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The Word Changers Alternate cover edition for ASIN B00K5HZ4M2Escaping from the turmoil of her home fifteen year old Posy finds herself at her usual haunt the library When she chooses an unfamiliar book from the shelf she does not devour its words as she usually doesIts words devour herPosy is pulled into the pages of a fairy tale in turmoil Characters whisper of rebellion against The Word Changers was totally unusual Ashlee Willis’s ideas are superb From the very first page I was hooked And once I switched from Kindle to paperback I read the book almost straight through Mysterious and delightful The Word Changers pulled me into a book inside a book Posy is a fifteen year old girl struggling with the pain of life and the hurt inside her own family She stumbles into a grand adventure while at the town library and well finds a path to love and forgiveness among other things This book was humorous and sweet and pretty action packed with some poignant themes It kept me guessing who was on the right side and who on the wrong? What even was the right side? It was magical surprising you just don’t know what’s going to happen I really want to mention some parts I found delightful but I think I’ll rather let it be a surprise for you  The Word Changers is rather for a mature audience –Since there’s definitely a romance going on and some scenes that could be frightening for some people So I would say at least 13; this book seems directed toward teens Posy at only fifteen seemed a little young for the depth of the romance she had with a young man in the book But I remind myself that I know of some beautiful love stories that started that young so I’ll say no on this subject  So I didn't feel that The Word Changers had an overall Christian allegory comparing it to books from authors like CS Lewis Anne Elisabeth Stengl or Molly EvangelineJaye L Knight but it did have some allegorical themes that I found really neat The Author of the story in The Word Changers didn’t seem to be allegorical other than speaking of authors writing their books changing plots letting their characters be real and so on Though it did speak of the characters of the book forgetting their author and the author giving them a free choice which parallels to things we see in our faith; I don't feel the Author in the book represented God as Aslan represents God in Narnia or anything I really like a strong Christian allegory theme but The Word Changers was still a fun thought provoking and mystical fantasy The one thing I have to mention that I didn’t like was the end A seuel please Ashlee I want to read of these lovely characters—I felt a little bit like I was left hanging And Kyran what of Kyran and Evanthe?? Are we never to see them again? sniff To sum this review up The Word Changers was a really creative fun scary thought provoking and tender story I don’t think it will be soon forgotten I received a copy of The Word Changers from the author in exchange for my honest review

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Secret of all is the one Posy carries within herselfSoon it's clear that finding the lost princess is the least of Posy's concerns The Author of the book must be found His Plot must be put to rights again his characters reminded of who they were first created to be Only then will the True Story be written both for Posy and for the tale she has now become a part A note You don't know true anguish and anger until you have written an entire review for an hour only to fail to copy and paste it and not have it save correctly So Here we go again I suppose a cruel thing may be done and its doer never knows the many wrongs and pains that happen because of it falling one on the other toppling like an avalanche on a mountainside I have a confession Even after Ashely reassured me that this book was good I still harbored skepticism I've been badly scarred twice by the falling in and out of a book plot Once when I was a kid and I read this bizarre novel whose title I have long repressed from memory It was off the charts creepy I'm pretty sure that whoever wrote it did so out of malice and hatred for children Either that or they had never actually interacted with one beforeThen I read part of Between the Lines You'll notice that I said part My complaints there belong to a different review entirelySo after both of those failures I had sort of decided to avoid that genre in general I had resigned myself to the fact that I would never really enjoy it and that it was best if I should never pick one up again Then Ashley had to go and suggest this book to me and it sounded very intriguing until I realized that the main character falls into a bookThe Anguish The GriefBut I ordered it from anyway my fingers crossed And I'm glad I did I'm not going to lie The first five chapters of this book were a bit of a struggle for me I had trouble connecting with the main character Posy and some of the sentences felt awkward But by the sixth chapter the writing had changed drastically The words began to flow together beautifully the scenes were no longer confusing A whole world of creativity opened up and I really enjoyed it The world building was strong and well thought out and some of the uotes actually got underlined in my copy and trust me I'm very picky when I do that and it doesn't happen often There were also two scenes that especially stood out to me as very clever and kind of scary That's the kind of thing I likeThe characters did hold a large amount of depth They had flaws and struggles and they had to work just like anyone else to overcome them There was also a good amount of character growth so than most young adult novels They learn lessons sometimes the hard way just like all of us do I felt like the romance moved a bit fast I won't say who it is although it's easy to figure out but it just seemed so sudden I mean you can totally see it coming and there is build up to it but the build up itself is sudden I should warn you that this next complaint is entirely subjective I just sort of wished that we could have seen Posy do things on her own There's nothing at all wrong with being aided or helped by others but it just seemed like with a few exceptions that the majority of Posy's conclusions were discovered by other people Many of the things she did were because someone told her to or in many cases someone often had to come and save her There's nothing wrong with this it's just a preference I have I wished she had shown initiative I guessI definitely recommend the book especially to fans of CS Lewis I'll also be looking for work from this authorSo is my prejudice against this type of book over?

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read The Word Changers kindle » Kindle Edition Ò randarenewables × Alternate cover edition for ASIN B00K5HZ4M2Escaping from the turmoil of her home fifteen year old Posy finds herself at her usual haunt the library When she chooses an unfamiliar book from the shelf she does not devour its words as she uTheir Plot And Posy must find a lost princess whose role in the story is crucial before her own role in the book comes to a horrible endWith the haughty Prince Kyran as a reluctant companion Posy ventures past the Borders of the Plot into the depths of the treacherous Wild Land forest that lie beyond Secrets are buried there dangerous and deadlyYet the darkest They say don't judge a book by its front cover WellI didshamed face Oh this cover was sweet and pretty But it didn't uite look like the sort of fantasy I was interested in plus modern day kids dropping into another world isn't my fantasy of choiceBut I was wrong on both accounts This is a fantastic bookAshlee writes with a clear confident style both refreshing and engaging to pull you into her story as much as the character is pulled into a book While I've read some fantasy where the plot is lost on the adventure as the characters encounter all kinds of fantastic beings Ashlee guided the reader along uite skillfully losing me only once probably because I was reading too fast in desperation to discover the fate of certain centaursWhile this world and idea may be akin to the Chronicles of Narnia and that is a beautiful thing it takes on an entire path of its own as it cleverly builds a world in which characters do not truly die but are bound to the Plot sworn to relive the same story over and over whenever a reader picks up the book in which they dwell But what happens when characters rebel? When they go outside the Plot? What happens when it is discovered that characters might have changed the Plot long ago? That the story is no longer how the Author meant it to be? The cleverness of this book and the profound allegory simply delighted meI was also impressed with the characters Posy in particular She wasn't the can't do anything fainting sort of girl nor the the one who could trample any of her problems She was real She was scared but determined to keep her head She didn't always make the right choice and was silly at times but attempted to make up for it Kyran also was a good character both immature at points and terribly mature at others And the villains I applaud the villains I actually wasn't uite sure who the real villain was and when I thought I knew it turned out someone else was influencing that person and so on It was really uite amusing to see them all try to control each other and think that they were winningBut my favorite part of this book hands down was the centaurs Let me make this clear I've always thought centaurs were weird I meanbare chested guys rising out the body of a horse? Weeeeeeird Okay so the ones in the Narnia movie were kind of impressive but still Well This book changed all that Think centaurs elven style Suddenly I was a fan Not only a fan but I've become a writer of them myself inspired for a short story exploring the prejudice and exploitation they might face Probably my biggest complaint with this book was that the centaurs were not on page enoughViolence There is battle but description is non existent Some characters appear to have been beaten and whipped while captured but that was off sceneSexual Posy develops a crush on Kyran of course and eventually romance blooms between them to the point that they share kisses It felt a little rushed and she was only 15 but still that felt kind of realistic too I really couldn't see them going through this without getting crushes on each other And personally I feel that this was the author uietly making fun of all the crushes we girls will get on a guy in a book buthe's in a book Not going to work It's vaguely vaguely hinted that the king might have had an immoral relationship at one point but who really knows? Not the readerLanguage NoneSpiritual This allegory paralleling our own messed up world who doesn't even acknowledge the Author any is uniue and stunning It beautifully explains the perfect love of allowing choice Really really well doneI really enjoyed this book and I look forward to whatever else the author has to offer More centaurs please ;