SUMMARY The Inner Side of the Wind or The Novel of Hero and Leander 107

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The Inner Side of the Wind or The Novel of Hero and Leander«Внутренняя сторона ветра» один из самых загадочных романов знаменито. Very unusual short novel even compared to other Pavic works The book is two sided and has no beginning or end but can be read from either side A 97 page novella tells the story of Leander a semi literate master builder Serbian monk living in the 18th century at the confluence of conflict between two foreign powers in all senses of the word the Muslim Ottomans and the Catholic Austrians over the body of Orthodox Serbia On the other side a 77 page novella tells the story of Hero a Serbian student in the 1920's and 30's who studies chemistry and teaches French Very beautifully written full of fantastic elements and uite weird occasionally Hero is hired to teach French to a boy and his imaginary sister Leander builds churches in 3 days with lots of musings on life death time eternity it may be the right place to start reading Pavic since of all his novels this one is probably the most accesible in a way though mysterious in another Mesmerizing stuff

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?льна как смерть можно читать и с конца и с начала выбор остается за вам?. I too am writing a creative variation on the Hero and Leander myth which is a direct cause to my purchasing this book I had purchased Pavic's Dictionary of the Khazars male version when it first hit the shelves back around 1987 because it was the most beautiful book production I had seen in years I read a uarter of it and one day it was gone from my house Possibly someone visiting thought the same about its production 'Khazars' was an interesting read but not an enjoyable oneI enjoyed this book but having finished the Hero part I felt that enjoying the book was not it This was like the prior text a book to get As I get older I do not enjoy books that have a big neon sign finger pointing at it as something 'to get' Possibly because many of them have no clothes and once gotten there's nothing to get Of course there are exceptions like Pynchon's 'V' and Gabriel Garcia Maruez's 'Love in the Time of Cholera' but for the most part nyah A personal preference surely but this is also preventing me from liking a number of modernistas booksBut as said the prose in this is straightforward the stories at least fun Perhaps something is lost in the translation my fault for not being Slavic than the author's careful word selection Worthy read just not memorable

SUMMARY The Inner Side of the Wind or The Novel of Hero and Leander

SUMMARY The Inner Side of the Wind or The Novel of Hero and Leander 107 â «Внутренняя сторона ветра» — один из самых загадочных романов знаменитого сербского писателя Милорада Павича 1929 2009Эту притчу о любвиго сербского писателя Милорада Павича 1929 2009Эту притчу о любви которая с?. This was probably the third or fourth time I read this and the first in 10 to 15 years The text delighted me as much as I remembered with passages like theseHe returned to the city in the rainy season of the year constantly treading on snails which cracked under his feet as though made of glassThe other most freuently entered item in Hero's book of dreams was a tiny little boy The boy's father ate nothing but meat and his mother ate nothing but lentils Because of the father the boy dared only taste meat; and because of the mother only lentils; and so he came into Hero's dreams to die of hungerWhere I come from when a child is born they make cheese store it in a cold place and when the person dies eat it for the peace of his soul My cheese is still waiting in some cellar I hope that you who read these lines will not eat itBreasts have mustaches birds smell so bad they knock other birds from the sky a man is only wise when urinating and we learn of the masturbation habits of Turkish sabreurs and their horses in two different passages It's wonderful and weird and incredibleThe story doesn't uite work It's a joy to read but the two parts don't uite work togetherThe kindle edition is terrible filled with mistakes and hyphenation from the original text that now ends up in the middle of words in the middle of lines The Greek letter theta is never shown correctly Passages make no sense because of the errors It's like it was OCRed from the original book and then never proofreadThe kindle edition also cannot capture the novelty of the printed book where there are two fronts and the two stories are each progressing towards the other in the center of the book That was expected and pretty unavoidable but by lacing one story in front of the other like a normal book the reading order is fixed as Leander's story and then Hero's it's a very different experience the other way around and might fit the myth of Hero and Leander better if you have a strong sense of Hero's fate and can see Leander moving towards it as the mythical Leander swam towards Hero