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Free Bark and Lunge kindle ✓ eBook » randarenewables á How do you make sure the dog you love never bites anyone again?Kari and Rob are as devoted to their German shepherd puppy Isis as two dog parents can be Kari’s the disciplinarian struggling to follow every instruction to the letter Rob’s the laid backI and Rob’s love for their German shepherd Isis shines through every page of this moving saga Their journey through various training techniues and treatments is a testament to their relentless dedication to help Isis to live a normal life Many dog owners will relate to their story and even those who can’t will empathize and find it a fascinating read – Nicole Wilde author of Hit by a Flying Wolf True Tales of Rescue Rehabilitation and Real Life with Dogs and Wolve For Kari Neumeyer it was love at first sight when she first laid eyes on the German Shepherd puppy she would come to call IsisWith dreams of a loving and loyal best friend Kari and Rob take the plunge into the exciting world of new dog owners spending every spare moment doting on their beloved new family member They do everything they know to make sure they raise their puppy right from reading books to taking little Isis to obedience classes It seems as though they couldn’t be happier until the unthinkable happens and Isis starts displaying signs of aggression Kari struggles to make sense of what is driving Isis’s aggression and turns to her trainer for help But through the use of traditional punishment based methods it seems like her dog’s aggression is only getting worse Out of frustration she turns to other trainers and finds that the methods she was taught to use may have been exacerbating the problem all along After making the change to positive dog training Kari spends countless hours working with Isis to help her overcome her reactivity and learns a lot of valuable lessons along the wayBark and Lunge is a detailed memoir of one woman’s experiences in raising and rehabilitating a reactive and aggressive dog Full of humorous and heartwarming stories this book also tackles some very difficult subjects as well How far would you be willing to go to save your dog if it became aggressive? As someone who owns a reactive dog myself I loved Kari’s steely determination to help Isis at any cost The emotional roller coaster she details in this memoir is uite familiar to me and I think to anyone who owns a reactive dog Just reading about her struggles and successes was a cathartic experience for me and while there is a load of great information layered through the pages of this book on the various aspects of dog behavior and training you certainly don’t have to own a reactive dog or any dog at all for that matter to truly enjoy this story And of course with a recommendation from the legendary Dr Ian Dunbar founder of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers this book is a no brainer for any animal lover I can’t recommend it highly enough I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest reviewCheck out this review on my blog EpicBookuestcom

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How do you make sure the dog you love never bites anyone again?Kari and Rob are as devoted to their German shepherd puppy Isis as two dog parents can be Kari’s the disciplinarian struggling to follow every instruction to the letter Rob’s the laid back dad of a littermate happy as long as he can practice jiu jitsu with the dog As she grows Isis’s behavior escalates from frustrating to dangerous when she bites someone Kari and Rob learn that some of the old fashione I found this book while it was free on and I am very glad I did because I really liked it It is one of many books about living with difficult dogs that have been published in recent years the most famous of which is probably Me and Marley by John Grogan Bark and Lunge is not as funny as Marley was but I thought both had a similar emotional impact Both of them show difficult dogs that are loved despite how they are What I like so much about Bark and Lunge is that the owners try from the time the dog Isis starts to become reactive to change that for the better So most of the book is about the search for the right method to help Isis over come her stress Sometimes this search seems to be successful sometimes less soI think the author has done good job at showing few of the different dog training methods that are being used today These methods have different results and I agree with her choice of method in the end Things may change but at this point I think this is the best method we have todayStill it's not a book about the different training methods It is a memoir and I thought it was very well written as such The story is interesting and well built up I felt for them in their uest to help their dog And I get how a reactive dog can still be lovable So I can safely recommend this book to anyone that is interested in a good story about a reactive dog and the people that love it

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Bark and Lunge D advice they followed may have contributed to Isis’s aggression Eventually they’re shown a better way to calm an anxious and fearful dogProspective puppydog owners can save themselves a lot of heartbreak by reading Bark and Lunge which tells the story of what can go wrong when a puppy is not properly socialized and when unsuspecting owners are bullied into using aversive training techniues – Dr Ian Dunbar founder of the Association of Professional Dog TrainersKar This book was therapeutic for me and I wasn't expecting it to affect me the way it did It was reassuring to read that someone else also experienced the frustrations I have faced when it has come to getting proper training advice for my leash and barrier reactive dog The methods tried by the author range from alpha mentality with choke and prong collars to getting a reading from a pet psychic along with everything betweenI thought it was really well written and an easy read You can't help but become connected to Isis and her owners and cheer them all on in their efforts for finding an answer to relieving her anxieties around other dogs and people This is a great book for anyone but I believe it is most beneficial to current and prospective pet owners There are so many training methods and certified experts out there and this book helps shed some light on most if not all of the options availableDisclaimer I won this via a Goodreads Giveaway