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FREE PDF Ú BOOK Blood Ties ò A thousand years ago the Eleven Domains were invaded and the original inhabitants forced on the road as Travelers belonging nowhere welcomed by no one Now the Domains are governed with an iron fist by the Warlords but there are wilder elements to the landscape which cannot be controlled and which may prove their undoing Some Heir undoing Some are spirits of place of water and air and fire and earth Some are greater than these And some are humanBramble a village girl whom no one living can tame forced to flee from her home for a crime she did not commit Ash apprentice to a safeguarder forced to kill for an employer he cannot esca Freeman has a richly imagined world the book is impregnanted with a deep history and culture that while romanticised and idealised rather than realistic lends weight to an otherwise non existent story Unfortunately her timescale errs on the dramatic and unrealistic side not only has the civilisation not developed at all in a thousand years no science no change in religion politics or social values they're still hanging on to the prejudice and wrongdoing that was engendered thirty generations ago A thousand years is a long time for a people to sit stagnant on things like this but these people act like the wars happened last Winter It's an odd blend that just doesn't ring true to meHer writing is clean clear and evocative and certainly the strongest element in her work Despite the books other flaws which would normally have resulted in a dog eared bookmakr hanging out from one third in for the rest of eternity her writing kept me interested enough to finish it to the end even when I could clearly see there'd be no significant plot development for the rest of the bookAnd there's one of the main problems this isn't a trilogy it's a novel in three parts After the first plot points which occur a little later than you'd expect in a novel nothing much happens but the following of those plot points At least nothing that coherently fits together to make an emotional arc or a story It's interesting things happen to people they make decisions and other things happen but it doesn't seem to have much of a point There's no answer to the character's starting states nothing that shows how they've grown their development and the closure at the end seems shoehorned in at bestThere's no resolution at the end of this book Their uests aren't remotely answered in the case of some characters it's not even clear what their journey will be yet Which makes the book fundamentally unsatisfying to me I wanted a story something that would finish what it began at least in part And while the characters themselves feel dimensional they're difficult to tell apart Bramble was the only character I could keep track of all the male characters blended into one another in short order This was not helped by the fact that Freeman would stop the whole story to give us the point of view of another inconseuential character For example one character killed a would be pick pocket in self defence and spent a good deal thinking about the conseuences of that We then jump to a three page POV of the death scene from said pick pocket's point of view a tangent which does not serve the story and does not give us any information we needed to know it doesn't even give us anything unexpected This happens several times throughout the book and I'm at a loss as to why these interludes are there There is no useful information in there These characters are not important we can see they're not important and seeing things from their viewpoint doesn't add anything They distract confuse and slow down the bookTo me those are big flaws things that run right to the bones of the book and should have been addressed in the first or second draft where they could have been fixed relatively easily So it is I think a testament to the uality of Freeman's writing that I still finished the book with a reasonable sense of enjoyment While I won't be purchasing the remainder I've no wish to slog through another lot of not much happening before the plot reveals itself I will have a look at any other series or books she brings out

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A thousand years ago the Eleven Domains were invaded and the original inhabitants forced on the road as Travelers belonging nowhere welcomed by no one Now the Domains are governed with an iron fist by the Warlords but there are wilder elements to the landscape which cannot be controlled and which may prove t Review also athttpsedwardsghostenginewordpressThere were things I really liked and disliked about this book On the things I liked were the way the story flowed the world building and the way this books sets things up for later booksThe writing style I found uite strange and I can’t really explain why It was like trying a new flavour of candy and not knowing whether you like that taste or not On the back of my copy it said this was one of the most original and beautifully written fantasy epics of its time I don’t exactly beg to differ but at the same time I don’t entirely agree yes the story was uite original and yes the author managed to fully paint a picture of her world and action scenes but I myself just found the writing a bit weird and hard to grasp well at first anyway Oh well it just takes some getting used to I guessLike I said before I found the world very well described and I loved all the description of the natural landscapes as those were really brought to life well and had a lovely peaceful feeling about them The world history was delivered gradually and also it wasn’t exactly spoon fed to us either as there were some parts the author let us imagine ourselvesAnother thing I thought could have been improved was the development of the main characters I will also add here I really liked the short stories the author made about the backgrounds of people the main characters met as that’s definitely a different way of doing things 😛 However the main characters for me felt rather distant and their personalities could have been explored I’m not saying they were cardboard cutouts just that there could have been to them in their personalities so to sayThis book was good and I will definitely finish the series but in next books I hope things will move a little faster and that I can emphasise with the lead characters

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Blood TiesPe Saker an enchanter who will not rest until the land is returned to his people As their three stories unfold along with the stories of those whose lives they touch it becomes clear that they are bound together in ways that not even a stonecaster could foresee bound by their past their future and their bloo I've never liked books where there is no action and just world building for seuels; this was an exception The way that the author has woven the story certainly impressed me I loved how the subplots and the minor arcs were written in a way that it massively contributes to the main narrative without deviating from it too much Even though it borrows creative elements from many acclaimed fantasy stories of the past this book was unlike any fantasy book I've ever read Excited to read and check what Pamela has in store for us in the next two books