Secret Keeper is a story of love; of family and friendships and human nature and perseverance Set during the Blitz of WWII and present day the alternating timelines told from different characters are woven so beautifully and intricately to create the perfect story and mystery No one and I mean NO ONE does family secrets like Kate Morton It is no secret that I am a huge fan of hers Her stories are so well developed and beautiful her characters stick with you for a very long time And the language She writes so beautifully you can't help but get swept away with her words This was my last unread Kate Morton novel I had it tucked away for a rainy day because I was sad at the thought of having no of her stories to hear At almost 500 pages some critics will say that it is too long winded however I feel the opposite I feel that every word was necessary to create this incredible tale I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning to learn what happened in the mystery And it was SO worth it Highly highly recommend

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Sta Laurel irá desvendar a história secreta de três desconhecidos ue a Segunda Guerra Mundial uniu em Londres Dorothy Vivien e Jimmy e cujos destinos ficaram para sempre ligadosUma fascinante história de segredos e mistérios de um crime obscuro e de um amor eterno Mais um livro inesuecível de uma das autoras de maior sucesso dos nossos tempos. In the review of the last Kate Morton book I've read The Distant Hours I had complained about how I couldn't get a good grip on the characters and felt rather underwhelmed by their character traits This time I felt the complete oppositeI loved everyone involved in the story This book was even character driven than her others Of course there were several events happening and I really liked the overall plot but the focus was on developing believable characters with strong personalities and a compelling life and the author definitely succeeded in doing that Everyone just seemed so realat the end I actually had to remind myself that this is all just made up and did not actually happenI figured out a possible solution to the mystery about halfway through the novel which at the end proved to be correct However Mrs Morton has a way of writing that keeps up the suspense and makes you change your mind on what might happen all the time I kept on guessing and guessing and came up with different solutions constantly I often thought I had figured everything out but then the story took a different direction than I expected and I changed my mind againThe writing style was consistent throughout; I never felt bored or like things were too drawn out The changes between the different time periods were done very well and felt connected to each otherI don't really know what else I can say besides that this was a wonderful book that brought me a huge amount of joy and kept me entertained the whole time I was reading it