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As dos inocentesPara a polícia trata se apenas de mais um cadáver num lugar onde a morte e o crime são tão freuentes ue se tornaram banais E uanto às crianças desaparecidas ninguém uer saber dos filhos das prostitutas ue povoam BarcelonaMas para o inspetor Moisès Corvo um polícia rude e dissoluto com um sexto sentido peculiar este. Originally entitled La Mala Dona – The Evil Woman – Barcelona Shadows fictionalises the real events of 1911 1912 involving the serial disappearance of young children Drawing on his own experiences as a crime scene investigator Pastor is well placed to produce than one shiver down his readers’ spines as he recounts the events of these sinister disappearances and the fears of the community that a real life vampire walks amongst them in this compelling and unsettling novel With than a nod to the penny dreadful genre of 19th century literature and scattered with references to Conan Doyle and Edgar Allen Poe you are instantly drawn into this dark story overseen by the omnipresent narrator of Death himself and what a tale it isThis book pulls no punches from the opening bodysnatching scene with a dark jibe at the use of a headless corpse which did appeal to my dark sense of humour There are children playing with bones overstuffed flies that have feasted on bodies details of autopsies with a good coating of the visceral nature the crimes themselves There are beautifully Dickensian esue characters that lodged in my imagination as toothless stinking ragbags with glorious names such as One Eye and Blackmouth and the insane Doctor von Baumgarten with his creepy medical investigations Cleverly in his depiction of the main detectives the charming womaniser Corvo and his earnest counterpart Malsano there was a nod to the contemporary motifs of crime fiction as they endeavour to solve the disappearances and subseuent murders under the gaze of an idiotic boss with than a dash of sardonic wit a la Montalbano or Rebus I really took to this crime fighting duo in particular Corvo described as no longer a defender of good folk as toughened by his experiences as he no longer believes in good folk and as an old dog grim faced and filled with vices but with a tenacious zeal for clearing the streets of scum but at what personal cost to himself The perpetrator of the crimes in the book the hypnotically chilling and manipulative Enriueta takes on all the childhood nightmare inducing ualities of Baba Yaga or the gingerbread house dwelling witch of fairytale tradition and eually frightening to think that in the real life case that Pastor draws on that the chief suspect in the child snatching was indeed a woman As her madness intensifies during the book ably supported by three dim witted men bowing to her every whim the plot twists and turns transporting the reader along effortlessly as horrors are unveiled at every turnI think that there is a specific intention by Pastor for the city to assume a character of its own in the book and the depiction of the grinding poverty and the population’s propensity for an unerring superstitious belief all adds to the very atypical 19th century feel of the book as the setting is so resonant of the industrial geography of Northern England and even London itself Barcelona is referred to in phrases such as ‘a city of mask and lies’ and eually as a coldhearted being that ‘keeps pretending nothing is going on’ There is a feel itself that the city is endeavouring to thwart the investigations of the police and keep its dark and dirty shadows filled with fear for the general populace The well crafted descriptions of the city itself all add to the overall disturbing nature of the book and the crimes contained within it and achieved for me a narrative eually on a par with the psycho geographic mastery of writers such as Peter Ackroyd with Hawksmoor or Iain Sinclair’s Slow Chocolate AutopsyI concede that this dark tale populated by a cast of grotesues and infused with a visceral wit may not be to everyone’s taste but it really tapped into the dark imaginings of the human psyche All in all a clever parodic novel that will appeal to those who actively search out something different within the crime genre and an entirely satisfying read at that

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La mala donaé um mistério ue tem de ser resolvido com um criminoso ue afinal é uma mulherGótico e chocante A Mulher Má revela um mundo macabro uma história verídica ue nos faz duvidar de um dia ter realmente existido uma mulher tão pérfida capaz de crimes tão monstruosos Um livro assombroso ue agarrará o leitor da primeira à última página. Chills thrills Historical noir meets crime fiction in Marc Pastor’s Barcelona ShadowsMarc Pastor’s Barcelona Shadows is a gruesome psychological thriller set in the filthy ghoulish underbelly of Barcelona at the turn of the twentieth century This Barcelona is a dark sophisticated home of horrors She is “an old lady with a battered soul” and from under her skirts emerges a fearsome sociopathic serial killerThe novel begins in a graveyard in a city abuzz with rumours of disappearing children and bodies drained of blood; a monster is hunting on Detective Moises Corvo’s turf and “Corvo is a dog – no one pisses in his territory” Our narrator an omnipresent yet humanised formulation of death is beautifully used to introduce us to the perpetrators – and add ironic levity to a chilling tale The dynamic between death and detective is itself a motif that carries through the novel Death has developed an unlikely fondness for the cop “I like Corvo we know each other so well when we look into each other’s eyes I know he understands me He respects me but he doesn’t take me too seriously and that makes me feel at home because I’m not always welcome everywhere” Detective Corvo is something of a cliché cop tall and barrel chested impatient impertinent proud and obstinate A womanising alcoholic thug Racist sexist and deeply prejudiced he’s credible he gets things done he’s almost unfathomably endearing Balancing out the banality of such a cop is the villain he is up against; Enriueta Marti is a completely remorseless predator she defies expectations and is constantly challenging both the reader and the plot Her heinous acts are all the disturbing for being based on an actual caseIf Enriueta who pimps out brutalizes eviscerates and cannibalises her young victims were not chilling enough there’s She has a paedophile for a husband a necrophiliac for a sidekick her father as an accomplice and an array of depraved officials shielding her from justice The investigation will take us to brothels bars casinos back alleys and the bottom of a well It’s a galloping tale but it’s not gratuitoussort of delicately disturbingThe book works because the characters are captivating but it is remarkable because of the morbid poesie of Pastor’s prose From the offset startling off hand remarks transport us into his ghoulish universe with an ever present twist of humour “He looks inside the corpse’s neck and finds life there than he was expecting He searches through the entire coffin for the head” The story is vivid and violent and the sualor leaves a real taste on your tongueCorvo’s race against the clock as child after child is snatched makes for a gripping read But the book wasn’t without drawbacks the opening seuence is pretty clunky and death’s voice is at times a touch disingenuous You’ll have to get past many a dated assertion and the inconsistent switches in narration as Death moves from one body to another All the same that may have actually added texture to the experience The real distraction was the translationMara Faye Lethem’s translation from the Catalan is often clumsy and sometimes lazy Phrases like “it would behove you to start remembering” and “no one is sure that whom they’ve lived with for years whom they’ve considered a neighbour isn’t now an enemy” cut right into the flow of the narrative And direct translations such as “ ‘Don’t move’ He whispers dragging his ‘s’s ” are a little below par for a publishing house as accomplished as Pushkin PressFortunately Pastor’s carefully crafted tale is rich enough in style and substance to rise above this; it’s definitely worth a read for those who don’t mind a morbid adventure If we’re lucky Pushkin could tidy it yetWhose taste budswhat next This is a good bet for most crime lovers if not for the faint hearted I like my crime fiction dark and twisted – Jo Nesbo Stieg Larsson Tami Hoag – and I’m thrilled to have discovered Pastor Jo Nesbo’s Harry Hole also fits the dirty cop trope and the early English translations are the best The Devil’s Star The redeemer and The Leopard are real crackers Cockroach and Police left something to be desiredThe historical dimension allows the story to rely on characters most notably Corvo rather than CSI technology In this way Corvo is something of an echo of Georges Simenon’s Inspector Maigret Find details links and suggestions at wwwwhimsiesbookblogcom

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Summary La mala dona 109 ↠ Tão cativante uanto assustador Uma mistura de CSI com Jack o Estripador na Barcelona do início do século XXBarcelona 1912 Há crianças a desaparecer uando um cadáver é encontrado numa viela estreita dilacerado e sem um pingo de sangue surgem rus bizarros sobre um «vampiro» ue se move pelas sombras da cidade e ue anda a roubar as aTão cativante uanto assustador Uma mistura de CSI com Jack o Estripador na Barcelona do início do século XXBarcelona 1912 Há crianças a desaparecer uando um cadáver é encontrado numa viela estreita dilacerado e sem um pingo de sangue surgem rus bizarros sobre um «vampiro» ue se move pelas sombras da cidade e ue anda a roubar as alm. This is mine so why not a 5 stars review