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Night WindsOwn the trails of past battles Kane travels again To the ruins of a devastated city peopled only by half men and This was my first taste of Kane and Karl Edward Wagner and I will definitely be back for Don't let the awful cover photos on the Kindle eBooks for this series with their cheesy shirtless sword wielding hunks fool you There is no romance to be found here only dark bloody sword and sorcery adventureComparisons to Conan are inevitable and I think fair The worlds they inhabit are exceedingly similar though Howard tends to expend effort supplying the nitty gritty details of his world building than Wagner I came to think of Kane as what Conan might have become had he lived for a few centuries as an immortal and picked up some sorcery skills though clearly he prefers splitting heads with his sword over casting spells Jaded crueler fatalistic and perhaps complex but a wandering adventuring barbarian at heart neverthelessI thoroughly enjoyed every story in this collection Wagner's writing is vivid compact and even poetic at times Of particular note are the stories Two Suns Setting and Lynortis Reprise the longest in the collection Two Suns Rising sees Kane help one of the last of a dying breed of giants seek the buried palace of a once mighty giant king in hopes of revitalizing his race Lynortis Reprise sees Kane navigating a long abandoned battlefield littered with corpses outside a once besieged city now eerily dead This is a chilling tale vividly depicting the horrendous remnants of a brutal pointless war that claimed hundreds of thousands of lives Here we get a good glimpse of Kane's nature with the passion burned out of him after centuries of life passing through the dead city uninterested in rumors of treasure a beautiful woman a righteous cause or much of anything save putting a final end to something inevitable started long ago for its own sake

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The Complete Kane Book 5 from Centipede PressWhere once the mighty Kane has passed no one who lives forgets Now d This is the Centipede Press edition which varies from the normal paperback edition in content with an additional story great illustrations author notes It's a gorgeous hardback edition part of the first set 5 books to contain ALL the Kane stories that I bought a couple of years ago I'm reading them in chronological order which means putting this book down after the first 3 stories to read Bloodstone before continuing Below I'll list the complete Kane chronology if I remember other books that contain the storiesI've read all the Kane stories several times before but never in chronological order KEW published them out of order never collected them his books are often difficult expensive to come by Before this the most complete collection was in 2 books Midnight Sun The Complete Stories of Kane Gods in Darkness The Complete Novels of Kane The Wikipedia entry for KEW is a good short article that gives a good feel for the author Kane his major character I was a Conan fan long before I found Kane Conan Kane were published with covers by Frank Frazetta which may have been what first drew me to his work as it did REH'sThere are a lot of other similarities between the characters the authors Both wrote horror as well as SS although REH was far prolific wrote in a wider variety of genres KEW was around longer a pysch major his work is grittier Some of the Kane stories also have a strong SF element in them aliens from the stars spaceships such The SF element is too magical for me to shelve these as SF I read them as SSfantasyConan is the clean barbarian with a hard code of ethics a true hero He loves a fair fight fair maidens made a great king but Kane is an anti hero the Black Prometheus according to KEW He rebelled at being the play thing of a mad god strangled his brother Able on its alter He constantly fights against LawOrder seeing it as stifling man In At First Just Ghostly 1988 Kane says he killed the god that cursed him to live until the violence he brought to the human race brings him down So far nothing has managed it but he winds up in some really chilling predicaments Kane is immortal amoral of high intelligence extreme cunning so there is very little he won't do or hasn't done He's a powerful warrior with the muscles of 3 men stretched across his 6' frame a sorcerer of brutish countenance Left handed red haired he's known by his startling blue eyes that mark him as a killer He does unto others what they would do unto him first thoroughly Sometimes those are 'good' people that are worse than he is sometimes it's his friends since violence betrayal haunt him KEW has a real talent for putting Kane into the worst of a bad situation but in an intelligent often poignant way He has a real talent for nailing the end of a story tooUnfortunately he didn't live to finish the Kane stories He planned some novels that were never finished Alcoholism took hold in the mid to late 1980s His wife left him Both his writing his health deteriorated until he died in 1994 at just 48 years oldThe chronology of all the Kane stories is as followsThis edition of Night Winds contains the following short stories1In the Wake of the Night 1981 isn't exactly a Kane story Previously published in Midnight Sun The Complete Stories of Kane he's not in this fragment the prologue to what was supposed to be a 150K word novel about the voyage of the Yhosal Monyr a vessel which is referred to in Bloodstone Correct chronologically it also sets the mood world very well KEW dreamed up the idea one night while tripping on acid at a Procol Harum concert at the Fil in 1970 He still hadn't gotten around to finishing it when he drank himself to death 25 years later As a recovering alcoholic who lost his father to alcoholism I probably regret this than most2Undertow 1977 perfect irony What would an immortal do to retain that which he loves What happens when the object of his affection would do anything to get away Chilling with a great end3Two Suns Setting 1976 There were races that walked the Earth before mankind Kane meets one even he is impressed Brute force ancient monsters ruins with an interesting philosophical discussion on what success means in among all the savagery 4Bloodstone 1975 This is a separate book that should be read here if reading the stories in chronological order I am this time so this review is on hold until I finish it Finished My 5 star review is here to Night Winds5The Dark Muse 1973 an eccentric poet wants to write the perfect poem gains some help from Kane through both blood sorcery Dark gory fantastic6Sing a Last Song of Valdese 1976 a group of travelers spend the evening a tavern what comes next is great Is Kane man or demon In another story he says both have rejected him7Misericorde 1983 previously not in this volume but only in The Book of Kane shows Kane at his best kind of a Lucifer figure Personal gain isn't always Kane's goal Also an interesting fact about his parentage Able was his father but Eve wasn't his mother so I assume Lilith was8Lynortis Reprise 1984 is possibly my favorite Kane story of them all that's saying something Especially the first time there is such a haunted feeling to this Set 20 years after a great war where an unstoppable army met an impregnable fortress hundreds of thousands died Kane wanders in to the forsaken remains of the battlefield finds a new conflictThe end of this story has always been my favorite part since it sums Kane up so perfectly view spoiler He's standing there with the girl among all the dead men she asksWho won the war KaneI didYou didn't win a thing Kane You only survivedIt means the same thingBut there must be to victory than just survivalKane nodded to the fallen as he carried her from the temple Ask them nowAsk me in a hundred years hide spoiler

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Night Winds Ebook ☆ 435 pages é Randarenewables ë The Complete Kane Book 5 from Centipede PressWhere once the mighty Kane has passed no one who lives forgets Now down the trails of past battles Kane travels again To the ruins of a devastated city peopled only by half men and the waif they call their ueen The past futureThe waif they call their ueen The past future and present are all one for Kane as he travels through the centurie To preface this I was reading the Centipede Press edition which includes not only the contents of the original Warner paperback of Night Winds but the story Misericorde originally included in The Book of Kane a lovely illustrated hardcover from Donald M Grant that also contained a handful of stories previously included in Death Angel's Shadow and this collection the fragment In the Wake of the Night the opening to what would have been a fourth Kane novel and a sad reminder of all the stories we'll never get and The Treasure of Lynortis the original version of the story that was subseuently revised published as Lynortis RepriseHaving said that I know that for 9999% of people out there the only really available edition will be the eBook that does not include the three additional pieces mentioned above; and really that's fine if you're only going to read one Kane book this is the oneAs with the stories in Death Angel's Shadow the stories here lean heavily into gothic horror so than standard thud blunder barbarian adventure; and that's fine because that's really where lay Wagner's strengths as a writer Kane himself is often not the viewpoint character but is a dread figure driving events from the shadows; or when he's onstage he's still shown from somebody else's point of view and as in his previous appearances his role ranges from Byronic antihero to straight up villainHighlights include Undertow in which a woman Dessylyn seeks desperately to escape from his clutches The Dark Muse in which Kane helps a poet to complete his greatest work; this is arguably the most straight up horror story in the bunch and at times reads like the other side of one of those Lovecraft Dreamland stories what was happening back here while the dreamer was off having fantastical visions and Raven's Eyrie in which a seriously wounded Kane and the remnants of a bandit pack he was leading take refuge in an inn that turns out to have some pretty awful secrets of its ownEven the one story that is of a straight up sword sorcery adventure Two Suns Setting has Kane teaming up with a giant to raid the long lost tomb of a giant king and has plenty of horrific bitsOh and I do also want to give a shout out to Misericorde which is a perfect nasty little gem of a story possibly my favorite Kane story but if you want it you'll most likely have to buy The Book of Kane in eBook form; but the eBooks are about 399 each and Book of Kane also includes my other favorite Kane story Reflections for the Winter of My Soul