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FREE READ ´ Count on Me (Count on Me, #1) ß There are people that tell you high school is the best time of your life They lied High school is horrible when you’re like me and you’re autistic They think that because I don’t talk and I seem to always be lost in my own world I’m stupid or deaf Some even think I’m retarded I’m noneVen worse about themselves and he does it with a smile He’s everything I don’t need in my life yet he’s the one person I can’t seem to live without Underneath there’s to him that he’s afraid to let the rest of the world see I've seen it and as I’m finding out we’re not so different after al. Why isn't this book famous It was such a great and lovely read for me I think it is really well written and that storyline Amazing and so different and uniue from what I've read before I just loved it and I believe I'm going to be re reading this for many years and would recommend it to everyone Best book I read this year Thanks for the recommendation to Mandy I wouldn't have known about this if it weren't for herWill try to review this soon but seriously have nothing but good things to say about this one

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There are people that tell you high school is the best time of your life They lied High school is horrible when you’re like me and you’re autistic They think that because I don’t talk and I seem to always be lost in my own world I’m stupid or deaf Some even think I’m retarded I’m none of those. It is very emotional heartbreaking and painful book It is a story about Isabelle a girl with autism being bullied in high school And about Kayden a boy who is a bullyShe is shy uiet and has social anxiety but is not in any way stupid or dumb or retarded or deaf or mute or slow or defective or see it is awful listing all the names she was called imagine reading it Attending school is a horrible experience for her she just wants to stay invisible and not being picked on Every day is a struggle to survive without being embarrased and hurt He is popular football jock tough and confident he hurts others with a smile on his face But behind the mask is a broken boy who is dealing with drunk brother and loneliness He puts on facade to fool everyone that his life is great while in fact it is empty and miserable He used to be Isabelle's friend as a little kid but became one of her enemies later on Everything changes one day when Kayden can no longer stand the treatment she gets from his bullying friends and saves her from attack He spends and time with her and somehow becomes her guard There is still a lot of drama on the way but there is also beautiful friendship and then relationship Besides being rough this book also gives hope that every one can change for the better given a chance The book is strict YA and there was no smutt just stolen kisses but I didn't miss it here The story itself is good to keep your attention and got me curious enough to read other books in this seriesThis is one of a few books I have read recently that is dealing with bullying And I'm glad that and people advert attention to this hard subject because it seriously starts to scare the crap out of me I have a little daughter who will soon go to school and I am terrified of what is going on with kids nowadays It's obvious that besides schoolkids others in school must know that this things happen it's impossible not to I am just wondering where the hell are the teachers and where the hell are the parents to protect those kids from each other When I was in high school such thing as bullying was UNTHINKABLE I mean sure there were few who tried but reactions were immediate conseuences severe so not many were bold enough to bully because of the punishement they were bound to receive Sorry for this private digression but as I said above the whole thing scares me shitless and my kid is only six I think I will be gray by the time she goes to high school

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Count on Me Count on Me #1Things and I don’t like that word Just because I've got these issues doesn't mean it’s all I am There’s a lot to me but no one really takes the time to get to know it At least that’s how it was until Kayden Kayden Walker is bad news He spends his time making people that are different like me feel e. 45 STARS I want to thank the author Melyssa Winchester for A writing this awesome book B for giving me a free e book copy 3 “We’ve all been hurt by words before So before youspeak think about how your words might affectsomeone else” – Naya Rivera I came across this series by chance and i'm so GLAD i did I enjoyed every minute i spent reading it This book has original written all over it You guys know how much i care about this point in particular These days everyone is writing something and calling it novel there is no originality any and when i come across something awesome and uniue it is my job to inform you One of the most things that grabbed my attention and loved about this book is the important message that it holds Everything about this book is delivered in grace Count On Me is a novel about suffering hardship friends family love and acceptance So this novel is about a girl named Isabelle To be honest personally i found her to be a perfect character she's not perfect which i LOVE and appreciate She's not the olala girl we read about alot these days So this girl is autistic And again what is cool about this book is that it opens your eyes to some things you never thought alot about before Belle is very smart girl she's aware of everything that happens around her I came to respect this character so very much It's not easy to say that you actually respect a character and the reason i'm doing this because this character is real We see her around in our lives Maybe she's your sister cousin neighbor or even friend This book also shows not that i didn't already know that how HORRIBLE and judgmental assholes people can be The people in Belle high school didn't exactly accept her with open arms i mean come on get the fuck over it she's autistic so fuckingwhatInstead of giving her help and be nice to her they have TORMENTED heryou see there is this popular gang and theri life goal is to make people weaker different people miserable hell And they have for a while with the help of Belle's childhood friend Kayden WalkerPeople change especially when they move from being children to young adults it's all in the process of being a young adult i guess But here those kids are pushing each other to be the WORST they can be Kayden got mixed up with his friends to be a bully His home life is very bad but it's not an excuse for what they are doing But reading his point of view which if i say so myself was effing awesome I'm so happy to see Kayden stand up against his friends although it cost him his best friend and what he knew for long time and he pushed through his comfortable zone so to speak to be with Belle and protect her And not only that but he helped her grow and open up as a young woman Loved the character development very much which makes me can't wait to read the second book D LOVED LOVED LOVED and you guys know i wouldn't take this slightly The books is awesome GO READ IT Share what you think after finishing it and we'll discuss it together