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CHARACTERS è The Gospel According to the Beatles ¼ Renowned British music journalist and author Steve Turner surveys the religious and spiritual influence of the Beatles the band that changed the history of music forever With new interviews never before published material and fresh insights Turner helps the reader understand the relRenowned British music journalist and author Steve Turner surveys the religious and spiritual influence of the Beatles the band that changed the history of music forever With new interviews never before published material and fresh insights Turner helps the reader understand the religious and spiritual ideas and ideals that inf. TL DR Turner should've simply written a book about George's spiritual journeyI'm not really sure what purpose the author was aiming for hereFirst off I want to point out the base foolishness of making it about all the Beatles Ringo barely exists in the book which of course may have been Ringo's fault But considering how sick he was as a child never mentioned in the book you have to think he had some deeper thoughts about what I would consider the religious dimension of life Paul is touched on in places but is usually an afterthought Leaving of course John and George That has its own problems though which I'll get to in a minuteThe second problem is the lack of a core thesis Turner is content simply to trace the development of John's and George's spiritual journeys without making an effort to promote what it all meant He touches on the typical baby boomer belief that everyone everywhere was transformed in the 60s early on and then he discusses his own Christianity at the end but neither of these topics form a thread throughout There's talk about the emptiness of fame as a motivator for George but it doesn't really touch on the other three as muchIn addition he proceeds topically rather than chronologically they're close but not uite For example marijuana is covered in one chapter and then LSD in the next but those two periods of influence overlap and I uestion the author's ability to discern that song A belongs with one while song B belongs with the other even though they are written about the same time This continues with the Maharishi and Krishna influences It isn't all like this of course; there are times where Turner does point out synchronicities of the journeys But those are the exception not the ruleThis topical progression combined with the lack of a core thesis results in a meandering book While not frustrating the book is an easy read it doesn't portray the journey accurately It's hard to see that event B was influenced by drugreligion A when B precedes A in the book The addition of the reuired yet unnecessary Ringo and Paul sections also break up the progressAnd then there's John It's not that John's journey isn't interesting or compelling it's just that it's ultimately fruitless Whatever the underlying psychological cause the author thinks it was the absent father coupled with the nigh absent mother and he may be right the man was just incapable of finding any sort of consistency in his life While George's journey is about a man evolving as he discovers new modes of spiritual thought John jumps from one idea to another or one drug to another haphazardly sticking around a little while and then moving on to the next thing without any thought of how contradictory the new belief was to the old belief Of course if you're a Beatles fan you're used to this But in a book that has the motive of tracing a spiritual journey it's tough to justify the effort on someone who isn't walking a path so much as he's playing chutes and ladders with his spiritualityIn other words Turner should've simply written a book about George's spiritual journey It's George who uestions the fame and materialism it's George who discovers the perils of turning on and dropping out with his visit to San Francisco and Turner really should've spent time here discussing this but again lack of a core thesis thus providing a nice commentary on the overall 60s culture it's George who ends up having a faith that isn't radically different from the author's Christianity according to the author and you get the sense in the last chapter that the author wants his own Christianity to be present in the Beatles' journey but doesn't know how to go about inserting himself without making it about him it's George who ultimately undergoes a typical spiritual journey from which the author can draw comparisons both to contemporary times and may even to his own faithI really wish Turner had reached this conclusion himself because it would've been a valuable read There's some good material in here although there are a couple factual errors but I've grown to accept that there haven't been any editors in the publishing or Internet world for the past 10 years but there's nothing you couldn't discover from reading the roughly 4 kazillion other books written about the Beatles And since it does focus almost exclusively on the spiritual it is inadeuate as a standard biography If you're a Beatles completist the book is short enough that it won't consume too much time to read it but again I'm not sure if you'd learn anything new from itIn the end the book is a missed opportunity and that's a shame

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Use of drugs to attempt to enter a higher level of consciousness; and the overall legacy that the Beatles and their music have left While there is no religious system that permanently anchored the Beatles or their music they did leave a gospel Turner concludes one of love peace personal freedom and the search for transcendence. A fine overview of the spiritual journeys of the Beatles Christianity hallucinogenic enlightenment the Eastern gurus TM and agnosticism are all covered here The chapter about their boyhood encounters with a vapid form of Christianity that left them prejudiced against that faith and one concerning John's popular that Jesus controversy are excellent and should not be missed The author Mr Turner lets the subjects speak for themselves without providing analysis at every single point; this allows the book to flow at a natural easily readable pace Highly recommended for Beatles fans music fans or anyone interested in the cultural or spiritual influences of the '60s

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The Gospel According to the BeatlesLuenced the music and lives of the Beatles and helps us see how the Fab Four influenced our own lives and cultureTopics discussed include the religious upbringing of John Paul George and Ringo; the backlash in the United States after John Lennon's The Beatles are popular than Jesus comment; the dabbling in Eastern religion; the. For those looking for a uick review and an inclination as to whether this is a worthy read I recommend any Beatles fan or avid popular music fan to fit this biography into their top ten must readsWhether you're a Beatles lover and need to satiate an ongoing desire for all that is Beatles trivia a serious student of popular culture or one with earnest interest in the spiritual and theological thought and influence of culture icons this is a book that may disturb but will not disappointSteve Turner is a Beatles fan This is notable because the honest approach Mr Turner takes in this study of the pioneers of modern music made me even a moderate fan of the Fab Four feel the sting in the divulging of less than flattering aspects of their fabulous lives As the title depicts Turner searches to disclose much than interesting morsels on the most popular musical group ever He seeks to reveal what his study of these four men from an English middle class town thought; what they believed concerning the most important uestions regarding life itselfConsidering the times in which the Beatles came onto the scene and the resulting magnitude of their influence on that generation and those to come Turner's aspirations are well placed As he takes us from the childhood trails and teen angst of the band members along with the spiritual involvements of especially John Lennon it's hard not to share in their common endeavors and empathize As John and other band members struggle to find their purpose and identity they often receive erroneous unfulfilling platitudes from the drifting church they associated with of their dayOnce they strike out and find their initial salvation in the recognition and good times of playing in a band their uest for fulfillment and meaning soon escalates to the higher highs of the dissolution and decadence of red light area bars of Hamburg Germany Upon discovering the intellectual freedom of drug use LSD takes the savior role Turner shows each member's experimentation with varying philosophies and mind altering chemicals and how these gave perspective to the music they created From the wild life of the German clubs and existentialist beatnik influences to an assortment of drugs uintessentially LSD to the draw of the Maharishi and Eastern Hindu mysticism the author illustrates the direct connection of these gospels to the message and music the Beatles produced The musical genius of John Paul George and Ringo is not minimized but the direction and message of the music is laid out so the reader can make accurate conclusions as to what exactly was the Gospel of the BeatlesGospel essentially means good news From what is explicitly laid out in this biography Turner makes clear The Beatles sought to convey some kind of a message of goodness to their followers and anyone who'd listen The author does a fine job of demonstrating though the Beatles themselves were at times overwhelmed and sometimes unwilling in their role of evangelists to a generation they were without doubt religious leaders of their time and beyond`The Gospel According to the Beatles' portrays the facts and the sensations of the people and time in a calculated but human manner that makes it worth a continued turn of the page even to the tragic entrance of Charles Manson and Lennon's Judas Mark David Chapman