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FREE READ ´ RANDARENEWABLES.CO.UK î Mary Higgins Clark Mchair detectives and armchair travelers alike“The Five Dollar Dress” copyright © 2015 by Mary Higgins Clark“White Rabbit” copyright © 2015 by Julie Hyzy“The Picture of the Lonely Diner” copyright © 2015 by Lee Child“Three Little Words” copyright © 2015 by Nancy Pickard“Damage Control” copyright © 2015 by Thomas H Cook“The Day after Victory” copyright © 2015 by Brendan DuBois“Serial Benefactor” copyright © 2015 by Jon L Breen“Trapped” copyright © 2015 by Ben H Winters“Wal. I received this book for free through BookLikes' Giveaways I really enjoyed this anthology of short stories I loved the concept of each story taking place in a different part of New York City I thought that was really fun and creative I especially loved how there was a tiny little map of the area at the top of each story I liked some stories than others My favorites were The Five Dollar Dress White Rabbit Serial Benefactor and Trapped

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FREE DOWNLOAD ✓ Manhattan Mayhem ↠ Best selling suspense novelist Mary Higgins Clark invites you on a tour of Manhattan’s most iconic neighborhoods in this anthology of all new stories from the Mystery Writers of America From the Flatiron District Lee Child and Greenwich Village Jeffery Deaver to Little Italy T Jefferson Parker and Chinatown L Street Rodeo” copyright © 2015 by Angela Zeman“Copycats” copyright © 2015 by N J Ayres“Red Headed Stepchild” copyright © 2015 by Margaret Maron“Sutton Death Overtime” copyright © 2015 by Judith Kelman“Dizzy and Gillespie” copyright © 2015 by Persia Walker“Me and Mikey” copyright © 2015 by T Jefferson Parker“Ever” copyright © 2015 by Justin Scott“Chin Yong Yun Makes a Shiddach” copyright © 2015 by S J Rozan“The Baker of Bleecker Street” copyright © 2015 by Jeffery Deave. My favourite part of the novel was how 17 short stories came together The theme was New York City Each author wrote a mystery story about 1 locationneighbourhood in NYC I loved seeing the pictures and maps of the area Some stories were historical so it was nice seeing NYC in a different time period There was some good stories in here but also a lot of not so good ones My favourite stories were Trapped Sutton Death Overtime The Five Dollar Dress White Rabbit Three Little Words Damage Control Red Headed Stepchild Dizzy and Gillespie and Chin Yong Yun Makes a Shiddach A brief summaryreview on each of the stories is below 1 The Five Dollar Dress by Mary Higgins Clark 3 stars Jenny's grandmother has died and it is up to Jenny to go through her stuff While going through her grandmother's things she discovers her grandmother's friend was murdered and Jenny figured out the murderer I felt a connection with Jenny but oh man the ending took me a long time to get2 White Rabbit by Julie Hyzy 3 stars Jane is mourning a friend at the White Rabbit status in Central Park She ends up talking to a stranger Mark and turns out they have in common than what we think I enjoyed the twist ending but the whole thing just felt a bit creepy in a not so good way3 The Picture of the Lonely Diner by Lee Child 2 stars I don't get the appeal of Jack Reacher Reacher walks into an investigation and ends up getting information from the secret agent in charge Does these things happen in real life Side note I was talking to my mom this morning she's a huge Jack Reacher fan and turns out that Lee Child as a young boy had a fascination with NYC and the Flatiron building which is the setting of this story When he began a famous writer he ended up buying 2 apartments in the building 1 for home 1 for his office which is his childhood dream come true I liked the backstory of it and you could feel in his novel that he really loves that areabuilding 4 Three Little Words by Nancy Pickard 3 stars A woman was diagnosed with cancer and has come up with a bucket list to tell the truth A few days later she was killed Her doctor goes to her funeral and everyone has a secret I enjoyed this one but there was some icky stuff going on that I didn't enjoy 5 Damage Control by Thomas H Cook 3 stars A family took in a foster daughter a number of years ago but because of a situation they can no longer handle the girl and return her to her family The now adult woman is killed and the father reflects back to on the family's time with the girl Interesting story about different accounts of a certain situation 6 The Day After Victory by Brendan DuBois 1 star A sweeper meets a guy in Times Suare the day after WWII ended I couldn't get into this one 7 Serial Benefactor by Jon L Breen 1 star About a 100 year old man and his great great granddaughter He tells her about a crime that happened in the Broadway scene Meh didn't care for the man or the mystery A bit all over the place past and present 8 Trapped by Ben H Winters 4 stars A play about a murdered producer and everyone is a suspect Wow I never thought I would like this so much So funny and I didn't know what to expect9 Wall Street Rodeo by Angela Zeman 1 star A man getting a young boy to con an old man Very odd but I didn't see the ending coming 10 Copycats by NJ Ayres 1 star About friends before and after being solders in WWII Again couldn't get into this one 11 Red Headed Stepchild by Margaret Maron 3 stars A stepdaughter's view on living with her father new stepmother and stepsister Good read I just guessed the ending before it happened 12 Sutton Death Overtime by Judith Kelman 4 stars A writer tells others including a reporter about the new novel she is working on about the disappearance of her friend who was a millionaire beauty Good ending Really enjoyed the writing 13 Dizzy and Gillespie by Persia Walker 3 stars A daughter's view on a fight between her mother and a new resident in their building Sad story with a good mystery 14 Me and Mikey by T Jefferson Parker 1 star About a mafia family I've had enough of mafia families for a bit 15 Ever by Justin Scott 1 star Going back in time as well as forward to pull off a robbery Just wasn't realistic 16 Chin Yong Yun Makes a Shiddach by SJ Rozan 3 stars About a chinese mother doing what's best for her children and living a secret life that her children don't know about Liked the surprising factor of this one 17 The Baker of Bleecker Street by Jeffery Deaver 1 stars Spies during WWII Didn't like this one at all

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Manhattan MayhemBest selling suspense novelist Mary Higgins Clark invites you on a tour of Manhattan’s most iconic neighborhoods in this anthology of all new stories from the Mystery Writers of America From the Flatiron District Lee Child and Greenwich Village Jeffery Deaver to Little Italy T Jefferson Parker and Chinatown SJ Rozan you’ll encounter crimes mysteries and riddles large and small Illustrated with iconic photography of New York City and packaged in a handsome hardcover Manhattan Mayhem is a delightful read for ar. The Five Dollar Dress Mary Higgins ClarkA young woman looking through her deceased grandmother's things makes an unsavory discovery regarding an old crime It's not bad but I expected a bit The writing style felt a bit clunky and overly straightforward She did this Then she did that In addition the way the eventual 'discovery' was presented felt too easy leaving a detection loving reader feeling a bit cheated White Rabbit Julie HyzyThis one started off playing into one rather tired trope and then 'twisted' into a different but eually tired trope At Central Park's 'Alice in Wonderland' statue a young woman reading is approached by a pushy and annoying young man who insists on making small talk But what are the real reasons either of these two are there on this particular day The Picture of the Lonely Diner Lee ChildBrief piece featuring Child's popular character Jack Reacher It's not bad it does an especially nice job conjuring up Madison Suare Park but I found the interaction between Reacher and an FBI agent he encounters to be a bit unbelievable why on earth would she be so forthcoming Overall I think readers who are already familiar with the books in this series would probably appreciate it Three Little Words Nancy PickardA doctor tells a young woman that unfortunately her cancer is terminal and suggests that she make a 'bucket list' However just a few days after her diagnosis the woman is violently murdered Whodunnit The story gets a lot of suspects into a limited amount of pages but I finished it feeling like I'd been 'led around' by the author just a bit too much Damage Control Thomas H CookA man's former foster child is found dead of an apparent suicide The tragic death leads him back to consider the reasons why he kicked her out of his house Were they justified The story does a nice job of illustrating how different perspectives on the same facts can lead people to come to very different conclusions The Day After Victory Brendan DuBoisWWII has just ended and a street sweeper cleaning up after the victory parade has a chance encounter with a man waiting on the street or is it really a chance meeting Serial Benefactor Jon L BreenAn elderly man tells his young granddaughter about an old mystery he's tried to solve Back in his day when he was a Broadway actor a serial killer was offing some of the reprehensible characters on the theater scene and he suspected it was someone he knew Not bad but not terribly memorable either Trapped Ben H WintersThis is the one I picked up the collection for after reading Winters' 'Last Policeman' books I was interested in checking out of his writing I was a little surprised to find this is a humorous piece about Broadway theater but it was uite good That said I feel I would've enjoyed it even if I'd ever read or seen Deathtrap I suspect that real theatrical insiders would find it even hilarious Wall St Rodeo Angela ZemanIn an old timey New York an unprincipled con man tries to take advantage of a young Irish boy in hopes of securing a fortune But things don't uite work out the way he hopes A fun and heartwarming little tale Copycats NJ AyresNice period feel to this one probably the best piece of writing in the book so far This long story introduces us to a group of young men from the Lower East Side to are deployed in WWII together Their wartime experiences change them and afterward they go in different directions One becomes a cop but others take other roads Red Headed Stepchild Margaret MaronWoe betide those who cut a girl's hair against her wishes Sutton Death Overtime Judith KelmanAt a mystery writer's group attended by an obnoxious journalist one writer divulges the plot of her next true crime novel But why would she 'give away' so many details I felt like the ending was supposed to be an emotional kicker but it didn't really work for me Dizzy Gillespie Persia WalkerConflict between long time residents and a new neighbor in a dilapidated Harlem townhouse takes an unexpectedly heartbreaking twist Well crafted but very very sad Me Mikey T Jefferson ParkerHard boiled and no punches pulled This is a tale of two brothers in a Mafia family It feels very cinematic not really like a true 'insider's' perspective but I think it works pretty well Ever Justin ScottTime travelling Edgar Allan Poe and an on the lam bank robber pull off a heist together Silly but rather funny Chin Yong Yun Makes a Shiddach SJ RozanHeartwarming cozy about a Chinese mom with hidden depths that neither her Private Investigator daughter nor her lawyer son guess at The Baker of Bleecker St Jeffery DeaverFascist spies on the LES during WWII I didn't really connect with any of the characters and I thought the 'patriotic' content came off as sappy rather than inspiring Overall there were some decent stories here but the collection didn't live up to my expectations overall Those expectations were fairly high considering the 'Mystery Writers of America' stamp of approval In general I think this is a genre that tends to be successful in a longer formatMany thanks to uirk books and NetGalley for the opportunity to read in exchange for an honest review