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Download Book Ä The Whirlwind in the Thorn Tree 490 pages Ó Librarian's Note this is an alternate cover edition ASIN B00BJCLMFUAfter coming home from a stint in Afghanistan veteran Ross Brigham learns that his father has passed away Dearly departed Dad was a famous fantasy novelist and the 300 fans that show up for the fuFantasy world the three damaged heroes become pawns in a war for humanity's survival The Muses have grown tired of immortality and now incite atrocities on Earth trying to lure down a leviathan from the starsCan Ross and his new friends stop the scheming satyrs before both worlds are eate Ah SA Hunt you magnificent bastard This has gone straight to the favourites shelf I had tried it once before and got side tracked with my Wheel of Time reading I decided to give it another shot and boy am I glad I didWhat we have here is the amalgamation of weird westernportalcosmic horrorgunslinger steampunkhigh epic fantasy and although you might wonder how all that fits together it works Deft characterisation; fecundity of imagination; emotionally charged major scenes; craaaaaaaazy set pieces and some major revelations all make this a massive breath of fresh air in the current fantasy market Hunt's writing is of a professional standard and let's be honest 99% of self published work is not It has been a long time since a writer has so captured my heart and my imagination so fully The interactions between Ross Sawyer Noreen and Co are incredibly well done and give that feeling of true friendship and camaraderie The world building is astounding We see some really interesting peoples cultures cities and Hunt paints them with just the right amount of colour and vibrancy to bring them to life The festival in Maplenesse was a major highlight of the book for me and I was really swept up in the atmosphere of the place; not something that happens in many books Hunt takes us on a thrilling journey throughout Destin and it is also a mind bending one too The tension level ramps up once the aspects of cosmic horror begin to creep up in the background and before you know it Hunt has you by the throat and he ain't gunna let go I could say a million things about this wonderful book but I honestly believe that you need to experience as much of it fresh as you can I really had no idea what I was getting into when I started Hunt manages to make everything seem slightly off kilter from the very beginning and then when you are in the thick of things he brings that disorientation right to the forefront in an absolutely nail biting seuenceI am going to leave this with a few uotes that I thought really show how good a writer Hunt is If you do yourself one good deed this year it should be buying this bookThe chapter Noreen the King is probably one of the most emotional chapters I have read in any novel Absolutely amazing stuff Someone who had once lived here had scrawled This was a very happy home 112688 My throat closed up and I held the top of the dryer like a little kid on a boogie board because I could feel it coming I knew it was there lurking in the dark cold house when I saw the blinds But when I uite literally saw the writing on the wall I felt the top of my heart crack and as I slouched there gripping the dryer for dear life the entire thing broke into a thousand pieces I hesitated for a moment in consideration and doubt just long enough to see the gold catch the light glittering and then I let the ring slide out of my hand A hundred memories hung in the air spilling through my mind dragging regret panic relief behind them like a needle and thread as I watched my old wedding band slip awaySo I finished my reread of this last night in a frenzied marathon My love for this novel has deepened and this time I really got to enjoy and appreciate what the book does thematically It's all about stories Personal stories histories The grand stage on which Whirlwind is told; the connecting tissue by which all stories are bound togetherThen you have the friendships It is so nice to read a book that contains such great characters and their relationships with each other Also it is great to read a novel where women are not just breasts that talk Admittedly at this stage there is a small number of female characters which I hope will change but the characters that are here are extremely well written and three dimensionalYou have all this wrapped into that cosmic horrorweirdtrippywest style setting It just works for me Noreen The King was a chapter I was greatly looking forward to and like the first time it literally took my breath away It is my favourite chapter in any book Ever Actually this book I think now is my favourite book It grips me in a way that few other books have and it hits all the emotional and thematic notes that I look for in fictionI have about 50 passages highlighted this time through and there are a million things I could say There might be a few minor things another editing pass could fix but who cares This book is perfect

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Librarian's Note this is an alternate cover edition ASIN B00BJCLMFUAfter coming home from a stint in Afghanistan veteran Ross Brigham learns that his father has passed away Dearly departed Dad was a famous fantasy novelist and the 300 fans that show up for the funeral demand that Ross fin The Whirlwind In The Thorn Tree has been kicking around my 'to read' list for uite a while I learned of the book and it's author largely on rfantasy where he tirelessly promoted it and it garnered uite a few recommendations from others I'd actually bought the ebook while it was on sale but opted to pick up the self produced audio edition for easier listening In general the book came fairly highly acclaimed from many readers though some folks I trust weren't particularly highUnfortunately it didn't always work for me Whirlwind is essentially an 80's style portal fantasy through and through Kid goes through random modern day life things kid discovers object in this case a mirror original is a portal to another world he never knew existed and gets wrapped up in the events happening in aforementioned world Stop me if you've heard this onenamely like a billion times However in a genre like fantasy I'm not overly uick to begrudge folks for a bit of been there done that being as there's only so many ideas to go with and after a while everything gets a bit incestuous However Whirlwind isn't a particularly good portal fantasy in my opinion Hunt's writing is at times uite good engaging economical and free flowing However he at times suffers from the trap which many self pub authors find themselves locked in over exposition Sentence after sentence of adjectives and metaphors in an effort to sound sophisticated or talented as a writer In my opinion Hunt's writing when it's not in this trap is good enough that he doesn't need the over writing in areas but it comes and goes in cycles with a paragraph you have to trudge through that is completely unnecessaryThe actual world created is pretty interesting and I enjoy the concept of author writing what he experiences in alternate world however everything is just a bit too convenient almost lazy Everyone in the alternate world all but immediately accept Ross and his friends as allies believing their outlandish story with very little prodding Ross and co for their part seem to take to this much much less futuristic world very easily not struggling at all without their modern amenities and adapting to everything with very little issue It all felt tooeasy It left me saying to myself really uite often Overall the novel was not bad I just found nothing really original here and periods of dodgy writing that could have used a bit polishing up I can tell that Hunt has talent has some vision of where he wants this book and his writing to go but the pieces aren't all put together here I can totally understand why some people would love this and immediately engage in it however for me I've just read this same thing too many times and done with better execution to really give it a big endorsement

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The Whirlwind in the Thorn TreeIsh E R Brigham's long running magnum opusRoss and two of the author's devotees investigate his untimely death and discover that he might have been murderedand the time bending gunslingers of Dad's steampunk novels might be realAs they try to acclimate to the arid deserts of the author's A truly enjoyable experienceWhile I've never read much pure fantasy I consider Whirlwind sort of a hybridIt's a lot easier to say It was a hard book to put down than it was to actually do so with Whirlwind in the Thorn TreeI literally had to force myself to stop reading just to get pressing things done around the houseThe characters are interesting and loads of fun to watch how Mr Hunt brings them and their world to life And by the end of the book the main characters almost seem like your friendsFrom the very beginningthe imagery the author paints with his words and writing style flowed into my minds eye like an artist with a brush and canvasMy available time for pleasure reading is highly treasured so I don't re read many novelsBut Whirlwind is already back on my To Read list simply because I want to enjoy the journey once againVery much looking forward to his next installment in the Outlaw King series The Wolves of SleepHop to it SA your fans await