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And fr alle Bcher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Listomania Famous People's Lists Novels Novels The Best in English Since A Personal Choice by Anthony Burgess Party Going Henry Green After Many a Summer Aldous Huxley Finnegans Wake James Joyce At Swim Two Birds Flann O'Brien The Power and the Glory Graham Greene For Whom the Bell Tolls Ernest Hemingway Strangers and Brothers to C P Snow The Aerodrome Rex Ninety nine novels the best in English since Get this from a library Ninety nine novels the best in English since Anthony Burgess; Anthony Burgess | The Modern Novel Novels the Best in English since a Personal Choice literature Flame into Being the Life and Work of D H Lawrence biography The Kingdom of the Wicked novel Oberon Old and New Little Wilson and Big God autobiography The Piano Players novel Blooms of Dublin radio play Were I to believe in guilty pleasures this book would fit the bill breezy capsule reviews with minimal summary and a heavy dose of personal critical assessment My interests here are admittedly a bit base They rest on several grounds their mindless readability essentially in the short “chapters” a nonfiction euivalent of the Dan Brown model of page turning momentum; some autistic antiuarian impulse towards cataloguing and omniscient list making; shame facedly their work as micro plot infusions aka replicating flash fiction in the dullest possible way; and the pleasure of an intelligent person making pithy witty idiosyncratic literary evaluation ie drive by criticism or less charitably for me a means of curating my own pre Twitter literary Twitter Out of the four the latter most approaches something actually edifying although truthfully there’s little reward waiting on the backend of an hour of this type of reading much like Twitter itself And Burgess’s own preoccupations are helpfully laid bare throughout It is conseuently a somewhat uaint collection spot on redolent of the specific concerns of a specific type of man at the specific time of this selection Consider his take an element of Brian Moore’s THE DOCTOR’S WIFE — “there was a time when we could make sound ethics and theological judgments on our sexual aberrations and allay our frustrations in a sense of duty but those days are gone” — as representative of the free floating Catholic conservativism you can’t uite call it reaction underscoring much of the work here Likewise there’s a preponderance of stuffy generational saga that speaks to the ambient taking for granted their importance in the air at the time than to their own worth To Burgess’s credit his reviews if not outright critical nevertheless often seem to subtly acknowledge just such a fact In talking about John O’Hara’s largely forgotten LOCKWOOD CONCERN to take one example Burgess notes that the “book looks on the surface like a highly contrived melodrama but there is a good deal of complexity in it” He could as easily have copy pasted this same sentiment through near half the entries with only minor amendations to that initial “let’s acknowledge it’s middlebrow” section and the final “but point out the hidden value nonetheless” refinement To the same effect the first half of the work seems to make the same knee jerk euivalence between length and seriousness indeed he even explicitly says as much at one point in relation to a Herman Wouk World War entry whose “considerable length is appropriate to the weightiness of its subject” He starts with Henry Green but that seems to be a feint as the rest suggests an aversion to brevity of a piece with the middlebrow taste of the time The very same Wouk entry however demonstrates one of the areas in which he does prove insightful namely on the material circumstances that whether enabling or restricting nonetheless structure both the lives of novelists and conseuently the types of works they’re therefore able to produce Here he notes that despite his constant disparagement by the literary establishment Wouk’s YOUNGBLOOK HAWKE “is the only novel we have which brutally gives the facts about profit and loss accounts the hard graft of writing the Balzacian details of the sordour and the literary life” Conversely his John Barth consideration points out in an appropriately droll cut that he writes the “kind of novel that American professors are capable of producing seeing the campus as the world and being free of the marketplace which oppresses non university novelists cherishing the paid leisure which can produce really long books on the old pattern of Fielding and Dickens” Nonetheless apart from these interludes of character and vigor the work is much too given over to summary The occasional really thought through coherent analytical piece – as in the kind given to LUCKY JIM – demonstrates the broader possibilities of the book were Burgess given any thoroughgoing incentive to the thing But that’s a hard thing to sustain to across 99 books especially when the form asks so little to succeed

eBook 99 Novels The Best in English Since 1939

99 Novels The Best in English Since 1939Novels The Best in English Since book by Buy a cheap copy of Novels The Best in English Since book by Anthony Burgess In this book Anthony Burgess internationally acclaimed novelist and critic offers his list of the best novels published in English since Free shipping over Novels the Best in English since Novels the Best in English since New York Summit Books First printing Any list is immediately dated but this selection by the forthright Mr Burgess lays passionate claim on what he felt were the best years ago I love this kind of glove thrown down for everybody to bicker over Hardcover in perfect condition Novels The Best in English Since Burgess Novels The Best in English Since Burgess Anthony on comau FREE shipping on eligible orders Novels The Best in English Since Novels The Best in English Since A Buy Novels The Best in Anthony Burgess admitted in an interview that he pumped this book out in just two weeks because he needed the money He could only do that because as a reviewer for The Yorkshire Post he reviewed 350 books in just over two years It is also true that he liberally plagiarized for the first part of this book This is less shocking than it might as he plagiarized from himself in this case his earlier study The Novel Today1963 Nevertheless this remains an interesting introduction from a thoughtful novelist to novels Burgess considered either under appreciated or too soon forgotten Of the 99 I had read just 19 so this has done the job in making me aware of many books I have never heard of that Burgess's brief review indicates to be well worth reading shining a light on books published between 1939 and 1984 The list for those interestedBurgess's list of the best 99 novels published in English from 1939 to 1984Achebe Chinua A Man of the People 1966Aldiss Brian Life in the West 1980Amis Kingsley Lucky Jim 1954Amis Kingsley The Anti Death League 1966Baldwin James Another Country 1962Ballard JG The Unlimited Dream Company 1979Barth John Giles Goat Boy 1966Bellow Saul The Victim 1947Bellow Saul Humboldt's Gift 1975Bowen Elizabeth The Heat of the Day 1949Bradbury Malcolm The History Man 1975Braine John Room at the Top 1957Cary Joyce The Horse's Mouth 1944Chandler Raymond The Long Goodbye 1953Compton Burnett Ivy The Mighty and Their Fall 1961Cooper William Scenes from Provincial Life 1950Davies Robertson The Rebel Angels 1982Deighton Len Bomber 1970Durrell Lawrence The Alexandria uartet 1957Ellison Ralph Invisible Man 1952Faulkner William The Mansion 1959Fleming Ian Goldfinger 1959Fowles John The French Lieutenant's Woman 1969Frayn Michael Sweet Dreams 1973Golding William The Spire 1964Gordimer Nadine The Late Bourgeois World 1966Gray Alasdair Lanark 1981Green Henry Party Going 1939Greene Graham The Power and the Glory 1940Greene Graham The Heart of the Matter 1948Harris Wilson Heartland 1964Hartley LP Facial Justice 1960Heller Joseph Catch 22 1961Hemingway Ernest For Whom the Bell Tolls 1940Hemingway Ernest Old Man and the Sea 1952Hoban Russell Riddley Walker 1980Hughes Richard The Fox in the Attic 1961Huxley Aldous After Many a Summer 1939Huxley Aldous Ape and Essence 1948Huxley Aldous Island 1962Isherwood Christopher A Single Man 1964Johnson Pamela Hansford An Error of Judgement 1962Jong Erica How to Save Your Own Life 1977Joyce James Finnegans Wake 1939Lessing Doris The Golden Notebook 1962Lodge David How Far Can You Go? 1980Lowry Malcolm Under the Volcano 1947MacInnes Colin The London Novels 1957Mailer Norman The Naked and the Dead 1948Mailer Norman Ancient Evenings 1983Malamud Bernard The Assistant 1957Malamud Bernard Dubin's Lives 1979Manning Olivia The Balkans Trilogy 1960Maugham Somerset The Razor's Edge 1944McCarthy Mary The Groves of Academe 1952Moore Brian The Doctor's Wife 1976Murdoch Iris The Bell 1958Nabokov Vladimir Pale Fire 1962Nabokov Vladimir The Defence 1964Naipaul VS A Bend in the River 1979Narayan RK The Vendor of Sweets 1967Nye Robert Falstaff 1976O'Brien Flann At Swim Two Birds 1939O'Connor Flannery Wise Blood 1952O'Hara John The Lockwood Concern 1965Orwell George Nineteen Eighty Four 1949Peake Mervyn Titus Groan 1946Percy Walker The Last Gentleman 1966Plunkett James Farewell Companions 1977Powell Anthony A Dance to the Music of Time 1951Priestley JB The Image Men 1968Pynchon Thomas Gravity's Rainbow 1973Richler Mordecai Cocksure 1968Roberts Keith Pavane 1968Roth Phillip Portnoy's Complaint 1969Salinger JD The Catcher in the Rye 1951Sansom William The Body 1949Schulberg Budd The Disenchanted 1950Scott Paul Staying On 1977Shute Nevil No Highway 1948Sillitoe Alan Saturday Night and Sunday Morning 1958Snow CP Strangers and Brothers 1940Spark Muriel The Girls of Slender Means 1963Spark Muriel The Mandelbaum Gate 1965Styron William Sophie's Choice 1979Theroux Alexander Darconville's Cat 1981Theroux Paul The Mosuito Coast 1981Toole John Kennedy A Confederacy of Dunces 1980Updike John The Coup 1978Vidal Gore Creation 1981Warner Rex The Aerodrome 1941Waugh Evelyn Brideshead Revisited 1945Waugh Evelyn Sword of Honor 1952White TH The Once and Future King 1958White Patrick Riders in the Chariot 1961Williamson Henry A Chronicle of Ancient Sunlight 1951Wilson Angus The Old Men at the Zoo 1961Wilson Angus Late Call 1964Wouk Herman The Caine Mutiny 1951

Anthony Burgess ´ 99 Novels: The Best in English Since 1939 ePub

eBook ´ ePub 99 Novels The Best in English Since 1939 ç The Best in English Since 1939 ½ Anthony Burgess ½ Novels The Best in English Since book by Buy a cheap copy of Novels The Best in English Since book by Anthony Burgess In this book Anthony Burgess inEnglish Since A Personal Choice by Anthony Burgess online at Alibris We have new and used copies available in editions starting at Shop now Novels the Best in English Since Novels The Best in English Since by Anthony Burgess and a great selection of related books art and collectibles available now at AbeBookscom Novels The Best in English since by Before I read Novels The Best in English since I'd never heard of so many of the wonderful writers Burgess included and have since heeded his advice and discovered their work for myself and so owe the late great Anthony Burgess a deep debt of gratitude Thank you Sir Anthony I might add that if A Clockwork Orange is your only reading experience with Burgess do know he was as Novels The Best in English Since Novels The Best in English Since | Anthony Burgess | ISBN | Kostenloser Vers A great book for dipping in and out of Some excellent choices of course and it has prompted me to read a dozen or so books which I hadn't heard of beforehand I couldn't really give this book any than three stars as Burgess does drag on and it gets a tad tedious at times I also understand that he wrote the entire thing in two weeks for money and this shows However I did get a different sense of appreciation for Burgess knowing that he was sat there cigarette in hand gin on the table in front of him bashing out these reviews the ones which weren't taken from his previous Yorkshire Evening Post days in dire need of cash Pick it up It's worth having a read through