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Summary Kissed By A Demon Spy ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ê This novella is a companion piece to the Solsti series and can be read as a stand aloneKidnapped as a teen and forced into a life of sexual slavery Garnet vowed long ago to do whatever she could to spare others her fate When karma comes full circle with an offer En But Aden senses a sweet loyal strength in her that no amount of horror can erase His dangerous work is the opposite of the stability Garnet craves Yet Aden’s patience and strength make him the hero she never had When the enemy targets them Garnet and Aden realize that honesty is the truest form of coura. Kissed by a Demon Spy was a novella covering Garnet's story Garnet was the thrall slave who had helped Kai and Brooke escape from Draven's compound in Stroehm in Wicked Waves They had promised to come back for her but Mathias his story was Wicked Flames volunteered along with Bianca This story picked up after Draven's demise and can be read as a standalone Although like with any series knowing the full back story enhances the overall reading experience I absolutely love this series The world building is fabulous and exciting There are a lot of species and names to keep track of but if you follow the series remembering them all or distinguishing them isn't a hardshipI really liked Garnet She wasn't a tough female character but even after spending 172 years in captivity and subjected to many horrific things she managed to offer kindness and compassion On the surface you would never have guessed she'd been to hell and back I think having her son Dash made her into the woman I ended up reading about used abused ruined her words but when the right man or demon came around she didn't shy away from the feelings he stirred in her Neither physically nor emotionallyI loved Aden He was a Deserati demon who had settled in the peaceful village of Ivydale He used his scryering abilities to spy on the Vipers and warn his brother Keegan about planned attacks on other villages in an effort to thwart them As the attraction to Garnet deepened he worried that his secret would force them apart She'd already experienced so much violence how could she want to be involved with someone whose job was dangerous What made him especially lovable was his extreme patience and sensuality He never pushed Garnet to talk about her experiences and he always let her set the pace of how far she wanted to take their intimacy He was protective and did a great job of building her up againAs for their chemistryI'll just say that the pans in the kitchen weren't the only things sizzling I absolutely enjoyed the slow burn It was so worth the wait to see Garnet gain confidence and feel safe enough to give herself to him That particular scene was incredibly romantic as it was scorching hot They communicated well and I appreciated that Garnet didn't try all that hard to keep her past from him This novella didn't leave me wanting for anything It was short sexy and very satisfyingComplimentary eARC provided by the author for the purpose of an honest review

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At the chanceMasuerading as a village innkeeper Aden keeps his espionage work secret from the gentle pixies he lives among Using his skills to prevent a group of vicious demons from attacking the innocent his world is draped in mist shadow and dangerSteeped in shame Garnet is loath to share her past with Ad. I loved this companion to the Solsti Prophecy series It can be read as a standalone so if you haven't read the series don't let that stop you However I highly recommend the series to fans of paranormal romance who enjoy a spellbinding world filled with sexy alphas kickass heroines and steamy romance Kissed by a Demon Spy brings us back to Torth an enchanting world inhabited by demons elves pixies and an array of other supernatural creatures Garnet has been enslaved for hundreds of years and has lost all hope in ever seeing freedom again Having once assisted a certain Lash demon she never imagined he would fulfill his promise to help her escape But with chaos erupting from within the compound walls and two demons at her side she and her young son just might have a chance to escape after all But it will not come without risks There are many dangers in Torth and the journey is only beginning On the other side of Torth in a village called Ivydale a Deserati demon named Aden is building up his business as an innkeeper In a village where pixies and demons live peacefully Aden lives with a dark secret that keeps Ivydale and the surrounding villages safe When Aden meets Garnet he is immediately drawn to her but he knows better than to get involved A spy should never get mixed up in matters of the heart Putting Garnet and her son in harm's way is not an option Still he cannot deny the attraction and soon he discovers he isn't the only one with secretsThis is a fantastic addition to the Solsti Prophecy series A uick action packed read this novella adds another layer to the magical world the author has created New charming characters are integrated into the story with a well paced plot and fully developed characters Filled with vivid details a lot of attention is given to the world building resulting in a story that pops off the pagesNote This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review

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Kissed By A Demon SpyThis novella is a companion piece to the Solsti series and can be read as a stand aloneKidnapped as a teen and forced into a life of sexual slavery Garnet vowed long ago to do whatever she could to spare others her fate When karma comes full circle with an offer of freedom for her and her young son she jumps. Not sure about anyone else but when I find a series I love I send out mental commands to the author to write uickly Apparently Sharon Kay was listening because she sent her readers Kissed By a Demon a Solsti Prophecy novella that can stand on its own as a uick fast paced heart pumping romantic read Garnet gets her well deserved story and freedom from being a slave in the Stroehm compound Returning to the home she hasn’t seen in close to two hundred years Garnet and her young son Dash are welcomed with open arms as they tentatively rejoin the world of the freeThere are definitely changes in the peaceful village of Ivydale the biggest being the new inn owned by Aden a deserati demon on a secret mission as a spy The inn is a great cover but an accomplished cook is desperately needed and Garnet and Dash need somewhere to stay until they get on their feet As the embers of love and attraction heat up between these two they carefully dance around the secrets they keep each fearing the other will back away Will chemistry trump all Will these two along with Dash find a joy denied themSharon Kay proves once again why she is an award winning author Her world her characters and her plot are like walking into the middle of another world where horns and tails are normal fae magic is part of life and thank goodness there is even a candy shop in this tiny fae town I mean really is that a touch of realism or what Low on angst high on strong characters and romantic heat this is a fabulous novella to curl up withI received this ARC edition from Sharon Kay in exchange for my honest reviewPublication Date October 7 2014Publisher Sharon KayGenre Adult Paranormal RomancePrint Length 146 pagesAvailable from