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Açado pelos ataues violentos dos rebeldes Mas é então ue America conhece o Príncipe Maxon Pouco a pouco começa a uestionar todos os planos ue definiu para si mesma e percebe ue a vida com ue sempre sonhou pode não ter comparação com o futuro ue nunca imaginou 35 candidatas Apenas uma coroa. If you can get past the I'm smelling my armpit cover and also the silly names and the horribly unoriginal storyline and the terrible writing wait really you can get past all of that What does that leave you then A nice fontSeriously though read reviews for this one They're not favorable for a reason

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The SelectionPara trinta e cinco raparigas A Seleção é a oportunidade de uma vida É a possibilidade de escaparem de um destino ue lhes está traçado desde o nascimento de se perderem num mundo de vestidos cintilantes e joias de valor inestimável e de viverem num palácio e competirem pelo coração do be. This book is like those little sachets of Nutella you get as free samples with like a magazine or a packet of Ritz or something in that it's empty calories lite but seriously delicious It's really small and really bad for you and not really that satisfying but shit if you don't enjoy it Because no matter how superior you think your tastes are you will enjoy this Even just on a voyeuristic level You just have to forget all of the stuff you know Like all of it Forget what you learned in civics class and don't you dare remember even one page of that history textbook that your teacher shoved under your nose when you were eleven Don't untangle those headphones; don't try to line up the yellow smarties This book is a house of cards Really cool to look at but totally flimsyAnd the controversy is such a shame It's a shame that the creative minds behind this lovably fluffy duck down are the sort to hurl expletives at honest non inflammatory reviewers via Twitter which is literally the weakest way to attack someone because were your reasons so flimsy that they wouldn't fill out than 140 characters Come onPersonal shitstorms aside this book has about as much class and substance as its creators but that's isn't to say that it didn't nicely pad out a two hour train journey from Dundee to Glasgow That commute especially on a Friday lunchtime is a snore Add that to a tiny waif of a story with all of the addictive allure of crack and you've got two covers that you can turn in one single sittingI'm not going to lie to you and say that I didn't have preconceived notions about this one; I mean come on The social drama was embarrassing Add that to a name like America Singer and you've got a character I'm expecting to hate But the thing was that I totally didn'tI have a bit of a problem with those who expect teen girls in YA books to behave like street smart successful thirty year olds with enough life experience to be able to judge any situation with a clinical and businesslike edge I know I wasn't like that when I was sixteen and neither were you When I was sixteen I fell in love with a supply teacher and thought that having chipped nail polish made me look edgy America is kind of like me She's probably kind of like you too She's over dramatic and foolishly optimistic and she gets swept up by a single kind action from a cute boy So what She's a teenage girl She's also careful restrained and compassionate She doesn't swallow bullshit like it's Orange Julius She's believable I'm not usually a huge fan of the whole I'm special because I'm plain which this whole book does use as a giant smoke screen for its sexism there's the inevitable conversation in which someone says that big groups of girls always means there's snarky bitching and tons of competition which doesn't hang together at all if you look at what is perpetuating this competition Cass gives us commentary on girls and their competitiveness without actually tackling the reasoning behind that which is of course a society whose foundations rely on a lack of camaraderie between women and this idea that in terms of relationships men come firstWho is funding perpetuating and benefitting from the Selection Maxon who will gain a wife and the king who will solidify his dynasty The ueen is merely there for decoration; she says and does nothing of import This book had it not been the Nutella free sample of dystopia in which there's no greater peril than running out of bow tie pasta and having to resort to lasagne sheets could have been a fantastic allegory for the way in which women compete and are punished for it when in fact it is men and male benefactors specifically who both incite and perpetuate said competition We are supposed to hate Celeste because she's our stereotypical heartless mean girl and YA caters only to the insecurities of those who are visually plain placing girls who wear lipstick into a terribly unflattering light and only exacerbating types of girls when in fact Celeste and her desperation to climb the social ladder is a blinding example of what this patriarchal power imbalance between men and women has created in Cass's world That is the idea that male acceptance and male pleasure has infinitely greater value than that of women This idea that men and romance comes first and female friendships threaten that and get her Tackle her Don't let that hussy steal your man He's all that gives you value rememberCalling out all my friends are guys there's less drama because girls are bitches gives me immense satisfaction When I hear that self important special snowflake shit it makes me want to hurl Is that any way to speak about your fellow woman Do you understand the waves that women can make when they work together This book is nowhere near as bad in this area as it could have been but we weren't spared disapproving glances at Bariel's breasts or the constant commentary on Celeste and her ridiculously exaggerated competitive antics Do me a favour and spare me another wasted concept because there's no peril to this and because there's no peril the story has no weight None of these girls are being forced to do this There's monetary gain involved but America's family are not exactly begging for scraps are they Why on earth we're watching a middle class girl agonize so deeply over a silly competition that she chose to enter is beyond me What's further beyond me is the whole caste system and why it's even in place and why this book is a dystopia This could have been a four star read for me had it been set in a high fantasy world maybe in a kingdom called Candy Land where everything was frivolous and silly with an undercurrent of darkness and social instability But let's look at the technicalities of this We have a competition with no negative outcomes that everyone adores except the faceless rebels who lack any real presence and who are portrayed as nasty barbarians when in fact what they're rebelling against is fat cats sitting in a palace eating fruitcake while children in the lower castes starve The prince for whom they're competing is hot and charming and sweet Goddamn nothing about this is dystopian You might look at the poverty pointedly but is the poverty ever explored in any meaningful way Is there ever any real commentary attached to it NoJesus just add some fucking peril to your dystopia But it's light and fluffy It's not meant to be serious you say Newsflash dystopia is a really goddamn serious genre Dystopia is a genre that is built around social commentary Don't you dare come in and fluff up a genre that was created as a platform for authors to offer creative intelligent critiue and discourse on some of the most controversial and powerful social issues in the real world Dystopia is a gift; dystopian stories can make us better people This is not a dystopia It is just sillyHonestly This book could have been so much It could have been powerful and groundbreaking It's not like the writing was anything special in some places it's just plain bad This book is filled with some of the most unnatural and stilted dialogue I have ever read or that any of the characters even those I liked Maxon was an unexpected favourite of mine even if he is a two faced spineless dingbat grabbed my attention enough to make me give a crap It's just one big pile of wasted potential And I am so suspicious of authors who say that they write without agenda because one cannot claim to do impossible things Every single piece of writing in existence has agenda big or small powerful or menial Don't say that you just wanted to write a little light hearted dystopia that nobody should take too much to heart Don't Don't do that Don't do what Lauren DeStefano did when she wrote about rape and polygamy and forced marriage and sex with thirteen year olds and then claimed that there was no social commentary behind it and that she wasn't trying to say anything with her writing The fuck Don't fuck with really serious issues and then try to wriggle out of readers' concern or curiosity by claiming that you didn't mean anything by it That's lazy and also sort of insulting All of that said don't be too surprised by my three star rating I'm sorry but I couldn't award less to a book that engrossed me so and that was such guilty fun I was absolutely hypnotized

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The Selection Characters ↠ 102 º Para trinta e cinco raparigas A Seleção é a oportunidade de uma vida É a possibilidade de escaparem de um destino ue lhes está traçado desde o nascimento de se perderem num mundo de vestidos cintilantes e joias de valor inestimável e de viverem num palácio e competirem pelo coração do belo Príncipe MaxonLo Príncipe MaxonNo entanto para America Singer ser selecionada é um pesadelo Terá de virar as costas ao seu amor secreto por Aspen ue pertence a uma casta abaixo da sua deixar a sua família para entrar numa competição feroz por uma coroa ue não deseja e viver num palácio constantemente ame. I'm not so stupid as to believe that you've completely forgotten about your former boyfriend I know you think there are others here suited for me and this life and I wouldn't want you to rush into trying to be happy with any of this I justI just want to know if it's possible THE SELECTION was one of the best books I have ever read I don't think I uite expected that once I flipped the first page that I couldn't stop But guess what it happened I am constantly thinking about this book and I am 100% in WOW mode Everything about this book I absolutely loved and I have no freaking clue how I am going to wait than a year for the second book to come out Such tortureTHE SELECTION is a dystopian novel but it didn't seem so much like one to me like a Cinderella story But they have a caste system in this world that goes from one to eight One being very rich and eight being very poor The Selection gets held for the prince where out of 35 woman he gets to narrow it down to one girl he picks as his princess So notices gets sent to all the girls to the age of 16 to 20 and all the girls go crazy submitting their entries for THE SELECTION Since The Selection started I'd been worrying that it was something that was going to ruin my life But in this moment I couldn't think of a time that felt right As for America Singer our heroine of the story who is a five in the caste system she doesn't want anything to do with THE SELECTION Her mother is very needy and begging her because it is a wonderful opportunity Even if you don't get chosen as the princess your life changes forever you will be higher up in the caste system and it would help America's family America doesn't care about any of that though and plus she has a secret boyfriend Aspen It is sort of forbidden too for her to be with him Later on Aspen feels America should at least try for The Selection and she gets picked as one of 35 girls And some problems happen between Aspen and America before she leaves He leaned in even closer to whisper You say you're here by mistake so I'm assuming you don't want to be here Is there any possibility of you having any sort ofof loving feelings towards me I liked America I felt like she as a very strong heroine And she is very unselfish She is doing THE SELECTION for her family to help them but also she wants some distance from Aspen When we meet Prince Maxon he is everything America thought he wouldn't be he is absolutely swoon worthy I mean come on he is a prince Maxon has very cute ualities that make my heart flutter He has a cute reaction to crying ladies and it is funny I love how he uses the term my dear which America hates Haha Prince Maxon is very sweet and kind and all her wants is to find a girl among the 35 girls that are at his palace that he could love That girl may end up to be America though But the uestion becomes is America even interested Is she over Aspen yet There seems to be a lot going on between Maxon and America without anything actually happening and it becomes clear in my opinion at least that America does like Maxon but there are things she has to figure out first I wrapped my arms around him resting my head against his chest Maxon seemed both comforted and surprised by the gesture I took only a second for him to wrap his arms securely around me Maxon I'm not completely sure what we are but we're definitely than friends No surprise that I like Maxon than Aspen but Aspen definitely has his moments and it makes you feel a little sorry for him But I most definitely want America and Maxon together THE SELECTION was one absolutely amazing and my only complaint would be why this book isn't longer It felt so short I wish the book was like 500 pages long I loved it that much It will be complete torture waiting for the next book in the seriesMore of my reviews at Mystifying Paranormal Reviews