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Rage of AngelsRage of Angels is the one of the most compelling novels Sidney Sheldon has ever written and Jennifer Parker his heroine his most extraordinary creationJennifer the daughter of a small town lawyer joined the staff of the District Attorney of Manhattan to fight for justice as her father had done But less than twenty four Amoung four Sheldon's books This one has to be my most faveThe plot is so intense and unputdownable Jennifer Parker she is an intelligent associate but her life turns up side down after she is choosen to be a pawn in the trial of a Mafia Michael Moretti She become notorious and no Law Firms accept her But this strong girl never give up she struggle and fight and This is the Story of the best Lawyer I've ever readGosh the Lawyer aspect of this book is even intenser than Julie James's books no offence I love her works anyway BUT This is the Lawyer book I want to read The books that I can experiance a lot of trials in court Sheldon is very well written about the court scenes and I enjoy it that much Nope I love it I found my heart beat fast several times and cried in some trial Jennifer is such a smart clever lawyer I want to beRomance is intense Jennifer has to get involve romantically with two guys an Angel and a Demon Oh how I love the career of her love interests Adam Warner is a smart Senator and Michael Moretti is a ruthless Mafia Both handsome guys are powerful man who stay in the opposite sides and have to fight against each other in the politic game swoonIf you guys love reading about Lawyer Politician and Mafia Don't miss this book That's all I want to say

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Rage of Angels Reader ´ 504 pages Download Ý Randarenewables Ç Rage of Angels is the one of the most compelling novels Sidney Sheldon has ever written and Jennifer Parker his heroine his most extraordinary creationJennifer the daughter of a small town lawyer joined the staff of the District Attorney of ManhatHours after being sworn in Jennifers hopes her dreams her career were smashed and she found herself facing disbarment and a possible prison sentenceSo begins the story of a brilliant and beautiful young woman who becomes one of Americas most successful defense attorneys It is also the story of the two powerful men in This is my first Sidney Sheldon book and I love itThank you Pang for recommending this book to meI stayed awake all night to finish this amazing fast paced multi POV thriller with well developed plot full of interesting twists great character development brilliant cases with fascinating back stories More importantly I couldn't help admiring the main character Jennifer Parker a successful lawyer for sticking up for herself for being such a fighter a go getter a woman with talent courage and intelligence who is not afraid to show it At times Jennifer was weak she made stupid decisions that destroyed her hard work and reputation but then continued to follow up with bad decisions concerning men but that just makes her a deeply flawed interesting character and I like that The ending was fitting and left space for possibilities I really admire Sidney Sheldon for letting his main character go crazy for not being afraid to let his heroine soar high to be triumphant and suddenly fall to pieces in a major way that had me horrified Usually I don't like character devolution but Rage of Angels was well done I can't wait to try another Sidney Sheldon book

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Her life Adam Warner a man of honor and integrity born to lead his country; and Michael Moretti compelling strange and vengeful a dark angel who spreads wide his wings of terrorIn Rage of Angels a master storyteller takes us behind the closed doors of the courtroom and into the hearts of characters you will never forge In Goodreads a five star rating means that the book was really amazing but Rage of Angels was not just amazing it completely blew me away Every author is so keen on making the leading character a living legend that the tragedy is lost But that is the only emotion that we can relate to best apart from love Joy is individual sorrow is universal Sidney Sheldon has pushed his imagination to the extremes and finally there is everything in this book that a book needs to be completeJennifer is in love with Adam Warner and Michael Moretti and nothing seems to make sense and on top of that her son Joshua dies and she is all alone Every author feels the need for adrenaline for his readers to enjoy his book to the fullest but very few can actually display it in words Everyone wants to play it safe because no one wants the leading character to die or become the bad guy or change But Sidney Sheldon had really shown what he can do with his characters I love the ruthlessness in the writing What happens to Jennifer in the book is what is likely to happen to a person sharing a fate similar to hers and no one can escape it It’s easy for me to say because I don’t live her fate but if I ever did then I would be likely to feel the same conflicting emotion between Adam Warner the person who stole her heart and created the loneliness in her life and Michael Moretti the person who erased it and became the passion she could not resist I would have felt much better if Joshua's death would have been framed by Michael’s mafia gang and then Jennifer would have gone against Michael while Michael was against her and Adam was against Michael In that way Jennifer would become Tracy Whitney If Tomorrow Comes for some time and then she could go back to living her normal life But this is the only book that I have ever read that actually goes beyond the limitations of imagination and penetrates deeper into the tragedies of human life which makes it much believable as we can relate to it Like every Shakespearean play ends with “All’s well that ends well” every Sidney Sheldon novel ends with “If tomorrow comes but tomorrow never does”