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The Edge of Always Read ↠ 104 ☆ Entre o Agora e o Sempre é a muito aguardada seuela de Entre o Agora e o Nunca o romance ue nos apresentou Camryn Bennett e Andrew Parrish dois jovens em busca do lado mais ousado da vida ue se conhecem e apaixonam durante uma viagem de autocarro Agora alguns meses depois desse primeiro encontro estão noivos e espeVo rendidos ao fascínio desta intensa história de amor e dos seus protagonistas pela coragem ue têm em se manter fiéis a si próprios vivendo plenamente o presente com um espírito livre e profundamente apaixonados pela vid. My Thoughts ♫ It was great being back with one of my favorite couples Andrew and Camryn and even though I didn't think it was as good as the first book it was still very enjoyable♫ Of course what I thought might happen happened and it certainly lead to some drama but I liked how Andrew and eventually Camryn handled things ♫ I loved loved loved the road trip I think that's one of my favorite things ♫ But what in the heck happened in Florida That was sooo crazy and seemed a little pointless I didn't realize until I saw the excerpt for Song of the Fireflies that it was possibly to introduce Bray and Elias♫ Andrew is just sooo sweet and he just gets Camryn I love how they are with each other I still love their tattoos their singing together and I especially loved all their little promises they were making and got a kick out of how it was incorporated later on♫ I wasn't too happy with how tricky JAR was especially that part at about the 73% point I had a feeling it would go the way I was thinking but it did make me second guess things ♫ Okay sooo I didn't really like the Epilogue I didn't like who's POV it was from either It felt so disconnected and I didn't believe that Andrew and Camryn would stay away that long Also even though I was happy with how things wrapped up she really wrapped them up I'm not sure how I feel about fifteen years going by ♫ Also technically the book stops at 85% I hate that because I had no clue there were excerpts and info for other books tacked on I wish somehow they could make the percentage for just the story and anything else would be over 100% especially because it made me think something crazy was going to happen Favorite uotes ❤ “I did it in the shower just minutes ago You should’ve been there”❤ “Remember when I said you were the world to me You asked me to remind you if you ever forgot Well I’m reminding you now”

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Viagem de autocarro Agora alguns meses depois desse primeiro encontro estão noivos e esperam entusiasmados a chegada do primeiro filho Mas uando nada o fazia prever a tragédia bate lhes à porta J A Redmerski deixa nos de no. 4 ♥ ♥ ♥ Andrew Parrish ♥ ♥ ♥ Stars When everything falls apart love remains Camryn and Andrew are together Happy More in love than they’ve ever been Then something big happens to them both Something that changes their lives forever Camryn starts to change in little ways Andrew knows he was to do something to bring her back to herself He decides they need to go back to the start Back on the road Andrew Parrish Andrew will always have a special place in my heart I fell in love with him even in this story He is funny sweet loving sexy and will make you swoon like no other ‘I promise to love you forever in this life and wherever we go in the afterlife because I know I can’t go on in any life unless you’re in it too’ ‘You’re the other half of me that I know I can never live without’‘Where else would I be than wherever you are’ There were many things I loved about this book One of my favorite scenes when they went back to New Orleans The discovery they made there was profound “It’s like you know it doesn’t matter what you do even if you try to replicate an experience down to every last detail it’ll never be the way it was when it happened naturally the first time” Andrew and Camryn’s love is like a journey It’s not always easy but they make it work They truly are soul mates People that were meant to meet be together and stay together forever They are passionate full of love and life They show that even when things get hard with the right person by your side you can get through anything Andrew and Camryn’s story will forever be unforgettable to me The Edge of Never is one of my favorite books of all time Such a beautiful story JA Redmerski is a very talented author I am a huge fan The writing was excellent The book was wonderful but compared to book one it just missed the mark a bit for me It didn’t captivate me like the first book I still loved it just not as much Still a solid 4 stars We only have one life We get one shot at making it worth living We took our shot and ran like hell with it And I think we did pretty damn good Our story is over yes but our journey isn’t because we’ll always live on the edge until the day we die

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The Edge of AlwaysEntre o Agora e o Sempre é a muito aguardada seuela de Entre o Agora e o Nunca o romance ue nos apresentou Camryn Bennett e Andrew Parrish dois jovens em busca do lado mais ousado da vida ue se conhecem e apaixonam durante uma. FULL SPOILER FREE REVIEW NOW POSTED The Edge of Always  perfectly recaptured that special feeling from the first book stayed true to the characters and told a beautiful story filled with romance adventure and emotional depth It also fully brought Andrew and Camryn's journey full circle giving a wonderful sense of closure to their story I have to admit that I was very nervous about reading this book because I felt a certain apprehension at reading the seuel to a book that really could have been a standalone  The Edge of Never was truly one of my most favorite books of 2012 and it ended in such a beautiful way that I was completely happy with the story and a little worried to read because I didn't want these characters I'd come to love so dearly to be put through any unnecessary drama Well turns out I had no reason to fear JA Redmerski did a wonderful job of writing a seuel that did true justice to characters we'd all grown so fond ofPlease note that this is not a standalone and should only be read after  The Edge of Never It is a direct continuation that follows the same main couple Andrew and Camryn and the story is told from both their POVs in alternating chapters giving us a very well rounded view of the whole storyRight from the beginning of the book I slipped right back into their story as though I'd never left Even though I did not have time to reread book #1 first I still was able to reconnect instantly I could feel the depths of their well deserved happiness and couldn't help but to be caught up in the moment After everything they'd been through they needed this But the blurb hinted at a tragedy and so there was a constant tension in the background of the blissful setting as I dreaded the inevitable devastation that I knew was coming And I won't lie that when it hit it hurt like hellBut Andrew and Camryn had already been through a lot together and the foundation of their relationship was solid and binding I never had any doubt that they'd get through it no matter how bad it got and they did But it wasn't an easy journey Weighed down by their loss Camryn began to fall apart and out of his love for her Andrew came up with a plan to help her heal he took them back on the road And through their journey they slowly began heal the broken pieces of their hearts and find their happiness once again This is our life We met on the road; we grew to know and to love each other on the road It's where we were meant to be for however long and what we're going to do until it becomes clear we were meant to do something else Andrew Parrish just made me melt and swoon over and over again The depths of his love for Camryn just rolled off the page and I loved how he was willing to go to any lengths to ensure her happiness You're the world to me I whisper onto her lips I hope you never forget that I'll never forget she whispers back But if I ever do for whatever reason I hope you'll always find a way to remind me Always Along the road Andrew also helped Cam get closure for things from her past that were still hurting her and that she hadn't yet dealt with I swear that man was just a saint He was the perfect blend of just a regular tender loving guy and a hot dominant Alpha I absolutely adored himBut I loved that Cam helped him too It went both ways and honestly they both healed each other by finding moments of happiness each day and living every minute of their time together to it's absolutely fullest Some minutes made me tear up others made me laugh hysterically Along the road memories were created promises were made and a life was rebuiltAndrew and Cam's journey was unlike any other I've read Their story really stands out and I was just so impressed with the direction the author took this story in and with the way she stayed so true to these beloved characters This series has the perfect blend of romance and adventure combined with heartfelt emotional depth I think fans of The Edge of Never will be very happy with this seuel We're in it together All of it Do you believe thatShe nods Yes 45 stars For of my reviews book news and updates✦ Main blog Aestas Book Blog✦ Facebook Blog Page✦ Twitter