Livro do Desassossego por Bernardo Soares Read & Download ☆ 100

Read & Download Livro do Desassossego por Bernardo Soares

Livro do Desassossego por Bernardo Soares Read & Download ☆ 100 í O Livro do Desassossego é um dos maiores feitos literários do século XX Obra prima póstuma retrato da cidade de Lisboa e do seu retratista compõe se de centenas de fragmentos oscilando entre diário íntimo prosa poética e narrativa num conjuntoO Livro do Desassossego é um dos maiores feitos literários do século XX Obra prima póstuma retrato da cidade de Lisboa e do seu retratista compõe se de centenas de fragmentos oscilando entre diário íntimo prosa poética e na. I just came across this article about literary Lisbon with a lot about Pessoa very good Book of Disuiet by Fernando Pessoa If you read this you need to know what you are signing up for so below I’ll let Pessoa speak for himself It’s a series of vignettes random thoughts and meditations all written between 1913 and 1935 It’s a work of genius of course Pessoa the famous Portuguese writer and poet was known for his multiple writing personalities heteronyms Disuiet was supposedly written by Bernardo Soares an excruciatingly lonely and socially dysfunctional man He’s a shipping clerk in a textile wholesaler and spends his entire life a few blocks from his tiny apartment with one window on a balcony He goes to the same restaurant same tobacconist and same barber for thirty years All of them die one by one in their 70’s which he discovers by going into the shop and finding out they died the day before The first two passages show some of his severe social issues “Moreover I am bothered by the idea of being forced into contact with someone A simple invitation to dine with a friend provokes in me an anguish it would be hard to define The idea of any social obligation – going to a funeral discussing an office matter face to face with someone going to the station to wait for someone I know or don’t know the mere idea disturbs a whole day’s thoughts Sometimes I am concerned all through the night and sleep badly And the real thing when it happens is absolutely insignificant justifying nothing; and the thing repeats itself and I don’t ever learn to learn” “Sometimes saying hello to someone intimidates me My voice dries up as if there were a strange audacity in having to say that word out loud” “There are metaphors that are real than the people walking down the street There are images in the secret corners of books that live clearly than many men and women There are literary phrases that possess an absolutely human individuality There are passages in paragraphs of mine that chill me with fear so clearly do I feel them to be people standing alone so freely from the walls of my room at night in shadows” “Yes dreaming that I am for example simultaneously separately unconfusedly a man and a woman taking a walk along a riverbank To see myself at the same time with eual clarity in the same way with no mixing being the two things integrated eually in both a conscious boat in a southern sea and a printed page in an ancient book How absurd this seems But everything is absurd and this dream is the least of the absurdities” “There is nothing that reveals poverty of mind uickly than not knowing how to be witty except at the expense of others” “I go forward slowly dead and my vision is no longer mine it’s nothing it’s only the vision of the human animal who without wanting inherited Greek culture Roman order Christin morality and all the other illusions that constitute the civilization in which I feel” “In the dark depth of my soul invisible unknown forces were locked in a battle in which my being was the battleground and all of me trembled because of the unknown struggle A physical nausea at all of life was born when I awakened A horror at having to live rose up with me from the bed Everything seemed empty and I had the cold impression that there is no solution for any problem” “Ennui is not the illness of the boredom of not having anything to do but the serious illness of feeling that it’s not worthwhile doing anything And being that way the there is to do the ennui there is to feel” “How many times how many as now has it pained me to feel what I am feeling – to feel something like anguish only because that’s what feeling is the disuiet of being here the nostalgia for something else something unknown the sunset of all emotions the yellowing of myself fading into ashy sadness in my external awareness of myself” “During certain very clear moments of meditation like these in which at the beginning of the afternoon I wander observingly through the streets every person brings me a message every house shows me something new every sign has an announcement for me” “Sometimes with a sad delight I think that if some day in a future to which I may not belong these words I’m writing will endure and receive praise I will finally have people who ‘understand’ me my people the true family to be born into and to be loved by But far from being born into it I will have already died a long time before I will be understood only in effigy when affection no longer compensates the dead person for the disaffection he experienced when alive” “I consider life an inn where I have to stop over until the coach from the abyss arrives I don’t know where it will take me because I don’t know anything I could consider this inn a prison because I’m force to stay inside it; I could consider it a place for socializing because I meet others hereI slowly sing only to myself songs that I compose as I wait” “Everything is emptier than the voidIf I think this and look around to see if reality is killing me with thirst I see inexpressive houses inexpressive faces inexpressive gestures Stone bodies ideas – everything’s dead All movements are stopping points all of them the same stopping point Nothing says anything to me Nothing is familiar to me not because I find it strange but because I don’t know what it is The world is lost And in the depth of my soul – the only reality at this moment – there is an intense invisible anguish a sadness like the sound of someone weeping in a dark room” Not an easy or a pleasant read but genius Top painting from i2wpcomwwwrevistabulacomSculpture of Pessoa in Lisbon from alamycomPhoto of Lisbon in 1940 from atlaslisboacom

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Incorporar no Livro do Desassossego e redefine o cânone da sua autoria Com uma nova organização e aperfeiçoando a decifração de uase todos os fragmentos este livro reúne os atributos para se tornar a edição de referência. Livro do Desassossego The Book of Disuiet Fernando PessoaThe Book of Disuiet is a work by the Portuguese author Fernando Pessoa 1888–1935 In Lisbon there are a few restaurants or eating houses located above decent looking taverns places with the heavy domestic look of restaurants in towns far from any rail line These second story eateries usually empty except on Sundays freuently contain curious types whose faces are not interesting but who constitute a series of digressions from life — Fernando Pessoa from The Book of Disuiet trans Alfred MacAdamتاریخ نخستین خوانش روز شانزدهم ماه آگوست سال 2011 میلادیعنوان کتاب دل‌ واپسی؛ نویسنده فرناندو پسوا؛ مترجم جاهد جهانشاهی؛ تهران، نگاه، 1384؛ در 335 ص؛ شابک 9643512746؛ عنوان دیگر کتاب دل واپسی برناردو سوارز کمک حسابدار؛ موضوع سرگذشت شاعران پرتغالی سده 20 منقل از متن کتاب اگر کسی مالک رودخانه ای روان باشد، آیا باد وزنده نیز میتواند از آن کسی باشد؟ ما نه صاحب اندامیم و نه حقیقت و نه حتا رؤیا ما اشباح پا گرفته از دروغیم، از سایه های تلقینیم، و زندگی من از درون، همچون برون هیچ است کسی که مرزهای روان خود را میشناسد میتواند بگوید من، من ام؟ ولی من میدانم آنچه را حس میکنم از جانب من احساس میشود ما چه چیز را مالکیم؟ وقتی نمیدانیم چه ایم، پس چطور میدانیم که مالک چه ایم پایان نقل از کتاب پس از پیدا کردن دوباره ی دست نوشته‌ های «پسوا» در سال 1982 میلادی، جهانیان بی‌درنگ به شایستگی‌های ستودنی ایشان پی بردند، و دریافتند که ایشان همزمان، بزرگترین نویسنده ی سده بیستم میلادی پرتغال، نخستین پایه‌ گذار نوگرایی در کشورش، و نخستین بانی پسانوگرایی در جهان بوده‌ است «فرناندو پسوا» به شدت تحت تأثیر ژرف‌ اندیشی، و جهان‌ نگری «خیام» بوده، و هرجا که فرصتی یافته، لب به ستایش ایشان بگشوده‌ است «کتاب دلواپسی» نیز، به گونه‌ ای با اندیشه ی «خیام» گره خورده‌ است «پسوا» را در زمینه ی سرایندگی و شعر نظم، با «ریکله»، و در زمینه ی نگارش نثر با «شکسپیر» قابل قیاس دانسته‌ اند ا شربیانی

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Livro do Desassossego por Bernardo SoaresRrativa num conjunto fundamental para compreender o lugar de Fernando Pessoa na criação da consciência do mundo moderno Jerónimo Pizarro reconhecido estudioso pessoano regressa às fontes dos textos ue Fernando Pessoa pretendia. I have this habit of keeping a pencil close by when I'm reading a book which I know is going to have some passages I want to remember So whenever I come across a sentence or a paragraph that strikes me for some reason I underline itWell now what's mostly happened with my copy of the The book of disuiet by Fernando Pessoa is that there is something underlined in almost every page of the book Which is the same to say that this is a memorable book on the whole I'd even dare to say that this is than a mere book it is a gate to upper thinking a new way of understanding the world a new philosophy a daring and maybe even scary but sincere approach to what is hidden in our human souls if we are brave enough to lookI knew a bit of Pessoa before I picked up this book Vastly known Portuguese poet famous for his ability to create different personalities and stick to them closely to perfection writing in different styles according to the voice of each character Schizophrenia Or the mind of a genius who fooled everyone who knew him Or a man who disguised himself out of boredom and who was able to live than 70 different and complete lives through all these invented characters to become a complete real person Maybe all these options at once Maybe none We'll never knowAnyway even though I knew about Pessoa I wasn't prepared for this book Not only unconnected recollections of the supposed life of Bernardo Soares one of Pessoa's characters but also unanswerable uestions which left me kind of anxious and peaceful at the same time if that makes any senseuestions regarding consciousness the almost obsession about dreams and the state of peaceful lethargy of sleeping doubts aroused regarding deities love and death And about what it is to be happy or to feel nostalgia about a non existent past or about egoism and solitude But all this uestions made even intense with this overflowing passion for writing and for literature And for Lisbon A privileged mind which opens for us humble readers who want to witness an amazing transformation of the world surrounding us seeing for the first time what our lives really are or what they aren't and what we should expect them to beAn experience which will leave you exhausted but with renewed energy to face this extenuating and unavoidable journey which we call life