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Carmilla Ll send chills up your spine while tugging at your heartstringsOriginally published 27 years earlier the story was one of the inspirations Bram Stoker used for his masterpiece Dracula Now the story has been retrofitted to fit the same universe with appearances by both a young Van Helsing and the legendary Count Dracula himself Get a glimpse into their fascinating history and find out about who they really areUpdated language and grammar makes the story exciting and easier to read for today’s audience while retaining an authentic Victorian feelInternal links in the ebook whisk the reader away to real life information definitions and Fans of Bram Stoker’s Dracula and traditional vampire literature will be thrilled at seeing their favourite characters appear here Fans of Charlaine Harris’s True Blood series Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight series and Anne Rice’s vampire chronicles will love experiencing the roots of the modern vampiric traditio This is the original Carmilla but with a few added twists and rewritten in modern language Other books I have read have done similar ie added additional material but they have done it much better I thought the introduction of characters from Dracula would be interesting but it turned out to be pointless Their limited use was an opportunity missedIt was an ok read but the modern rewriting of Le Fanu's beautiful prose only reduced the uality of the book even further

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Mately connected And that demons from the past are not so dead as they appearWhat shocking horrors are divulged as they unearth the truths about the deserted ruined village in the woods the history of the once noble now extinct Karnstein family and the people they thought they knew? Can Laura survive the worrying seductive illness slowly pulling her into darkness? Will anyone live on once they discover the true evil behind all the death around them and the epic confrontation it leads them to?The stylish and seductive gothic vampire novel that inspired Bram Stoker’s Dracula – revampedThe scandalous original 1872 story updated and significantly expanded with a whole new ending Meet the original vampiress and experience the romance and horror of this classic Victorian gothic taleMore ActionMore BloodMore RomanceMore FearMore VampiresStory is much longer richer and dramatic than the original version New scenes and a wicked ENTIRELY NEW ENDING wi I've read the original Carmilla years ago definitely have to re read it sometime soon so I don't have a word for word comparison ready Anyway I remember Carmilla being a very cumbersome read which of course is caused by the old language On the other hand that is what also defines the gothic charm of this story and enables the reader to lively envision the past timesWhile this new version of Carmilla keeps a lot of the original story it adds a some modern language and several new twists especially the addition of characters known from Dracula Now there are two possible ways to regard this approach either condemn it as a mutilation and exploitation of some great classic novels or as a fresh and modern tribute to them Personally I am not a fan of remakes because the majority of them fail miserablyRegarding this retelling of Carmilla I found that while the implementation of modern language made reading a lot easier it bereaved the story of its uniue personality As for adding characters of Dracula to the story I at first thought that was a fascinating idea but found that the impact on the plot was too negligible to really make me careOverall the story was an ok read especially towards the end but honestly I was bored too many times to call it a truly fascinating read While I can forgive the original work for its long winded writing which is justified by the time it was written in the new version has no such excuse I think it would have benefited from some radical shortening instead of preserving everything Imho the author's uite noble intention to keep as much of the original work alive as possible may at the same time have hindered him from creating something truly outstandingI received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

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Carmilla Book ´ 124 pages Download ì Timothy baril ê “You are mine you shall be mine you and I are one forever”Laura and her father live in a castle in the Austrian countryside; a peaceful uneventful existence that leaves young Laura anxious for a bit of excitement Their lives are turned upside down when an out“You are mine you shall be mine you and I are one forever”Laura and her father live in a castle in the Austrian countryside; a peaceful uneventful existence that leaves young Laura anxious for a bit of excitement Their lives are turned upside down when an out of control carriage careens out of the night and crashes before their very doorstep Dark and spooky strangers emerge from the wreckage leaving a beautiful angelic girl in their care before vanishing once again into the nightAs they welcome this mysterious stranger into their home Laura suddenly finds her life a whirlwind of uncertain new feelings as her friendship for their new guest grows and as she faces falling in love for the first time Meanwhile an unknown plague sweeps through the local village and when Laura becomes sick her devoted father fears the worst – that she too is a victim of the baffling diseaseLittle do they know that the plague and Laura’s new best friend are inti This book IS Le Fanu’s 1872 story “Carmilla” line by line—except those lines which Baril has changed and a several scenes of action and horror towards the end I think it would correct to credit Le Fanu as the author and “edited by with additional material by Timothy Baril”Baril has taken “Carmilla” and modernized the language making it accessible for today’s reader The problem with modernizing a story however is that it then loses its place in history It no longer opens a window onto the mid Nineteenth Century its s and customsNo matter how hard I try I can’t imagine Lady Mircalla Karnstein saying “Off to kill vampires boys?”Except for one or two paragraphs I‘ve never felt the original “Carmilla” needed a rewrite But has Baril added anything original and of note? I certainly liked his erotic but subtle description of a kiss between Carmilla and her victim Laura Baril’s completely original material includes fight scenes at the end and plenty of carnageMost of Le Fanu’s material remains in Baril’s rewrite so no doubt the reader will get a good story The great thing he’s done—and which I do in my books—is to reconnect the characters and events of “Carmilla” with those of “Dracula” It gets points for thatBut I suppose it comes down to this if I was to recommend the story of Carmilla to someone would I recommend the original or Baril’s reinterpretation? I would recommend the original