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Moon of Mutiny Book ↠ 192 pages Download ô Randarenewables ï STRANGE GRAY FLOWERS ON THE MOONWere they only a myth a dream or were they really there beyond the desolate unexplored lunar ranges?Fred Halpern had to know Only the discovery of life however primitive could save man's struggling colony on the moon His own worthThis splendid novel of adventure and suspense on today's frontier will delight Discriminating SF fans of all ages Descriptive text uoted from book's back cove Lester Del Rey from 1961 an experiment on my part to read something I would have read in 1961 Classic outcast sent to the moon story the most interesting part was the way the computers were percieved The computer on the space ship was used to print out a trajectory not to actually pilot the shipSeemed about right for the time

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Very of life however primitive could save man's struggling colony on the moon And only by daring to cross the high ranges where no man had gone before could Halpern prove EDITED this review space to remove a deleted review from me somehow still displayingMy ratings should be the only review of books from me showing on goodreads They are my unincentivized unconnected consumer product opinions The star rating reflects solely my subjective reading experience and resulting opinion of the book according to the rating scale used by goodreads It's not intended to destroy anyone's livelihood nor to churn out book promotions for them — just my opinionreaction shared with other readers and a means to track my reading provide book comparison data and aid in book recommendations featureI rate here according to goodreads scale meaning that because goodreads determined most readers choose books they think they will enjoy the goodreads averageokay rating on a 5 unit scale 2½ is rounded down to 2 stars where other sites like retailer round up to make 3 stars the averageokay read A briefer way to put that is that yes I rate books one star lower on goodreads than on without in any way considering that to be bullying anyone or restriction of trade—I just do look to see if a site's scale runs 1 5 or 5 1 then what each unit means in that site because that's how I was taught to use scales I'm too durn old to be convinced otherwise too durn ornery to believe that the only correct way to do anything is how it's done on com site and firmly remain convinced only people—not inanimate things like commercial products aka books—can suffer the psychological trauma of being bullied

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Moon of MutinySTRANGE GRAY FLOWERS ON THE MOONWere they only a myth a dream or were they really there beyond the desolate unexplored lunar ranges?Fred Halpern had to know Only the disco This is a terrific boy's book by Lester Del Rey I know people say Young Adult but I think Juvenile is closer—but I don't know maybe those both have bad connotations these days depending on whom you talk to I would've read it at about 10 and enjoyed itThe hero is an natural born pilot with one special ability—he can compute trajectories reliably than a computer—and a reckless and arrogant nature The beauty of the characterizations is that they're all from the hero's point of view but they indicate enough of his shortcomings to give us an idea that just because it seems like the world and the moon and the space station is out to get him no small part of this is due to his haughty natureThis is good because it gives us a nice story arc and one that most boys could probably do to identify with And our hero's changing nature is revealed in a way that his thoughts and the writing which is 3rd person limited don't give away until a character points them out at the end at a dire moment I could see this character arc really being under appreciated but it's one of the best I've read in a while because it's almost all done through action The hero thinks about his own issues but never uite confronts them directlyAnyway as a writer I admired it greatlyThe story is just jam packed wall to wall with action as a seemingly financially doomed moon colony struggles to find a way to support itself before the USA pulls the plug The world has sort of lazily let the moon fall into America's control and America thinks it's a waste of money This is pretty dead on too when you think about it It's why NASA is constantly finding life or discovering water but not reallyI don't know how accurate any of it is We still don't have a moon colony if you can believe that and this was nearly a decade before we landed on the moon so del Rey had to use the best guesswork of the time But it doesn't really matter The perils presented are plausible enough and the handlings convincing enough to really sell the idea that they're on the moon and it's uite challenging indeedIn fact I dinged it one star because del Rey does such a good job at presenting the treachery of the world that our hero's bold action at the beginning of Act 3 actually seems way too reckless and too reliant on luck frankly This may not be an entirely fair charge to level against a juvenile SF book but if I learned anything from this book it's that life isn't fair HehPS I just realized how close this book is in its depiction to the moon as this 2018 Chinese movie Till The End of the World is in its depiction of the Antarctic Del Rey may have borrowed from some polar expeditions