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He loss he dutifully honors his aunt’s last wish to take responsibility of a young ward Alex and arrange a suitable marriageReluctant yet determined Devlin sets off to collect his young charge only to discover the he is a she and Alexandra is stunningly beautifulposing an unexpected temptationT. Anabelle BryantOne determined golf crazy lady tempt a Dark Duke with tingling and passionate kisses and ROCKS his universe of kilter Devlin Ravensdale Duke of Wharncliffe is called the Mad Duke of Kenley Manor by the Ton His father was a drunkard and opium addicted and loved to gamble giving and going to wild parties and loved to chase women His mother was unhappy wife due to her husband's many crappy habits and died by her own hand So madness must run in his family or so they say Devlin loving mother made him feel extraordinary special but only by day At night as he screamed and terrorized by the darkness his father would laugh and scare him by saying the shadows were monsters wanting to eat him After is parent's deaths he was loving raised by his Aunt Min and by the nurturing servants of Kenley Manor He has nightly episodes of unspeakable fear and torment but his trusting Reester his butlerpseudo father always there to help It is not unusual for him to play his velvet or Reester a game of chess or even have dinner with table full of servants because they are his FAMILY Devlin has one true friend Phineas Betcham and Phin's sister Lady Julia also comes to call but she in love with himLady Alexandra fleed her Father's home because he wanted her to marry a man that he choose for her Why that man do you ask Because her father wanted a great hunting partner and Henry was the son he always wanted but had Alexandra instead Alex will only marry for love so she ends up at The Willows and becomes Aunt Min's companion For 2 years Alex was the daughter that Min never had they live as 2 peas in the same pod and Alex's life is filled with Min's love and acceptance When Min dies she is devastated and truly morns the mother she never had Now she must find another position but first she must wait and give her condolences to Min's relativeDevlin is sadden by the death of his Aunt Min and is confused by becoming a guardian to this Alex and tasked with marry him off Devlin will go meet this lad welcome him into Kenley Manor teach him some chess and not be as lonely as his is now As he goes to collect Alex he is floored to see this lad is a gorgeous and vibrant woman with golden and starlight hair Alex sees this yummy man of darkness and sensuality and is shocked to learn she is his WARD because HELLO she is 21 They both think Aunt Min lost her ever loving mind Alex Lexis as Devlin calls her challenges him to a game of chess for her future and he agrees Needless to say she was packed with her dog Just Henry and bound for Kenley Manor the next morning due to her losing the match She fell in love with his home and the warming and caring servants When Phin and Julia come to call the hubby hunting begins and Devlin is torn by the thought of his Lexis married to another but he must get her out of his house Since he is gossiped about and supposedly mad Julia takes over the with Alex's new wardrobe making the just right husband list without Devlin on it and plans a ball for her Father's Bday so Alex can have a mini coming out One night Alex hears a voice of despair and enters Devlin's room and gently lays her hand on his cheek and he calms down When he awakes the passion between they is like live electricity and he lowers his head for the forlorn kiss but Reester calls out and the moment is goneSo many near kisses before the ball make Devlin distance himself and Alex is so disappointed and frustrated When the ball arrives Devlin gives her a beautiful simple gold chain with a teardrop diamond and she wears it with pride The ball opens Alex's eyes about the hateful untrue rumors about Devlin and all the gossip about his many ladies and his passionate stamina Slowly Alex brings sunshine and laughter into Devlin world and his episodes decrease but his desires for Lexis increase and come to a head one night with a passionate kisses Alex is so frustrated that Devlin always pulls back and denies them both the sensual abandonment Devlin didn't think he is good enough for Alex and she would be a society outcast like him These two can't keep their hands and lips apart but Devlin believes he will destroy her life With the a mysterious suitor Julia's scheming ways a meddling household tummy tingling kisses an unwanted suitor Phin's great heartfelt talks 2 amazing and troublesome dogs a made up suitor and Fairy Godmothers aplenty these two fell in love and Devlin fights it with everything he has Will Devlin realizes that he deserves love Will Alex's love heal her Dark Duke Will society ever accept Devlin and his Lexis Will Reester or Phin kick Devlin in the bootie if he lets Alex go Where can I get one of Devlin's kissesThis is my second Anabelle Bryant book and DANG they just keep getting better and better I have noticed that she uses very original and totally uirky Fairy Godmothers in her stories which I absolutely love She gifted this tale with two one unseen and one right in Devlin's face Aunt Min was grooming Alex for Devlin with golf which was totally Devlin's game The trusty Reester was always around when Devlin needs a good kick in the bootie Poor Devlin was such a wounded on the inside hero but he had a loving and caring family that were there for HIM not wages Alex was a heroine with a gooey heart covered in dark chocolate and only the right man could melt away the shell Ms Bryant can write a kiss like nobodies business I love all her steamy sensual spicy and world changing scene but her kisses made me melt hot under the collar crank up my AC and worse yet I feel depraved of those straight down to my pleasure center kisses In case you don't understand me I WANT them for MYSELF and I am NOT sharing Ms Bryant is a new voice to romance but she is an uniue one with her passionate creative out of this world and getting better each time tales full of a cast of motley crew of loveable folks that make you want to have an impromptu dinner party WOW that was a mouthful I must give the tingling kisses paradise story my top score of 5 finger up and 10 toes

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Duke of Darkness Three Regency Rogues #2Asked with finding an eligible bachelor Devlin is forced back into society a world where he has something of a dark reputation Worse yet it seems the beguiling beauty has a secret of her own to hide Still finding a husband for Alexandra shouldn't prove difficult as long as he’s able to let her. AMAZINGThis is only my second venture into historical romance Anabelle Bryant is truly a gifted story teller Her characters are vivid and alive Her story line great and Lexi her main character will live in my memory for some time to come I'm sure her female fans will adore Devlin as much as I was enad with Lexi There was no part of this book I didn't enjoy My only regret it ended too uickly There is one almost comedic scene from the story that would play out great in a movie I'm looking forward to the next story from this author 5 well deserved stars MS Bryant

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Free download ´ Duke of Darkness (Three Regency Rogues, #2) 107 × London 1817The Duke of Wharncliffe Devlin Ravensdale is devastated when he receives a missive announcing the death of his only relative Aunt Min Consumed with guilt he regrets not having visited her in years despite that he has chosen a reclusive lifestLondon 1817The Duke of Wharncliffe Devlin Ravensdale is devastated when he receives a missive announcing the death of his only relative Aunt Min Consumed with guilt he regrets not having visited her in years despite that he has chosen a reclusive lifestyle to hide his secretive past Saddened by t. RESEARCH BEFORE YOU WRITE ABOUT DUKESI am on a 'Rant' about Duke of Darkness Why do authors take a perfectly good character like Devlin Ravensdale Duke of Wharncliffe and ruin who and what he is Ms Bryant the author Dukes were Revered they were coveted at any and all social events The Ton did not care if they were rapist murderers or mad They wanted them at there events They did not ostracized them They did not shun them like your portrayed in Duke of Darkness They are referred to as Your Grace for a reason This is the highest title in the land They are just below the Monarchy or Royals The explanation of why Devlin was thought to be mad didn't work What did he do that was crazy His mother committed suicide and his father was a drunken gambler and womanizer This was not crazy behavior for a Duke Yeah he did have night terrors but that does not mean he was mad or crzay Why was his ward Alexandra called Lady Alexandra Her father wasn't titled and neither was she The other problem I had how could her father come and demand she leave and married is choice of husband Henry Addington Alex called Lexi was 21 Her father could not under law make her do anythingPlease don't write Historical Romance especially about a Duke if you are not going to do a little bit of research Badly Done This is one of the reason HR is on the downward spiral