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Download Cloud 9 Author Caryl Churchill Book ☆ 88 pages ↠ Randarenewables Ì In colonial Africa a Victorian English patrician represses the natives his wife his children homosexuals—and still finds time for an affair with a widowed neighbor The same family appears in Act Two 25 years older aRs Africa power children grandmothers politics money ueen Victoria and Sex Cloud 9 premiered in London at the Royal Court Theatre in 1979 and has since been staged all over the wor I love this play Maybe I’m the right age for it Maybe it’s just different enough to be interesting maybe because I don’t read a lot of plays I think it’s clever maybe Caryl Churchill is just an amazing writer It has two acts one set in Victorian times in a British colony in Africa Act Two is in London in 1979 — a hundred years have passed but for the characters it is twenty five years later In first act Betty who is Clive’s wife is played by a man to symbolize her trying to be everything men want her to be and not appreciate herself as a woman Joshua their black servant is played by a white to represent him not respecting himself as a black man and modeling himself after what Clive wants him to be Their son Edward is played by a woman because he is effeminate and gay despite his father trying to “straighten” him out In Act Two the only character played by someone not of their gender is a child Cathy who is played by a manIt sounds complex and it is but it makes for a great reading I really really wish I could see this in performance though because there are so many intricacies created by doubling the actors and switching genders with actor character that could only come out properly in performance I will definitely go to see this as soon as it’s put on anywhere near meChurchill discusses sexual politics in an interesting way looking at women who are willing to be subordinate vs those who are not she plays with the sexuality of the characters and almost has homosexuality become a lifestyle rather than something one is born with as all the main characters experiment with what they want their sexual life to encompass She ends the play with some resolution but no clear sexual resolution and thus I deduce that she is aware that for some sexuality has no clear frontiers

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In colonial Africa a Victorian English patrician represses the natives his wife his children homosexuals and still finds time for an affair with a widowed neighbor The same family Cloud 9 is a dive into the deep end of sexual politicsFrom the cast list—which indicates that some women and girls should be played by men a black character played by a white and a boy by a woman—it’s clear that readers are in for an adventureHow successfully this works is another uestion Cloud 9 is broken into two acts The first act tells the story of a British family in Africa during the Victorian era They are part of an oppressive regime and the oppression of the Africans by the British is reflected in the family by the oppression of the family by the father The second act is set in the late 1970s and many of the same characters appear though they have only aged 25 years In this act the characters satisfy some of their sexual longings and we see a vastly different family dynamic The characters have moved home changed and grown into their own personalitiesAs a didactic text Cloud 9 certainly succeeds It argues that masculinity is oppressive and that femininity and sexual freedom are the source of “ energy” Clive the patriarch in the family and the British loyalist reprimands and represses everyone else while performing his own acts of moral ambiguity on the side Gay and lesbian characters suppressed in the first act are the source of all things good in the second act Oppressive government is bad sexual freedom is cathartic and little else seems to be important You can’t help but see the point But because it is so programmatic the play in my mind fails on a human level The characters as they are written show little depth and the moments in the second act when they are meant to confront their weaknesses are overwrought They are made in black and white Little is left to mystery Only Betty Clive’s wife who appears in both acts seems to show shades of gray in her feeling and in her development Only she seems caught in the middle ground that most of us live our lives inLastly shortly after reading this I had a conversation with someone about August Wilson’s Fences in which each character searches for fulfillment in his or her on way maintaining a house holding together a family seeking a football scholarship etc In Cloud 9 fulfillment for every character comes from sex or subservience Do I recommend it? Not particularly It’s a fun and provocative read though Would I teach it? Doubt it Lasting impressions Cloud 9 works as an exploration into sexual politics and fulfillment And there are some interesting structural decisions in it But that’s about it

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Cloud 9 Author Caryl ChurchiAppears in Act Two 25 years older and back in London only now it’s 1979Cloud 9 is about relationships between women and men men and men women and women It is about sex work mothe I was really impressed with this until the ending what a non ending Everything's very on the nose in this both with the blunt dialogue between the characters and the social commentary stuff but that's what makes it so funny I really want to see it performed now because I bet its even funnier when you can see the gender bender roles instead of just imagine it because it's uite hard to rememver which characters are being cross played so as to speak