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MOBI µ DOC A Darkness Forged in Fire 9781416570516 FREE ↠ RANDARENEWABLES î We do not fear the flame though it burns usUgh it burns u I liked this book Perhaps against my expectations No really it is rather good The protagonist has a really catchy name too Konowa Swift Dragon is an elf and former leader of the Iron Elves He is also in exile and out of favour with just about everybody The Elves don't like him because he doesn't adhere to the same beliefs about nature The Iron Elves are so called because they use metal weapons such as Sabers and Muskets as opposed to the other Elves who shun metal opting instead for wooden weapons like bows In short Konowa doesn't talk to the trees The ueen of the Empire and her followers aren't too fond of him either since he assassinated their Viceroy never mind the fact that said Viceroy was an instrument of the Shadow Monarch See now I'm getting ahead of myself By the way this is not a spoiler just in case you were tut tutting Evil is upon the land courtesy of already mentioned Shadow Monarch who is actually a rather powerful elf witch Galadriel gone bad and Konowa is recalled from exile to reform his regiment and address some of the problems Well actually to find the red star of the prophecy which should not repeat not fall into the grubby paws of the evil elf witch From there things go awry and all kinds of weird adversities are unleashed upon our anti hero and his motley band of brothersThis novel is the first in a trilogy and as such it ends on a rather open note No surprises there The things that really stood out for me were the setting and the almost Napoleonic aspects intermingled with the traditional fantasy elements Elves with muskets and cannons how cool is that This is military fantasy and at times it gets a bit gritty On occasion it did feel a bit like reading a Warhammer novel This is really not a bad thing The characters are fun and there are some really interesting 'pets' prowling around Perhaps I'm just easy to please

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We do not fear 365 There is a real promise of a good storyteller here but it being his first book I can forgive many of the inconsistencies both in world building and language I appreciate the different view of the magical creatures of legend and the idea of them moving to a different continent From the British Isles during Empire time to the New Continent the Americas However as much as i love the idea behind the premise the execution really needs some work Still I enjoyed the story enough to want to see where the trilogy goes with it

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A Darkness Forged in FireThe flame tho A Darkness Forged in FireChris EvansI am a bit of a lover of fantasy novels and this was no exception Fantasy novels are mostly about good versus evil and when they involve so many interesting characters it makes for a great read But having said that it was a bit long winded at 577 pagesThere are faraway lands sick forests and evil witches Then there are good witches as well but as in most good versus evil the good and evil overlap An Empire an army and a mixed bag of characters fighting for the good of the landThere was a lot of description and explanation and a lot of characters so it did become somewhat confusing at times but as I read things fell into place and the story flowed a bit smoother I loved the magic and sorcery and also the way the story combined different lives with different tools and armsI think this novel was written in a way that we can see how people from different walks of life can and do get along help each other and fight for what is right even though they may not always agree with the way to go about itAll in all in was a good book but a bit long