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Crossing The Line Take any action Katya travels to America following the man she believes is responsible determined to find her own justice She becomes caught in a dangerous and demanding game balancing the demands of two men with her obsession for the truth Ethan an FBI agen Dark thrilling and 5 stars is nowhere near enoughWowwhere do I startI loved this book not at times I'll admit at times I wished I'd never started it it's dark and dangerous but amongst all the deceit and lies there's also romance and humour and to get all that into one book and for it to truly work like this is amazingAfter losing her entire family Katya is leaving Russia and heading for the USA and a fresh start her sister Galya was brutally murdered and then the rest of her family were killed in a suspicious car accident she's nothing and no one leftOn the flight over she sits next to a good looking American called Ethan now Ethan is charming and kind easy to talk to and just what Katya needs but Ethan is FBI and he's trying to discover if Katya is just a girl looking for a fresh start or is she working for the Federal Security ServiceWhat we soon discover is that Katya is intelligent brave and out for revenge but she's a small fish in a huge pond filled with some very big nasty sharks and at times it's hard to see how she'll survive no one is who they appear to be and her world spins and changes she gets sucked deeper and deeper in and some of the characters she meets are truly unbelievably evil and even if she comes out from this she'll never be the sameAmongst the many people she meets is Aleksei Viktorovich and while they don't get off to the best start she can't help but be attracted to him but Katya is looking or one man in particular the man she believes killed her sister and while she's trying to find him I'm hoping their paths will never cross because he's powerful and dangerous than she could ever have imaginedThis book took my breath away it's intense with twists and turns lies a whole load of deceptions murder deceit and rape and a lot of 'look away' moments which I can assure you are a lot easier when watching TV than when reading I was on the edge of my seat for huge portions of this book and right up until the very end I'd no idea which way this would go Katya was amazing but she never listened to word I said the number of times I told her to just uit to just get away and leave it all behindI finished this in the early hours since there was absolutely no way I could have slept when I was so close to the end but even this morning I'm still a little in awe of this book and it doesn't really seem fair that I can only give 5 starsWhile I want to check out other books by this author I'm apprehensive because this will be a hard book to follow the only other book I've read was 'With or Without Him' which I absolutely loved but for me anyway this was a level above that

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Is there a line she won’t cross? Katya’s sister is brutally murdered while working undercover for the Russian Security Service and no one seems to care After her parents and grandparents die in a suspicious car accident and the authorities still won’t 5 Stars Katya's wants revenge to find the man responsible for the murder of her sister in Russia To do that she needs to leave her beloved Russia and travel to AmericaWith a small amount of money and her treasured violin she comes across Ethan Ethan works for the FBI and is asked to keep an eye on her as she travels thereBut Ethan may have crossed the line as far as Katya concerned After terrifying events she falls into the arms of the attractive model looks Aleksei Aleksei is dangerous possessive and has never met anyone uite like Katya but what is his connection to her sister's murder“Ah Katya You’re going to be fun You don’t want me yet but you will” This is an exciting suspenseful storyMy thoughtsI love Barbara Elsborg style of writing The characters are witty and she does the best one liner As always this story didn't disappoint You always know when you have read a winner you have to finish it but you don't want it to end

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Crossing The Line doc È Kindle Edition É Is there a line she won’t cross? Katya’s sister is brutally murdered while working undercover for the Russian Security Service and no one seems to care After her parents and grandparents die in a suspicious car accident and the authorities still won’t take any action Katya travels to America T is on the side of right Aleksei an enigma is as bad as they come yet it’s the man with darkness inside him who offers a chance of discovering what happened to her family If she wants those responsible to pay for the murders how far is she prepared to go? Holy cow what did I just read? First off if rape is a trigger for you this is not your book I am a fan of Barbara Elsborg but this was very different from her other stories And while I loved it I am so glad it's over lol I had so much anxiety reading this book I didn't exactly have nightmares but I sleep poorly in general and the few times I woke up I'd think about Katya and what could possibly happen to her next and get anxious all over again for her For a fictional character I kept reminding myself Every time something bad happened to her I kept thinking that no something would happen to save her But no It really happened In fairly graphic detail It really seemed like no matter who she came into contact with they would find a way to use her It was so sad I have no idea how she stayed so strong Strong resilient and smart And brave How she spoke is probably the only similarity between this book and her others the women are always witty and Katya is no exceptionAlexei I wasn't sure what to make of him I never suspected what actually happened But I loved how he protected her or at least he tried to I also loved that while she wasn't sure of him their chemistry was not made up The chemistry was not something she was faking just to further her plans And in the end view spoilerhe was the good guy Katya hoped he could be hide spoiler