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Emily McCarthy is living in fear of a dark and dangerous past A gifted mathematician she is little than a hollow broken shell trying desperately to make ends meet long enough to finish her degree Through an unlikely friendship with the aging cantankerous owner of an old b Such a great love storyThe books HURRICANE AFTERMATH tell the story of two amazing characters Emily and Cormac O’Connell Both books are 5 stars out of 45 for meEmily and Cormac both had a tormenting childhood Both were the victims of their parents Cormac still has to deal with his alcoholic mother whereas Emily had to run away from home by changing her identity Emily is now a maths student at university and Cormac is a boxer Actually they are both fighters in their own wayTheir story is heart warming It made me laugh it made me cry It made me swoon It made me feel I loved every minute of itThe best things about these books1 They are hot emotional with a good plot2 They have super sexy super cute and super good characters all swoon worthy and likable3 There is no stupid drama4 There is no cheating5 The dialogues and monologues are all good6 All main side characters are very well developed I feel as if I know these guysWarnings 1 There is physical sexual abuse2 There are a lot of boxing scenes which may bore some readers3 At first the heroine annoys with her lack of self confidence but do hang in there she will make you love her dearly She will get stronger and strongerJust read her life story and see how she is reborn from her own ashes with the love of O’Connell and the other guysWriting 1st personThe first book HURRICANE is told by the female character Emily but the Prologue and Epilogue belong to Cormac The second book AFTERMATH is told by Cormac O’Connell and only the Epilogue belongs to Emily They are both the continuation of the same plot The first book ends in a happy moment but there is a cliffhanger and unresolved issues so book 2 is a must read after itAs far as I know Hurricane is the debut novel of the writer For a debut novel the writing is good but it is not awesome The story telling needs a little bit refining and editing Still I couldn’t put these books downI don’t know about all of you but there are many boxing and training scenes in the book and normally I would get bored and skip these kinds of scenes but in this book I couldn’t Maybe O’Connell made me read about him even while boxing or training as he was obsessed with his girl Emily and there was always something about her in these scenes that made me keep my attention I have a soft spot for obsessive men like O’Connell as long as they are as well behaved and sensible as himO'Connell is an obsessive and protective male character and he is a fighter but if you expect him to murder for revenge or out of rage then he is a not as brutal a hero as you might expect There is a religious and philosophical aspect of the book as well which is not exaggerated but very well balanced Life isn’t about settling for what you have and making the best of it It’s about getting back up when everyone else around you is counting you out and fighting for what you want And I would like to thank the writer for sending the rape and abuse victim to a therapist which is sometimes hilariously cured by menage or rough sex in some “too crazy to believe” books Kudos to the writer for her sensible and rational approach to itThe book shows how love tenderness trust and therapy all together help these victimsI feel euphoric when I come across books that I love this much Now I am leaving you with the amazing uotations from Emily and O’Connell’s story “Yo

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The HurricaneOxing gym Em is thrown into the path of the most dangerous man that she has ever metCormac “the Hurricane” O’Connell is cut tattooed and dangerous He is a lethal weapon with no safety and everyone is waiting for the mis fire He’s never been knocked out before but 375 sweet reward starsEmily has never known what it meant to have a place called home or what it means to calls someone family She’s never had the love care and safety of family and friendsuntil a grumpy old man invites her to get to know his I’d been so caught up in surviving and staying free that I’d forgotten that freedom was a state of mind Cormac “the Hurricane” O’Connell is one that is feared by all He’s big tatted and dangeroushe’s everything that should make Emily wanna run away but he’s also everything she needs to feel safe “What that we can be friends Hell yeah baby Course that doesn’t mean I won’t try my best to make you fall in love with me too” he joked “Don’t worry I’m fairly immune to your charm” I uipped Finding her voice again and her will to do than just survive she opens up her heart to a bunch of hard core gym rats and finds the one to slay her her demons O’Connell wasn’t a knight He was the battle scarred dragon that would lay waste to armies to protect me One day we all meet that special someone who makes you want to be a better person and for O’Connell Emily is all he needed to want to be the better man for him and for her The Hurricane was a not your traditional sweet story of finding love in all places It was a somber story with dark under notes but it didn’t that had the feeling of hope and second chances I loved him for her and her for him even in her darkest moments she manage to bring light into his life as everyone she opens up too I love a man who is feared by all but can melt for the right woman and he was everything she needed and Feel good story with an unsavory dark past but love is worth fighting for Copy kindly provided by Forever Grand Central Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review uotes above are taken from the version of the book I received and may differ from published edition REVIEWED posted January 9 2017

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The Hurricane kindle ò 300 pages Download Ó randarenewables ☆ Emily McCarthy is living in fear of a dark and dangerous past A gifted mathematician she is little than a hollow broken shell trying desperately to make ends meet long enough to finish her degree Through an unlikely friendship with the aging cantanWhen he meet Em he falls HARD Unlike any other girl he’s ever met she doesn’t want anything from him but just being around her makes him want to be a better person They are polar opposites who were never meant to find each other but some things are just worth the figh WOW I'm not even sure how to start this review I've very behind with this book as most of my friends on here have already read it so I'm not sure how in the world I missed this beauty I FUCKING loved this book I thought it was absolutely amazing I loved both Cormac and Em I thought their relationship was beautiful I absolutely loved the way he loved her it was so sweet I love books about fighters I am always a lil worried because in a lot of books with fighters they are major manwhore's and we tend to get ow scenes Not here I'm not saying that he wasn't a manwhore cause I think he definitely was before Em but not in this book I really felt terrible for Em she had a very hard life with her stepfather and it was beautiful to see up open up and trust Cormac All the side characters were awesome I would really love to read books with Kieran and Tommy that would be great So yeah I loved this it was hot safe and perfect