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Clash of Iron kindle ↠ Paperback ´ Leaders are forged in the fires of warIron Age warriors Dug and Lowa captured Maidun castle and freed its slaves But now they must defend itA Roman invasion is coming from Gaul but rather than uniting to defend their home the British tribes go to battle with each other and see Maidun as an easy targetMeanwhileLeaders are forged in the fires of warIron Age warriors Dug and Lowa captured Maidun castle and freed its slaves But now they must defend itA Roman invasion is coming from Gaul 4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum Splutters with disbeliefYeah if I could leave my impressively elouent analysis of this book at just that I would But no This review is going to have details or at least as much as I can give dammit and I’m going to do my best to articulate my thoughts while trying to hold myself together lest I fall to piecesHonestly though I’m at a complete loss as to how to review Clash of Iron Has this every happened to you You’re just reading a book as normal all the while taking down mental notes on what you’re going to say about it when all of a sudden the ending comes at you so hard that the shock and awe of it just drives every single thought out of your headThis is me right now I am dumbfounded Stupefied I still can’t believe that ending really happenedBut let’s back up a bit to talk about what the book is about In a word Clash of Iron is about war Lots and lots of war It is the second novel in Angus Watson’s Iron Age trilogy and seuel to his brilliant epic debut Age of Iron which was one of my top reads of last year At the end of that book our heroes Dug and Lowa managed to capture Maidun castle and free it from the brutal grip of its tyrant king Zadar Lowa has usurped him and taken over his reign as ueen of Maidun but unfortunately it seems just in time to meet a massive invading Roman army coming from Gaul The British Isles are thrown into disarray as its disparate tribes go to battle against each other instead of forming a united front against Julius Caesar the Roman’s military genius who has his sights set on their homelandFirst I feel the need to warn that like its predecessor Clash of Iron is as brutal and bloody as ever As expected there are many violent battles lots of split skulls and tons of dismembered limbs flying about There are also intimate disturbing scenes of torture and in general characters doing very unpleasant and painful things to other characters Watson paints a dark cruel world in The Iron Age where it doesn’t matter who or what you are; men women children animals can all expect to meet a terrible and gruesome end in this series so be aware if you’re sueamish about such things to approach these books with discretionThis seuel however does head in a new direction when it comes to other aspects The story here feels altogether different with focus on war When all the sides aren’t engaging in it they’re preparing for it in this new martial climate of Britain With the threat of the Roman Empire and Caesar bearing down on the Britons there are whole new challenges to face In many ways Clash of Iron is Lowa’s story while I saw Age of Iron as being Dug’s As ueen of Maidun she’s now the head of an army of thousands and makes all the important decisions that will decide the fate of her people As a new ruler she also faces many new obstacles such as adversity from all sides – even her own Meanwhile Dug takes of a backseat in this book retiring to a small farm Still all the while his feelings for Lowa are alive and well and so are hers for him so their awkwardness around each other provides no small amount of hilarityOther old favorites return though describing Ragnal as a “favorite” is a bit of a stretch that little double crossing fair weather weasel Spring’s presence also diminishes somewhat though her actual role gets a huge boost Big things are going to happen and I have a feeling Spring is going to be at the center of them Chamanca the literally bloodthirsty warrior woman who scared the living bejeezus out of me in the first book is also back though this time I had a lot of fun following her character and actually found myself rooting for her Then there’s new player on the field Julius Caesar himself a man who needs no introduction Angus Watson’s portrayal of the general had me alternating between feeling horror at his atrocities to laughing my ass off at his uirksAnd of course we come to the ending Oh that ending There’s nothing I can say about it that won’t be a massive spoiler so I’ll just state that as shocking and unexpected as it was I really shouldn’t have been surprised But I was You just never think an author would go there But he doesAny way you look at it Clash of Iron will have you feeling exultant You’ve just read an awesome book Regardless of anything else this wildly entertaining read will make you pine for the next one Bring on Reign of Iron

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But rather than uniting to defend their home the British tribes go to battle with each other and see Maidun as an easy targetMeanwhile Lowa's spies infiltrate Gaul discovering t What the This ending has left me at a loss for words Review to come when I can processUPDATE with Review From Tenacious Reader ’m going to be honest this is a very hard review to write I make an effort to keep everything spoiler free and so generally don’t talk much about the ending other than liked it didn’t like it etc Well I’m going to stick with my spoiler free approach but my problem is that this book did something completely unexpected and it’s all I can think of It is not a crazy out of left field thing it actually makes sense now that it’s happened and I read it but at the same time I did not see it coming At all And it leaves me with less of an idea for where the third book may go It has literally eclipsed almost every other thought I have had about this book Luckily almost is not completely so I will do my best First I don’t know how or why but I completely forgot just how incredibly funny Age of Iron could be at times This book uickly reminded me as it had me laughing out loud literally within the first 30 minutes of reading I really enjoy how the humor dark snarky sarcastic all the delicious flavors of funny in this balances everything else because the book can be just down right brutal There’s a war and with that comes battles blood gore and Watson does not trivialize war or protect the reader from its realities Without the the comic relief this would be one hell of a dark seriesLowa is now ueen of Maidun and I have to take a minute to talk about the amazing female characters in this series They really are euals Lowa is ruling Maidun and other females characters are also included as solid characters that stand on their own They are not just there to support the men as they get things done The women are valuable contributors in everything Spring continues to be a fascinating character I think I would read a series just about her And Dug the lovable old lug of a soldier These are the three main characters from Age of Iron and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting up with them again Ragnall is also give a POV in this His story line was interesting and provided us with some great information as he is amongst the Romans But I never enjoyed him as much as the first threeMy only negative observation is that the pace seemed to slow in places I think typically I felt this way when we were getting lots of information on military tactics or current political climate Maybe I just wasn’t in the mood for it at the time of reading I don’t remember feeling this way in the first book There seemed to be a bit focus on the over all conflict with the Romans and a little less on the characters themselves The first book was very character driven with the three main characters all coming together In this one we get POVs and they are spread out It gives a grander picture but it also creates a little distance between the reader and the characters in some ways But ultimately it did not deter me and I am uite glad I read through to the endThis was a uite a bloody second installment in the series one that had points of laughter and points of incredible tension and heartbreak and one that leaves me absolutely on edge for the final book You really can’t ask for

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Clash of IronHe Romans have recruited British druids And Maidunite Ragnall finds his loyalties torn when he meets Rome's charismatic general Julius CaesarWar is coming Who will pay its price FULL REVIEW ON MY BLOG TOTAL INABILITY TO CONNECTWhen going into 2014’s Age of Iron I was not really sure what to expect and despite several positive reviews didn’t necessarily know how I’d feel about it To say I was pleasantly surprised is an understatement – I laughed out loud at times couldn’t put it down and adored the characters and presentation Watson had generated I took off uite a bit of time before reading the second novel though found myself having no troubles jumping right back in with little to no refresher neededI was thrilled to find that the characters I’d loved in the first were back and exactly as I remembered them – namely Dug Spring Lowa Ragnall andJulius CaesarYeah That CaesarClash of Iron takes us back to 1st century era Europe a fantasy based take on a real time period real places and in a lot of cases real events Some items are changed for the story or made up altogether but the bits and pieces involving historical figures are largely fact based and with my meager knowledge of the time period I felt fairly immersed in the book A general competence was shown by Watson to transport the reader to the time period which I think is a “must” for any historical based fantasy As with Bernard Cornwell’s books of similar ilk if you’re using real settings it’s important to get some details right while you can fudge some others and I thought Watson walked a very fine line to get it just rightAs with Age of Iron the real stars of the story are the characters The simple yet deep Dug a relatable bear of a man struggles to balance his duty to his new friends his new lands while finding a place to fit into the entire picture unaware of just how important of a piece he is in the puzzle Lowa is now ueen of Maidun after the events of Age of Iron and her life is that much complicated because of it not to mention her relationship with Dug and some of the revelations to come between them However her scouts soon discover some very concerning items regarding the impending Roman invasionOh right the Roman invasion – I mentioned that right We find another favorite from the first book Ragnall now in league with Julius Caesar and also torn – between his homeland which he feels increasingly bitter towards and his new Roman compatriots particularly the impressive Julius Caesar He soon finds himself a close confidant and insider for Caesar admiring the man in his own way and enjoying the favor he was able to achieve by assisting him even if he did not get the same courtesy from the other self aggrandizing Romans around him Ragnall finds himself ever impressed with the Roman culture and diplomacy and ever jaded towards his former homeland to the point of beginning to wish the Romans upon them as a way to civilize and modernize themThe novel is a lot of fun – not nearly as funny as the first in my opinion but still very clever and getting several legit out loud laughs from me It takes a much darker direction overall than Age of Iron both in tone and events but it was never oppressive or overly gloomy as some grimdark novels can become The characters are brilliantly written – each with uniue characteristics and voices each well rounded and deep never bland or flat – there are many shades of gray in this book The female characters in particular are very well written and given a place in the forefront of the novel positions of power and very competent attributes and skillsets to boot There might be page time for the male characters but Lowa Spring and co always felt well represented and integral pieces of the storyIt’s hard to talk about without giving any spoilers but I will say that the ending of the book had me saying “WHAT THE EFF” out loud and absolutely shocked by the direction taken There were a few “WTF” moments through the novel but the ending takes the cake Where a lot of authors struggle to finish their novels Watson hits an absolute home run in this piece giving a gut wrenching moving and important tour through the final few chapters leaving the reader pining for but also needing some time to recover and recuperate after what happenedClash of Iron has some very high points a few flat periods and in general a lot of positive attributes I did not love it the way I loved the first but it’s still a very good book one I thoroughly enjoyed reading and a series that I will recommend to others – especially readers of Bernard Cornwell – and will continue reading myselfRating 425 5