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«A Minha Luta»«Inacreditável Deixou me sem palavras»Zadie Smith«Poderosamente vivo Knausgård é intenso e profundamente honesto sem medo de dar voz às ansiedades universais Existe algo de incessantemente atraente neste livro»James Wood «The New Yorker»« É de cortar a respiração Não conseguimos parar Não ueremos parar»«New York Times Book Review?. Book 1 A Death in the Family And death which I have always regarded as the greatest dimension of life dark compelling was no than a pipe that springs a leak a branch that cracks in the wind a jacket that slips off a clothes hanger and falls to the floorFirst let me say something about this novel and I'm assuming the next five novels that is both simple and genius This is a weird book It captures the reader because it falls into a funky zone between memoir and fiction He is telling secrets Opening the dirty closets Cleaning the shit out of an old house It is exhibitionism of sex shit death life etc but it is also a clear reflection So much of the power of this novel for me is a direct response to how clear I see myself in his exposure I read about his relationship with his brother his father his girlfriends his mother and I see myself I see his thoughts on music and art and I think hell that is me too I know it isn't but that is the trick Knausgaard uses these forms or creates this form in his novel that he fills with his own memories and history and soon you are seeing yourself in these same locks StructureFormsLocksIn his novel he mentions that great literature is structure or form first He talks about this about half way through the book For several years I had tried to write about my father but had gotten nowhere probably because the subject was too close to my life and thus not so easy to force into another form which of course is a prereuisite for literature That is its sole law everything has to submit to form If any of literature's other elements are stronger than form such as style plot theme if any of these overtake form the result suffers That is why writers with strong style often write bad books That is also why writers with strong themes so often write bad books Strong themes and styles have to be broken down before literature can come into being It is this breaking down that is called writing Writing is about destroying than creating p195Add this to Knausgaard's view of time and I think we get a hint at how he writes and perhaps what makes this novel so great For while previously I saw time as a stretch of terrain that had to be covered with the future as a distant prospect hopefully a bright one and never bring at any rate now it is interwoven with our life here and in a totally different way Were I to portray this with a visual image it would have to be that of a a boat in a lock life is slowly and ineluctably raised by time seeping in from all sides Apart from the details everything is always the same And with every passing day the desire grows for the moment when life will reach the top for the moment when the sluice gates open and life finally moves on At the same time I see that precisely this repetitiveness this enclosedness this unchangingness is necessary it protects me p 33So I see his novels as a combination of these ideas something like belowEugenides captures this construction perfectly in his review in the New York Times Knausgaard’s life is a grab bag of events and recollections and he uses whatever is handy He doesn’t lie or make things up so far as I know But the ­selection process he subjects his memories to in order to fulfill the narrative demands of his writing rises to a level of considerable artifice Other writers invent; Knausgaard remembers His raw materials are authentic maybe but the products they create no less artfulKnausgaard's lifehistoryexperience is the water he fills his locks with; the paint he paints his story with It isn't history It isn't autobiography It isn't even good memory It is art imitating life

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Min Kamp #1Karl Ove Knausgård escreve sobre a vida com dolorosa honestidade Escreve sobre a infância e os anos de adolescência a paixão pelo rock a relação com a sua afectuosa e algo distante mãe e o seu pai sempre imprevisível cuja morte o desorientou O álcool e a perda pairam como sombras sobre duas gerações da famíliauando ele próprio se torna pai Knausgård. ”But Dad was no longer breathing That was what had happened to him the connection with the air had been broken now it pushed against him like any other object a log a gasoline can a sofa He no longer poached air because that is what you do when you breathe you trespass again and again you trespass on the world” I first met Karl Ove Knausgaard while watching an interview he gave to BBC He has all this barely tamed hair surrounding a face that conveys peaceful reflection He has dramatic bold features Hollywood casting need look no further for what a novelist should look like or an artist or maybe even a poet I can easily see him walking around in a toga in Ancient Greece with a flock of students following him around waiting to tongue any words he wished to speak Karl Ove is obsessed with his father and therefore by extension he is obsessed with himself To understand how he feels about his father he has to also understand himself He can’t just loath his father without loathing himself He can’t like himself until he figures out what it was that made his father so indifferent Did his father abuse him Karl Ove doesn’t share any physical confrontations but the way he keeps track of his father would indicate that there was a real fear of his father’s presence ”When I could see him I felt safer with him and in a way that was what mattered most I knew his moods and had learned how to predict them long ago by means of a king of subconscious categorization system I have later come to realize whereby the relationship between a few constants was enough to determine what was in store for me allowing me to make my own preparations “ The brooding silence of his father and the difficulty that he his older brother Yngve and their mother had having a conversation with him can also be a form of unintended abuse His father was unhappyI found it interesting that no one seemed to explore the idea of what was making his father unhappy Was it a natural chemical imbalance A dissatisfaction with life A melancholy over feelings of failure There are five volumes so may be revealed As children we don’t really care why our parents are upset; we just hope they aren’t upset with us Analysis of our parents comes much later when we first start to navigate the perils of creating our own life on our own raft His father didn’t drink much alcohol and then if the Glomma River had turned to booze he would have gladly drowned in it The boys were long gone living their own lives He moved in with his mother and drank himself to death rather efficiently and uickly When they came for the funeral they found their grandmother in a state they never expected to see ”The dress she was wearing was discolored with stains and hung off her scrawny body The top part of her bosom the dress was supposed to cover revealed ribs shining through the skin Her shoulder blades and hips stuck out Her arms were no than skin and bone Blood vessels ran across the backs of her hands like thin dark blue cables She stank of urine”A few years ago I bought a house to use as a rental An old woman had lived there by herself The carpets had not been swept in a long time Knobs were broken on the appliances Everything was dusty and dirty Smudge fingerprints were on the walls The living room carpet had a huge brown blood stain that had never been cleaned up properly The ceilings of every room was black with cigarette smoke The house had been neglected for years which also had me thinking that the woman had been neglected as well Family becomes busy and they don’t realize that their older relatives have become incapable or indifferent to caring for their home but also for their person It was certainly a lesson for me and reading about Karl Ove’s grandmother reinforced my own need to be attentive to my older relatives The book jumps around from time period to time period We get a glimpse of Karl Ove when he is working as a writer struggling to be an attentive husband to a pregnant wife when all he wants to do is disappear into the world he is creating with his words ”I have always had a great need for solitude I reuire huge swathes of loneliness and when I do not have it which has been the case for the last five years my frustration can sometimes become almost panicked or aggressive And when what has kept me going for my whole adult life the ambition to write something exceptional one day is threatened in this way my one thought which gnaws at me like a rat is that I have to escape” I always love pictures like this because it is like looking into the soul of reader I can look at the books on their shelvesKarl Ove has an addictive personality and drinking and smoking is not spoken in terms of having one or two but in having multitudes until he is somewhere beyond drunk and his throat is raw with smoke He finds that if he drinks he can reach the happy zone where others at a party seem to reach so effortlessly Smoking calms his jittery nerves down He is self medicating to appear as normal as possible as many of us doThe book is oddly hypnotic His writing style even in translation was smooth and easy to read I asked myself a couple of times why I was reading this It isn’t really my kind of thing but every time I set it down to read something else it wasn’t long before I reached for it again I almost felt like a priest hearing Karl Ove’s confession a whisper out of the dark Norwegian night ”And death which I have always regarded as the greatest dimension of life dark compelling was no than a pipe that springs a leak a branch that cracks in the wind a jacket that slips off a clothes hanger and falls to the floor”If you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews visit also have a Facebook blogger page at

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Min Kamp #1 Read & download ´ 107 ð Karl Ove Knausgård escreve sobre a vida com dolorosa honestidade Escreve sobre a infância e os anos de adolescência a paixão pelo rock a relação com a sua afectuosa e algo distante mãe e o seu pai sempre imprevisível cuja morte o desorientou O álcool e a perda pairam como sombras sobre duas gerações dTem de encontrar um euilíbrio entre o amor pela família e a determinação em escrever Knausgård criou uma história universal de lutas grandes e peuenas ue todos enfrentamos na vida Um trabalho profundo e hipnotizante escrito como se a própria vida do autor estivesse em risco«A Morte do Pai» é o primeiro de seis romances ue compõem a obra autobiográfica. My first impression of Karl Ove Knausgaard came from a black and white photograph published with a review of his book A Time For Everything in The New York Review of BooksHe is seen smoking against the rugged Norwegian landscape hair disheveled wearing an old battered tee shirt lost in thought Completely and unabashedly himself yet ill at ease Entirely present feet deeply rooted in the present moment yet his mind is clearly in flight flickering at the surface of his gazeThe striking portrait somehow encompasses all of the ualities of his writing intense raw physical elusive inuisitive and elementalhttpwwwnybookscomarticlesarchiWhat Knausgaard achieves in My Struggle his mad yet mesmerizing 6 volume autobiographical enterprise is simply the most real depiction of the movements of the mind that I have ever read A life told in its most boring minutiae and its most elemental highs and lows as it moves from the most mundane to the most transcendentKnausgaard plays alongside Proust or Virginia Woolf in his desire to encapsulate all of his experience as a human being a teenager a son a friend a lover a father but most of all a writer But he does it with even urgency radicality anger and modernity An Everyman of the 21st century with a 17th century temperamentThe second volume of this autobiography which tackles the fire and vagaries of love as well as the deep ambivalences that lie at the heart of domestic life and parenthood is utterly engrossingRead him and listen to him below speak about Book 1 which deals with his youth and the death of his father and he might very well change the way you look at the world around you and your own reaction to eventshttpyoutube1ODhM41VOYg