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Eleven twenty-two sixty-three review æ eBook or Kindle ePUB ¸ Dallas 221163 três tiros são disparados O presidente John F Kennedy está mortouando o seu amigo lhe propõe ue atravesse um túnel do tempo para regressar ao passado com uma missão especial Jake fica completamente arrebatado A ideia é impedir ue Oswald matRica apaixonante e começa uma nova vida no tempo de Elvis dos grandes automóveis americanos e de gente a fumar O curso da História está prestes a muda. Even though 112263 has been swirling inside my brain for a little over a week now I haven't had the chance to properly sit down and write out a coherent review Life is busy and yet I cannot shake the feeling of pleasure I received from reading this book It is a masterpiece no doubt but also the type of story that is suited to King's old style of dialogue and flair for throwback culture Dare I suggest that this book is the author's unicorn Clearly he is immensely talented and a good number of his other works are amongst my favorite novels of all time but there is something uniue to this historical time traveling fiction that keeps blinking in my peripheral almost like a jealous lover keeping me from fully enjoying any book that I have picked up since finishing this one Maybe writing this review will give me a sense of release or perhaps I'll gear up the old audible and dive in for a reread In the meantime let me try to put into words what most of you have already said since I'm the last person on planet earth to read 112263If I'm wrong about the above statement and you haven't read this yet all you really need to know going in is that an ordinary teacher from present day time travels back to the late 50's in preparation to attempt to prevent JFK's assassination However even that above statement is deceitful because that's literally all I knew about this book going in and it is SO much In fact the JFK stuff doesn't really kick in until the last 35% of the book but please don't take that as a criticism The way that Stephen King chooses to prepare us and lead us up to that moment is nothing short of brilliant; the process in getting to that fateful day is just as suspenseful intriguing and emotional as the climax As unbelievable as it sounds King has written one of the most tender intimate and swoon worthy romances of all time between these pages There are heaps of action suspense and easter eggs planted for fans who have read other books by the author visiting Derry right after the first summer that the Losers Club experienced Pennywise was unreal If you're an audiobook lover I highly suggest listening to this book or at least supplementing your hardcopy with it I would love to see King write something similar to this in the coming years but even if he chooses not to I'll cherish this experience and every reread after as one of the most compelling stories ever written in our contemporary age

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Dallas 221163 três tiros são disparados O presidente John F Kennedy está mortouando o seu amigo lhe propõe ue atravesse um túnel do tempo para regres. Thank you Steve You were wrong all those years ago when you said you weren't very good at writing about love and intimacy The love story here is full of honesty and tenderness When I got to the last couple of pages I was crying so hard I couldn't read 112263 is a supernatural uasi historical philosophical science fiction love story If you're avoiding it because you think Stephen King only writes horror please reconsider There's no horror here aside from a couple of mild gross out scenes I know my experience would have been cheapened by knowing too much beforehand so I'm not going to tell you what it's about in the style of a traditional book review Be it on someone else's head to spoil your fun So why should you read it There is DANCING There is time travel Stephen King style with some original twists on the old device There is a special treat for fans of It King's novel about Pennywise the ClownThere is a charming yet brutally honest portrayal of American life in the late 50s and early 60sThere is DANCINGThere is pie throwingThere is sweet romance without sappinessThere is poundcakeThere is derring do With poundcake for afters There is insight into Lee Harvey Oswald and his associates and their activities prior to 112263There is DANCINGThere is a subtle but amazing use of the past as a character with an agenda of its ownThere is snappy dialogue laced with humorThere is high school theater And there is DANCING Because dancing is life Thanks again Steve There's always room for you on my dance card

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Eleven twenty two sixty threeSar ao passado com uma missão especial Jake fica completamente arrebatado A ideia é impedir ue Oswald mate o presidente Kennedy Jake regressa a uma Amé. You may ask yourself how in the world did a wife beating mental degenerate and multiple country defecting USA RUSSIA and an attempt at Cuba little shit like this kill the charismatic handsome war hero and most powerful man in the world It doesn't make any sense It never has made any sense Oswald just does not fit the profile for a guy that could pull off an assassination of this magnitude He's a semi educated hillbilly but he's surprisingly craftyKennedy provided a golden opportunity to every disgruntled crazy out there by deciding to ride in an open car through the hostile city of Dallas Texas His swoon inspiring smile his wavy hair and his beautiful wife would not win him votes hidden behind bullet proof glass A tough election was coming up and Texas was again critical for the KennedyJohnson ticket The parade route was even published in the paper When Lee Harvey Oswald noticed that the route passed right by the Texas School Book Depository his place of work he felt the universe was talking to him A president riding in an open car sounds insane but the reality is that a president had not been assassinated since McKinley in 1901 I could see how Kennedy weighing the risk would have felt reasonably safe We all know how that turned outJake Epping an unassuming English teacher is given an opportunity to go back in time The time portal located in the back room of a greasy spoon will take him back to 1958 A year tantalizingly close to one of the most traumatic events in American history Jake now George Amberson just had to lay low and wait for 1963 to roll around and use that time to come up with a plan to stop the before mentioned Lee Harvey Oswald King explores the well traveled road of the potential devastating effects of changing the past to influence the future What if Kennedy had not been killed My liberal leanings would have me believe that the world would be better today There are piles of documentation showing that Kennedy had no intention of escalating the war in Vietnam As he proved with The Cuban Missile Crisis he was a man that understood the bluff without committing the hardware He was a man that had been to war and I find it hard to believe he would have committed American kids to die in the jungles of Southeast Asia One of Stephen King's strengths is that despite the fact that he is wealthy man and one of the most successful writers in the world he really understands common everyday people I found myself developing a real fondness for Jake I winced when he failed I whooped when things went well His romance with Sadie is spun out so nicely that the Kennedy assassination almost becomes a back ground plot King placed a Japanese proverb at the front of the book and also used it so wonderfully in the plot Every time I read it I find a smile on my face If there is love smallpox scars are as pretty as dimplesThe number on the back page does say 849 pages but King's writing style makes reading this book effortless The margins are wide and the print large so don't let the size of the book keep you from reading this charming book I'm off to turn my time travel machine nearly finished back into something a little less dangerous to the world like a cappuccino machine See of my writing at You can like my blog page on Facebook here JeffreyKeeten Blog page