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Descent into Mayhem Capicua Chronicles #1 Of driving the Hammerhead a bipedal mobile suit which is the epitome of his planet's ailing warrior spirit With the arrival of the earthborn invaders Toni's unualified platoon brimming with misfits and plagued by internal differences is suddenly thrown into the midst of battle Abandoned by their seniors in the course of their mission Toni and the remnants of his u I really enjoyed this book despite not being a Military Sci Fi fan I found the character Toni to be someone easy to relate to and very tridimensional Despite some of his bad decisions Toni is a character you cannot avoid sympathizing with The author goes into great detail in describing the mechanisms of the walking battle suits weapons and tactics To me it seems a bit excessive but then again I’m not a military technology buffI’m looking forward to the seuel of Descent into mayhem especially to see what the author does with Toni

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Descent into Mayhem kindle ☆ Capicua Chronicles #1 ☆ Bruno Goncalves ☆ This is an ACE of ASINB00NRF89MG Descent into MayhemAfter two hundred years of isolation the colonists of Capicua a fertile super earth orbiting Gliese 667C are suddenly faced with an unknown and hostile military force OblivNit become lost in a world which owing to the nature of its orbit suffers periodically from planet wide hurricane conditions So begins a race against time where a handful of cadets will be forced to outmaneuver a pursuing enemy in the boondocks of a turbulent planet all the while seeking to deliver an odd but important Bavarian prisoner of war to their headuarters Note to self Though I don't read very much sci fi or military stories this was written by a lovely Twitter follower and it looks like it goes deep into worldbuilding It's really long so I'm going to at least give it a try but I won't hate myself or this book if I don't end up enjoying it

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This is an ACE of ASINB00NRF89MG Descent into MayhemAfter two hundred years of isolation the colonists of Capicua a fertile super earth orbiting Gliese 667C are suddenly faced with an unknown and hostile military force Oblivious to the impending invasion Toni Miura joins Capicua's decrepit armed forces in a bid to escape domestic troubles aiming for the privilege Set in the 2770s on Capicua which is 'a fertile super earth orbiting Gliese 667' and which until our story begins has had a peaceful war free existence for over 200 years Bruno Goncalves' first novel of the 'Capicua Chronicles' shows the planet come under sudden attack from Earthlings The attackers led by the Germanic Commander Tommi “Kaiser” Von Beulwitz and Lieutenant Lippard are hellbent on annexing the planet for its mineral riches and have no ualms about slaughtering the inhabitants in the process if that is what it will take They do not expect stiff resistance but to their surprise the peaceful Capicuans do know a thing or two about fighting backAt the beginning of the story we meet 18 year old Toni Miura who is at loggerheads with his family particularly with his older sister Kaya and leaves the family mushima farm to become a soldier with the Mechanized Warfare Corps MEWAC of the Capicuan Defense Forces He longs to be a 'Suit' driver; the 'Suit' is a mobile warfare machine; there are two types mentioned the older Mocas and the newer Hammerheads So Toni arrives at the MEWAC camp and faces a grueling basic training involving physical and psychological testing a rigorous interview and a genetic checkup He comes through with flying colors although he does make enemies along the way with another cadet Ian Templeton a scion of a powerful well connected family and this enmity as can be expected does not bode well for his future Moving on Toni is being trained to drive a Moca when the home planet comes under attack and all available soldiers green or not have to report for war dutyDo they repel the enemy? Does Toni survive his first experience of battle? Read the book to find outThe author has done an excellent job with descriptions both with that of Capicua whose atmosphere is harmful for natural humans and so they need to be genetically enhanced to flourish in it and that of the space capsules mechanical suits weaponry and the battles; perhaps a tad too technical with the machinery but it was interesting nevertheless to find out how the things worked A scene I particularly liked was when Kaiser lands in the forest in the new planet and sees the flocks of disturbed birds as they soar above him like dark clouds I also enjoyed the touch of humor that appears throughout the book The characters come across as real human beings Toni in particular was a good fellow to root for but perhaps the author could have expanded on them a little What for instance is bugging Cadet Rakaia Tani? Why is Ian Templeton such a twit? C'mon it can't just be his evil natureThat aside I completely enjoyed this book and will look out for the rest of the series