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Paula AUTHOR Isabel Allende Free download Û 104 î Es una memoria encarnada ue atrapa al lector como una novela de suspenso Cuando la hija de Isabel Allend Paula cayó en coma gravemente enferma la autora comenzó a escribir la historia de su familia para su hija inconsciente En el desarrollo de la historia aparecen ante nostros ancesRetos más íntimos se oyen en murmullos En Paula Allende escribe una poderosa autobiografía cuya aceptacíon de los mundos mágico y espiritual recuerdan al lector su primer libro La casa de los espíritu. very touchingmake you cry with isable allende

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Es una memoria encarnada ue atrapa al lector como una novela de suspenso Cuando la hija de Isabel Allend Paula cayó en coma gravemente enferma la autora comenzó a escribir la historia de su familia para s. Isabel Allende has long been my favorite author since I read her House of the Spirits for the first time nearly twenty years ago Since then I have reread her opus three times as well as a number of her novels and memoir The Sum of Our Days Until now however I had been avoiding her first memoir Paula which details the year and a half of her life where she dealt with her daughter's long illness that eventually lead to her death Needing a book from the 1990s for my women's 20th century challenge I decided to grapple with Paula What awaited me was a heart rending account of Allende's in which she details her life up until she started her long goodbye to her daughter After I read The Sum of Our Days I was left feeling as though I knew Allende well enough to be a friend or relative She has a way of relating herself that one feels like they are sharing a cup of coffee with her and reminiscing If I felt the connection after this memoir I felt like a close friend of hers following Paula Allende was born in Peru in 1942 as her parents were serving as diplomats in Lima Following the birth of her two brothers her father Tomas abandoned the family and Allende's mother retreated with her three young children to Santiago Chile the city they had inhabited since the time of the conuistadors It is this city that Allende refers to as home and is the setting of her first three novels and short story collection At the time of this publication while she was grappling with Paula's illness Allende was unsure if she would ever write fiction again although when she resumed Santiago possessed a magnetic pull and would play a role in most subseuent work Paula unfortunately inherited a disorder called porphyria from her father At age twenty eight after only being married for one year she experienced complications from the disease and slipped into a coma in a Madrid hospital Her mother and husband rarely left her side for the next six months as doctors repeatedly tested her to see if they could find a break through Isabel could not write her sole focus being that Paula should get well and her agent urged her to write Paula a letter Isabel decided to tell Paula the story of their family history even if she would never experience these memories for herself again It was in this regard that Allende rediscovered her writing voice despite the tragedies befalling her family Allende alternated telling her family's story with the present situation of Paula's illness We learn about Allende's grandparents the real life inspiration for Esteban and Clara Trueba in House of the Spirits Allende inherited Clara's propensity to communicate with spirits and shared a special relationship with Paula as she lingered between death and life Later she tells us how the overthrow of her uncle Salvador Allende's government lead the family to seek asylum in Venezuela It was in Caracas that Allende became a published novelist and lead her to both fame and a new life in the United States as she reached middle age Yet just as Allende made a name for herself Paula fell ill No one should have to bury their children but Allende put her career on hold so that her daughter would not suffer during the end of her life This book is as much of a letter to Paula as it is to preserve her memories I have read a good many of Allende's books at this point I have experienced a fictionalized version of her family history but none of her story telling prepared me for this true heart breaking tale I have always enjoyed curling up with Allende's books at any time of the year and still consider her my favorite fiction author Yet seeing how she faced her daughter's illness and eventually recovered to continue her career shows me that Isabel Allende is just as an amazing person I hope that she should not have to experience heart break like this again and that she should continue writing for the rest of her days As House of the Spirits remains my favorite book of the them all Paul ranks 475 stars

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Paula AUTHOR Isabel AllenU hija inconsciente En el desarrollo de la historia aparecen ante nostros ancestros extraordinarios oímos recuerdos maravillosos y amargos de la infancia anécdotas increibles de los años jóvenes los sec. What do you want us to learn Paula After reading up to her closing lines Godspeed Paula woman Welcome Paula spirit on page 330 of this amazing 1995 published memoir still the uestion above is the one that reverberates inside my head This is one of the uestions the 49 yo Chilean American novelist Isabel Allende asked her 29 yo comatose daughter Paula Frias AllendeThe reason is Bhang My 29 yo officemate who is currently comatose right after giving birth to a healthy baby boy her second last month She had a stroke due to lack of oxygen while giving birth and now has to be fed like a baby Although she can open her eyes she does not recognize anyone We already passed the envelope We formed a 24 hr prayer brigade and I have my slot and dutifully do my share of uttering prayers for her everyday However just like Isabel's uestion to her 29 yo daughter Paula Frias Allende there must be a reason why Bhang is in coma There could be something else that we her officemates can do for her and learn something from thisBhang and I are not close In fact we never said a word to each other since she joined the company in 2005 Maybe it is because our desks are in the different floors Maybe because our wide age difference Maybe she is in Marketing and I am in IT and her group does not use the system I am maintaining Maybe we are not destined to be friends or did not have a chance to bump into each other and introduce ourselves The sad news of what happened to her came out on the same day I celebrated my 46th birthday last month The attendees of my party passed on the envelope and I even considered the party contest's humble prizes should be cut down and give instead to Bhang The week later I sent an email for us to form a prayer brigade which is still in place even up to nowLast week Bhang already left the hospital She is still comatose but her relatives decide to just take care of her at home Same as what happened in the book Isabel decided to take care of her daughter Paula at home because she thought that the familiar surroundings was something that could help Paula to recover Maybe it is the same reason why Bhang's family decided to bring her homeI told my wife about Bhang and when I updated her a couple of days back she said give help I told her that Bhang and I are not that close She said as a mother she feels sad not only for Bhang but also for the newborn baby With his mother in coma who is now taking care of him I guess her mother's heart is speaking to my wife Give money to Bhang she saidSo this month end we we will have Pancit for Bhang in the office The idea of cooking noodles is based on what my wife's officemates they did last year for their very sick officemate Lugaw Para Kay XXXXX Somebody cooked a big bowl of rice porridge and sold a small bowl at exorbitant price All proceeds went to the family of the very sick manThis may not be a proper review for an amazing book Paula by Isabel Allende of novels like The House of Spirits Love and Shadows Eva Luna The Infinite Plan etc However the fact that it made me think of what else should be done for Bhang means that this is a powerful book Paula and Bhang The same age Young women Talented a whole stretch of bright future ahead of them What do their experiences want to teach usThere must still be something we can do There must be