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Free The Carnelian Legacy kindle ☆ eBook 9781458218452 ¾ randarenewables ¹ Marisa MacCallum always believed that the man of her dreams was out there somewhere The problem is—he’s in another dimensionAfter the death of her father eighteen year old Marisa's life is on the verge of imploding Ancient alternate dimension of Carnelia where she is discovered by the arrogant but attractive nobleman Ambassador Darian Fiore Stranded in a world teeming with monsters maniacs and medieval knights Marisa is forced to join Darian on a dangerous mission to negotiate peace with his cousin and archenemy Savino da Rocha Along the way she starts to see Although I didn't expect it this book swept me away Adventure romance royalty dangerous beasts swords shifting dimensions heroines nasty evil guys conspiracy secrets oh and a hero we all dream of Yes this story had it allThe story has the traditional flare of kings and kingdoms horses and honor while incorporating a modern day heroine Marisa the main character wants to find a few minutes of peace after her father's funeral but instead finds herself pulled into another dimension Immediately she lands into her first 'problem' a man that helps her and one that seems to wish she'd disappear Marisa works her way into the situation beautifully a little careful a little scared and confused but not about to be ignored Her reactions are totally understandable and believable I was cheering for her right awayOf course she also lands in her first big adventure Luckily she can already ride a horse but she's not prepared for the beasts or other evil men who want to stop her new friends She's a lady in distress and that gorgeous man has to rescue her I like that But it doesn't mean she's weak Oh no Just because she wasn't a born ultra warrior doesn't make her unimportant or defenseless If you enjoy stories of princesses and awe inspiring heroes kingdoms and conspiracy beautiful gowns and underhanded plans with the magic of inter dimensional travel and a nice touch of modern day attitude I recommend reading this It took me on an enjoyable trip one I can't wait to continue

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Darian's softer side and finds herself falling in love But once she learns that he is locked into an arranged marriage her heart shattersWhen Savino falls for her charms and demands her hand in exchange for peace Marisa is faced with an impossible choice marry the enemy of the man she loves or betray them both and become the catalyst for a bloody war The Carnelian Legacy is a blend of romance adventure and mystery with a dash of science fiction that begins when Marisa MacCallum devastated by the death of her father disappears in a swirling vortex from the woods near her home in Jacksonville Oregon In another dimension she's found passed out by the handsome Ambassador Darian Fiore and his friend Lord Arrigo Arrie Macario who are on a dangerous mission to Abbadon to secure a peace treaty with his cousin Savino da Rocha a man who covets the Carnelian throneCheryl Koevoet sets the adventure in a land ruled by a monarch and a Crimson Court of ten knights dedicated to honour courage and justice The country which has been overseen by an interim leader after a storm at sea swept away the ruling family is beset by political intrigue as he lies dying and his son Savino plots to usurp the throne At first the dialogue is a bit stilted which hampers the flow of the story but this soon disappears as the plot heats up with Marisa's introduction to Darian's cousin and archenemy a powerful Viscount who refuses to sign the peace treaty and threatens war if he's not crowned King and Marisa doesn't accept his proposal of marriage When Savino enchanted by Marisa's charm and inability to speak decides to propose further conflict erupts between the cousins escalating the tension and suspense As events unfold that includes an attack by rijgen a yarmout and a confrontation with ten foot knights the action and pace of the story uickens Yet even with attacks against their lives a deadly political enemy and the country's unrest it's the romance that stirs the heart as Marisa struggles not only to fall deeply in love with the handsome man she's forbidden but to make a decision whether or not to marry his enemy and avert a war The plot twists and turns with secrets miscommunication and eavesdropping that make it fascinating as an engagement that determines succession to the throne could destroy the love that has begun to blossom between Darian and Marisa The plot is innovative and imaginative weaving into a tale of inter dimensional travel adventure and political conflict the elements of friendship love and faithMost of the characters I found well developed complex and unforgettable like Ambassador Darian Fiore a man of noble birth rank and title who's on a vital peace mission when he stumbles across Marisa Endowed with an adventurous and brave spirit he's also reliable honest but very duty bound self controlled and suspicious of people In contrast his friend Arrie Macario is lighthearted humorous and amiable He senses a kinship with the young woman from Earth taking her under his wing and countering Darian's sternness and rudeness towards her Seventeen year old Marisa MacCallum was the only personality I had trouble warming up to Even though she's lost her father and far from home her conversations with Darian and Arrie tend to swing erratically from petulant to emotional and childish most of the time I found the use of her slang phrases distracting and immature although I suspect the author was using them as a device to show Marisa's youth and a difference in cultures Only as the story draws closer to a surprising but satisfying climax does Marisa begin to show spirit determination and self confidence All the characters including Viscount Savino da Rocha who hides his unsavory traits behind a kind jovial personality add to the drama and passion of a novel I couldn't put downWhen I saw the cover and description of Carnelian Legacy on GoodreadsFirst Reads I wanted to read it and was not disappointed I'm sure with time and novels all the kinks will be ironed out and this trilogy will be even captivating

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The Carnelian Legacy Carnelian #1 Marisa MacCallum always believed that the man of her dreams was out there somewhere The problem is he’s in another dimensionAfter the death of her father eighteen year old Marisa's life is on the verge of imploding She seeks comfort on her daily ride through the woods of Gold Hill but when a mysterious lightning storm strikes she is hurled into the I desperately wanted this book to hook me but I kept facing too many issues that prevented me from enjoying The Carnelian Legacy Which is regrettable because it was such an interesting take on living in a world with multiple dimensions I enjoyed the description of the world that Marisa MacCallum found herself in and I truly adored Darian and Arrie who she first met upon arriving in Carnelian But I started to struggle when little mistakes in the story appeared While that's something I can forgive and move on from the heroine then became someone who I struggled liking Throw in the fact that a strong Christian theme became prevalent which was not stated in the synopsis on or Goodreads and I started to realize that this book wasn't for me At allMarisa is someone who I did enjoy in the beginning of the book She has just lost her father and while needing some breathing space from her uncle and brother she takes her horse for a ride and ends up in another dimension Upon her arrival in a modern yet medieval dimension she meets the friendly Arrie and the brooding sexy Darian They sweep her under their wings and take her on a journey across their land The description of the places they visited and the perilous situations they found themselves in had me uickly flying through the pagesBut as the story progressed Marisa became someone I struggled tolerating We were told that in the past she was a leader but I never once saw a glimpse of that version of her Instead she became whiny needy and was hot and cold times than I could count And while I tried my hardest to be forgiving since she did just lose her father is in another dimension and is scared she did something that I loathe She became fickle and toyed with others feelings and I can't be ok with that Skip this next part if you don't want to be spoiled view spoilerShe has finally admitted to Arrie that she is falling for Darian YAY But then a few hours later she is kissing his cousin and archenemy Savino And Darian witnesses it Then the next day she is referring to Darian as the man she loves hide spoiler