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review Die unendliche Geschichte Ð eBook or Kindle ePUB é Small and insignificant Bastian Balthazar Bux is nobody's idea of a hero least of all his own One day while immersed in the pages of an old book he discovers a mysterious world of enchantment but it's a world that is falling into decay The great task of making things wRsed in the pages of an old book he discovers a mysterious world of enchantment but it's a world that is falling. Although I have read this book than twenty times I have until now never actually written a longer and involved review for Michael Ende's utterly amazing The Neverending Story I have also never read it in English I first read it in German in the early 80s I believe and I have reread it regularly over the years Die unendliche Geschichte is thus truly one of my all time favourite German children's literature books I loveadore everything about this novel including the ingenious way the chapters are arranged as well as the different colour fonts red for reality blue for Fantastica or Phantásien in German For me the different fonts are not only an ingenious plot and narrative device they also represent the separation of fantasy and reality However the fantastical first letters of each of the 26 chapters representing the 26 letters of the alphabet are all at least in my own copy of the book presented in the same reddish font as the parts of the story that take place in the real world even for those chapters based wholly and entirely in Fantastica; this shows on a visual level that while fantasy and reality might be separate spheres and different from one another they are nevertheless forever linkedI remember when we were reading this very novel in the Children's Literature Group than a few years ago one of my GR friends Kirei asked if the story actually ever did end And I have to admit that when I first read Die unendliche Geschichte as a teenager I kept searching for other novels by the Michael Ende about Fantastica as he was always hinting at precisely that eventuality but that is another story until I finally realised that this was just a plot device At first this bothered me a bit I actually felt a wee bit cheated But then I realised how ingenious this particular plot device was and is It solidifies Michael Ende's belief that every book is a neverending story and that books engender other stories and so on and so on Further for a reader who might become somewhat nervous and apprehensive when reading exciting or frightening tales the fact that the author claims that there will be future tales of Fantastica gives a comforting but spoiler less reassurance that Fantastica will survive that the nothing the emptiness will not succeed in utterly destroying fantasy and the realms of the fantasticalIn the first part of Die unendliche Geschichte the main emphasis seems to be mostly on the absolute importance and necessity of fantasy and imagination and how the lack thereof is detrimental to not only the realms of Fantastica but also to the real world to reality While the story is never openly didactic it does possess an obvious message against pure materialism and the disallowance and discrediting of fantasy and imagination The childlike empress will succumb to her illness and with her all of Fantastica unless a human being can enter Fantastica and give the empress a new name humans used to regularly find their way to the realms of fantasy but they are seemingly losing this ability or are perhaps unwilling or afraid to make use of it And while Bastian does in fact possess said fantasy and imagination he is also at first too unsure of himself to give the empress the name he has created for her moon child Indeed the empress must resort to trickery and subterfuge in order to persuade Bastian to finally utter her name to stop the nothing and to himself become part of the world of Fantastica to enter into the latter's realmIn the second part of the story Bastian is then given the opportunity and the task to use the power of his own imagination his own wishes and desires to reconstruct Fantastica At first it seems that there are no limits imposed; in fact the empress actually tells Bastian that he should do what he wishes what he wants There are essential internal limits though namely that Bastian's main responsibility his main goal is to find the nature of his one true his dearest desire which is something that Bastian only learns slowly bit by bit And it rapidly becomes apparent that Bastian's desires to be strong and courageous of wanting to change his outward appearance are not only not his actual true wishes they portray that Bastian at this time only uses imagination and fantasy as an escape from a world from a reality that he does not like very much a world where he can neither love nor be and feel loved Bastian thus does not truly reconstruct Fantastica by creating new realms of fantasy he uses these mostly to escape from both reality and his own personality In fact Bastian actually becomes majorly dictatorial even attempting to usurp power from the childlike empress Luckily for him this proves unsuccessful and faced with the loss of his memories Bastian finally realises that his dearest wish is to love himself to be able to love that without love there truly is absolutely nothingDie unendliche Geschichte The Neverending Story therefore demonstrates and demonstrates this clearly and shiningly how the interaction and interplay of fantasy and reality of Fantastica and humanity only succeeds if one strives to use fantasy and imagination to improve reality and that because Bastian is unable to love either the world or himself he uses fantasy not to improve reality but to escape from it to even destroy it perhaps This fault this main problematic issue causes Bastian to almost become permanently stranded in Fantastica which might at first not seem such a bad result except that becoming stranded in Fantastica also means losing one's memories losing one's soul and sanity In the end it is almost too late for Bastian and basically even though he has realised what his greatest desire is love it is only Atreju's friendship which allows Bastian to regain all of his memories and be allowed to return with new vigour and with enlightenment to the real world Atreju takes over the responsibility of finishing all of the stories that had been started by Bastian and it is this which liberates Bastian allowing his return to reality and to sanity and memoryWith Bastian's return we also notice that Bastian has not only learned how to love and also allowed his father to love again he has also learned to take responsibility for his actions Bastian himself goes to Mr Coreander to tell him about taking the book he does not rely on his father to do this although his father does indeed offer Thus the main point of Die unendliche Geschichte at least for me personally is and always will be that imagination and fantasy are essential for life and happiness but that they must also not be used as an escape mechanism as a bandaid type of solution they should they must be utilised in a responsible moderate temperate manner They are to be used as a tool an enjoyable tool but a tool nevertheless as a method of allowing fantasy and reality to exist together in friendship and harmony And as such Michael Ende's The Neverending Story also harkens back very strongly and stridently to the German Enlightenment to the era of the Aufkläriung where part of the main thematics was a striving for moderation for the middle road for a combination of reality and fantasy with reality being enhanced with and by fantasy and fantasy being tempered with and by reality and realism Michael Ende is therefore both an acolyte and a shining mirror image of one of my favourite German Enlightenment authors Christoph Martin Wieland whose work always strives for a combination of fantasy and reality for moderation and a rejection of any form of extremism including idealism; everything must be moderate and centrist

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Small and insignificant Bastian Balthazar Bux is nobody's idea of a hero least of all his own One day while imme. Die Unendliche Geschichte The Never Ending Story Michael Ende The Neverending Story is a fantasy novel by German writer Michael Ende first published in 1979 An English translation by Ralph Manheim was first published in 1983 The novel was later adapted into several films The book centers on a boy Bastian Balthazar Bux a overweight and strange child who is neglected by his father after the death of Bastian's mother While escaping from some bullies Bastian bursts into the antiuarian book store of Carl Conrad Coreander where he finds his interest held by a book called The Neverending Story Unable to resist he steals the book and hides in his school's attic where he begins to read تاریخ نخستین خوانش روز بیست و سوم ماه سپتامبر سال 2009میلادیعنوان داستان بی پایان؛ نویسنده میکائیل انده؛ مترجم شیرین بنی احمد؛ تهران، نشر روز، 1368؛ در 603ص، مصور، چاپ دیگر تهران، نشر چشمه، کتاب ونوشه؛ 1385؛ در 578ص؛ شابک 9789645571304؛ موضوع داستانهای خیال انگیز از نویسندگان آلمانی سده 20مآدمهائی وجود دارند که هرگز نمیتوانند به سرزمین رویاها بروندرمان خیال‌پردازی «آلمانی» است، که توسط «میشائل میکائیل انده»، نگاشته شده، و در سال 1979میلادی در «آلمان» انتشار یافته‌ است؛ تا کنون چندین فیلم از این داستان اقتباس شده؛ داستان کتاب در دنیای رؤیاها، رخ می‌دهند؛ دنیای رؤیاها، که به موازات دنیای حقیقی وجود دارد، در حال نابودی توسط «هیچ» است؛ نخستین قهرمان داستان پسری است، که از سوی «ملکه»، مأموریت یافته،‌ تا دنیای رؤیاها را، نجات دهد؛ دومین قهرمان، پسری از دنیای حقیقی است، که کتابی را با همین نام در دست دارد، و داستان به تدریج برایش شکلی حقیقی به خود می‌گیرد؛ «باستیان بالتازار بوکس»، با مردی ملاقات می‌کند، که صاحب یک کتابفروشی قدیمی است؛ او کتابی را از این کتاب فروشی می‌دزدد، شروع به مطالعه‌ اش میکند، و به آرامی به بخشی از آن تبدیل می‌شود؛ داستان کتاب، از آنجایی آغاز می‌شود، که «دنیای رؤیاها» با خطری جدی مواجه شده‌ است؛ «هیچ یا پوچی» به آرامی همه جا را فرا می‌گیرد؛ «ملکه»ی بی‌آلایش، که خود نیز به سختی بیمار است، جنگجویی به نام «آتریو»، از نژاد سبز پوستان را، برای پیدا کردن راه علاجی، به دنبال جستجوی بزرگ می‌فرستد؛ «آتریو» بسیار شجاع است، و با وجود اینکه هم سن و سال «باستیان» است، همانند مردان فکر می‌کند؛ «آتریو» در جستجوی خود، با شخصیت‌های گوناگونی همانند «مورلای کهنسال»، دو کوتوله به نام‌های اورگل و انگیووک اویولالا، و همچنین یک اژدهای بخت به نام «فوخور»، مواجه می‌شود؛ «فوخور» که «آتریو» او را از دام «ایگرامولِ بی‌شمار» نجات داده‌ است، تا پایان سفر به همراه «آتریو» میماند و کمکش می‌کند؛در طول سفر، «آتریو» متوجه می‌شود که برای نجات «دنیای رؤیاها» باید نام جدیدی به «ملکه ی بی‌آلایش» داده شود، و این کار تنها از عهده ی فرزند انسان برمی‌آید؛ «باستیان» با دادن نام «فرزند آفتاب»، به «دنیای رؤیاها» که تقریباً نابود شده‌، وارد میشود، و «ملکه بی‌آلایش» از او می‌خواهد، تا «دنیای رؤیاها» را، دوباره و با یاری خیال خویش از نو بسازد؛ «باستیان» با کمک گردنبند «آرین»، که به او قدرتی می‌دهد تا به وسیله ی آرزوهای خود، هر آنچه را اراده می‌کند، در «سرزمین رؤیاها» به انجام رساند، «سرزمین رؤیاها» را کاوش کرده، از میان «گوپ»، خلنگزار رنگ‌ها می‌گذرد، با «گزائید جادوگر» مبارزه می‌کند، و در طول این ماجراها با «آتریو» دوست می‌شود؛ اما به مرور زمان «گزائید»، «باستیان» را خام کرده، او را وامیدارد، تا رؤیای پادشاهی «دنیای رؤیاها» را در سر بپروراند، او تا آنجا پیش می‌رود، که در جنگی نابرابر به روی «آتریو» شمشیر کشیده، و او را زخمی می‌کند؛هر بار که یکی از آرزوهای «باستیان» به حقیقت می‌پیونند، او یکی از خاطراتش را در دنیای حقیقی فراموش، و از یاد می‌برد؛ هنگامی که تقریباً خاطره‌ ای برایش باقی نمانده، به معنای راستین، مأموریتی که باید توسط «آرین» به انجام برساند، پی می‌برد؛ «آتریو» و «فوخور» به کمک «باستیان» آمده، و سرانجام او موفق می‌شود، که به دنیای حقیقی بازگردد؛هنگامی که «باستیان» به دنیای حقیقی بازمی‌گردد، کتاب ناپدید شده‌ است؛ «باستیان» سعی می‌کند که با صاحب کتاب فروشی، آقای «کورِآندر» صحبت کرده، توضیح دهد، که کتاب چگونه ناپدید شده‌ است، و با تعجب درمی‌یابد که صاحب کتاب فروشی، به داستان او علاقمند است؛ کتاب با این جملات پایان می‌یابد «باستیان بالتازار بوکس، اگر اشتباه نکنم تو به بعضی‌ها راه ورود به سرزمین رؤیاها را نشان خواهی داد تا از آب چشمه ی زندگانی برای ما ارمغان بیاورند» آقای «کورآندر» اشتباه نمی‌کرد؛ ولی این داستان دیگری است که بعدها بازگو خواهیم کردتاریخ بهنگام رسانی 17061399هجری خورشیدی؛ ا شربیانی

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Die unendliche GeschichteInto decay The great task of making things well again falls on Bastian and so begins a dazzling magical adventu. I liked the movie better than the book I do love how all the chapters started with the alphabet Mel 🖤🐶🐺🐾