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Free download á Infinite Crisis ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ´ The 7 issue miniseries event that rocked the entire DC Universe in 2005 2006 — a seuel to the epic CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS — is now available in an amazing softcover collectionOMAC robots are rampaging magic is dying villains are uniting and a wUniverseat any cost Heroes will live heroes will die and the DCU will never be the same againThis exhaustive volume contains every cover and variant produced for the project annotations character designs excerpts from scripts unused scenes and muc. Infinite Crisis has been on my to read list for a while now so I figured it was time to man up which is hard to do when you're not a man and plow through it Honestly I thought it would suck And wellit didn'tWas I confused YesWas it a slice of awesomenessNoBut it really wasn't bad and it explained a few things that I had been wondering about for a while nowIn the end it's a must read for anyone who wants to understand a little bit about how the DC universe is put together Hmmm Or maybe how it can be pulled apart and put back together again

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Ar is raging in space And in the middle of it all a critical moment has divided Earth's three greatest heroes Superman Batman and Wonder Woman It's the DCU's darkest day and long lost heroes from the past have returned to make things right in the. So I had to reread this gigantic space opera twice in three months because I could barely remember what happened which says two things a lot happens and I read those things too uickly to comprehend I would recommend a slow and thoughtful read The reason why this book exists is because of Crisis on Infinite Earths I know some critics think this seuel is unnecessary but how can we say that about art Isn't all art technically unnecessary And aren't story arcs magical because they are never fully resolved left just ambiguously enough that we can interpret their ends however we like the stories either neatly tucked into the shelves of libraries or constantly scattered on the desks of feverish comic writers Crisis dealt with the creation and destruction of the multiverse But apparently the efforts of literally countless superheroes defied physics and nature and created some inherent let's call it the FLAW which was sown into existence like a shit beanstalk that would eventually break through and a shit giant would climb down and go ape shit on everyone and everything much like the Anti Monitor Key detail file that away for later But instead of just a shit giant ripping apart the universe with his bare shitty hands in Infinite Crisis it is the FLAW that lays in wait in the Earth and the universe and even the heroes themselves now prone to chaos and darkness one could even say the spirit of the Anti Monitor See what I meanOkay so that's a really grand and pointless metaphor but what's actually happening The simplest explanation would be this Shit has gotten fucked up from Crisis and survivors from that destruction seek to recreate their worlds at the cost of other worlds This is where the selfish vs selfless really comes into play and you can tell the bad guys from the good guys Again I'm being intentionally vague to avoid spoilers Want specificity Here's a taste of what happens in the beginning Scene the Moon The Justice League Tower has been nearly destroyed Our Superman Kal El from Earth One arrives to investigate joining Batman and Wonder Woman They are looking for J'onn Jones Martian Manhunter who is missing In their exchange we learn that Batman has become paranoid and untrusting Wonder Woman a warmonger and Superman sad and resigned although he still wants to facilitate change But little too late as his two greatest allies have changed for the worse and the world with them Already there's a hint of Watchmen's heroes versus society as Wonder Woman's crime view spoilerof murdering a man on live television hide spoiler

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Infinite CrisisThe 7 issue miniseries event that rocked the entire DC Universe in 2005 2006 a seuel to the epic CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS is now available in an amazing softcover collectionOMAC robots are rampaging magic is dying villains are uniting and a w. The series storyline is a seuel to the 1985 “Crisis on Infinite Earths” dealing with the Multiverse in which the many parallel worlds were threatened by the Anti Monitor In this installment the Superman Kal'L and Lois of Earth Two come to Earth One with SuperBoy Prime and Lex Luthor of Earth 3 a good Luthor to try and bring back Earth Two because Superman of Earth Two thinks it will restore Lois' health which will threaten Earth One Did you get all of that Pay attention There will be an exam laterIt was mainly created as a 20th anniversary to “Crisis on Infinite Earths” and was apparently over three years in the making Note that “Crisis on Infinite Earths” sold exceptionally wellTHE VERY BASIC STORYOn Earth One the H of the JLA has been destroyed and the DC Trinity are at odds Oh btw that would be Superman Batman and Wonder Woman Meanwhile a number of incidents happen and we get exposed to a ton of various DC superheroes well known to almost no one but true DC pro readers and I am not one of them Meanwhile a group of old superheroes return to Earth One with critical opinions towards their fellow superheroes There are arguably no main villains in this tale but superheroes who do not agree with one another and are fighting over various principles It's hard to go into details because if I do so I would likely reveal spoilers Not good if that happened rightI don't want to give the story away too much but it really helps if you read the 1985 crisis graphic novel You can certainly skip it but certain connections won't mean much for you unless you Wiki it When I read this tale a second time I realized it is really the tale of Kal'L the Superman of Earth Two who echoes to the readers a time when the moral compass of graphic novels was very black and white You either did it the right way or not and there wasn't much room in between Some might argue those were never true concepts to begin with and were just promoted in comics but there you have itKal L's story as shown in the narrative box focuses is one coming home When he finally “achieves” his end goal there is almost a borderline goofy oh so happy countenance that you rarely see on adult superheroes today And what does that say about who we have become as a society Too jaded and not open to miracles perhapsThere's an interesting compare and contrast of the superheroes of old and superheroes of the new in which one could argue the former are the pure moral compass whereas the latter are about the greater good than what is right During one moment when Wonder Woman of Earth One uses her lasso on Kal'L he rightly points out that it isn't necessary as the people of his planet do not lieWritten by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Phil Jimenez George Pérez Ivan Reis and Jerry Ordway Since Jimenez is involved you know there are going to be single pages with a ton of superheroes andor villains on it so be preparedInfinite Crisis #1 was ranked first in the top 300 comics for October 2005 with pre order sales of 249265 This was almost double the second ranked comic House of M #7 which had pre order sales of 134429 Infinite Crisis #2 was also the top seller in top 300 comics for November 2005 with pre order sales of 207564 WikiACTION SCENES A minus to A; DC MYTHOLOGYFOCUSES A minus; STORYPLOTTINGPANELS A minus; CHARACTERSDIALOGUE B plus to A minus; HEROIC THEMES DELIVERY B plus to A minus; OVERALL GRADE A minus; WHEN READDecember to February 2013view spoiler SPOILERS Some of my favorite characters and sub characters were Mongul Uncle Sam Superboy Prime Blue Devil burning in Church Doomsday with 2 Superman fighting him the Detective Chimp Deathstroke Black Adam and MogoThere's some good points that the current DC heroes have not listened up to the ideals they promised and one can see why the “black and white thinking” heroes of old feel they can do a better and pure job Additionally as stated there's a good enough argument that the old heroes gave their lives to save Earth One and they haven't kept their promise to the survivorsTHE SPEED FORCE so yeah at the time it was written only Jay Garrick the very old Flash of the JLA had the proper gene to still access it and that was big news But if you check the Wiki you'll see the issue was gradually fixed and given to other Flash types so don't worry about it too much And really did you expect DC to give this power to only one superhero Not likely Note that this became an issue when Bart Allen and most of the other Speedsters pushed Superboy Prime into the Speedforce the undefined force that lets these superheroes go as fast as they doPOWER GIRL she remembers her “previous life” on Earth Two when she meets Lois and Superman of Earth Two and comprehends her memory was adjusted after all of the Earths were lost but Earth OneSUPERMANKAL'L yes he dies but he returns in a Green Lantern tale titled “Blackest Night” in which he plays an “evil” Black Lantern According to the Wiki the Superman of the Golden Age Kal L had the ability to change the structure of his face and thus take on any facial appearance Probably an idea to keep his identity secret until DC decided on the basic glasses being a “disguise” hide spoiler