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Devious Minds A New Adult Comedy When Sydney Porter transfers to Northern University she’s ready to put her past behind her Landing a job on campus as an irreverent radio personality she uses the anonymity to air all the campus dirty laundry earning the infamous Sunday Lane than a few enemies But her true passion is spinning records 4 45 stars This is one of those books that made me laugh out loud Like I was in bed reading and had to move to the couch so I wouldn’t wake my husband up with my laughs It was that funny If you like books with a lot of humor college romances and enemieslovers story lines this is the perfect book to pick up Sydney Porter is a college junior and music is her life She is ‘DJ Sinister’ when she does her gigs and she also has a secret identity on the radio station Her college life's going fine Her little brother Jack is a freshman on the football team #24 Gray Peters is the guy who’s supposed to be looking out for him This guy also happens to be Sydney’s nemesis for reasons you’ll find out later ; Once these two start to go at it with their pranks snark and back and forth All I can say is let the games begin “This is how we play Sydney It’s Porter and Peters at one another’s throats” As funny as Sydney and Gray and their antics were there were several side characters that made me laugh just as much if not than them Fernando was one and Sydney’s little brother Jack was another Let me tell you JACK PORTER STOLE THE SHOW I loved that side character so much He was so awkward in the best way possible “People used to throw balls at my head in school Balls were always flying at my face hitting my mouth Once I got a ball in the eye So one day I just had enough of balls in my face So instead of letting them hit me I started grabbing them I was so good at grabbing balls it became second nature I could smell balls before they came at me” Sydney was such a mama bear to him and he was so unintentionally hilarious I loved their sibling relationship 
And of course this book is not all laughs there is some romance and sexy times Gray and Sydney’s chemistry is explosive Maybe it’s all that tension and hate between them but when they’re together it’s off the charts hot This is one of the few books I have read that will immediately come to mind when someone asks me for a rec of a funny book I have a small list of books that are truly LOL funny and this will definitely take a place on that list If you’re looking for a fun sexy sweet at times and hilarious NA book put this one on the top of your list

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FREE DOC ¿ READER Devious Minds ✓ 9781508569138 ✓ RANDARENEWABLES é A New Adult Comedy When Sydney Porter transfers to Northern University she’s ready to put her past behind her Landing a job on campus as an irreverent radio personality she uses the anonymity to air all the campus dEven if Drunk Earl is her biggest fanSydney’s junior year kicks off with the promise to be amazing Or at least it does until Gray Peters hotshot uarterback unexpectedly reenters the scene His presence threatens to destroy everything she has going as well as resurrecting a night Sydney never wants to remember or repeat S There are two reasons why people don't talk about things;either it doesn't mean anything to themor it means everything5 #GummyBears STARS Gray Peters and Sydney Porter ♥She's mine I mean she's mine to fuck withI couldn't change our past but I could sure as hell change our futureAll right all right all right For starters shoutout to KF Germaine for referencing my favourite Southerner Can I help you? Yes sugar Suddenly I had a southern accent I can honestly say when I came across this passage I couldn't help but burst out laughing as well as have the cheesiest grin With that being said I had an infectious smile through out this novel and could NOT stop laughing This was my first read by KF Germaine and WILL NOT be my last let's just put it this way; this book was shelved as ALL STAR material Another part that I broke into a fit of laughter was This DJ sucks cock rang out through the speakers The whole crowd looked at Fernando who know had his eyes closed as he continued to nod his head Chance spit his beer in one glorious spray all over the table Jack's face was completely colorless If I was there I'm pretty sure I would have legitimately peed myself from laughing SO HARD Sinister oh Sinister she truly is fcking hilarious Even Gray was scared of her creativity at points and I uote What I once took as creative was now evidence of certifiable insanity Gray's commentary wasn't the only one who made me laugh I swear the sht that comes out Sydney's mouth is G E N I U S Exhibit A She really loves sherbet so I was going to take her to Ben and Jerry's Todd from our team has one of those vans you can sleep in you know with the black bubble window It was going to be romantic It sounds like your're trying to abduct a child Jack Jesus the zoo ice cream a creepy van HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH I could not agree I didn't spend the last six weeks trying to make herlife a living hell just to watch her walk away And she'll always get the best of me the worst is yet to comeAll the misery was necessary when we're deep in love ►♫ So as for how the story goes it's set in college Gray and Sydney have crossed paths before and it uite the evening Years later they meet again It went straight to hll from there They are out to get each other and will not stop at anything from destroying one another including the not so innocent by standers who come in their path TO DESTRUCTION While reading I was thinking holy sht I never want to get on their bad side Then as I continued I was thinking WOW IE KF Germaine has uite the imagination REALLY don't want to get on HER bad side The plot was purely brilliant and went at the utmost perfect speed As for the characters Sydney was fcking AWESOME I ALMOST loved her than Gray ALMOST Honestly even while writing this review I just want to stop and do a re read because it was uite the EPIC novel this is what I call a #GameChanger Don't be like me I was recommended this book and took forever to get around to it Don't DO IT trust ME you'll regret it SO READ IT NOWDon't ruin thisDon't ruin us before we even get startedbecause it could be the best thing that'sever happened to me to usSydney I want to be with youNot just one nightbut the foreseeable futureFor as long as you can stand meI want to be with youDevious Minds KF Germaine

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He’d run away like a coward but this time she's determined to stay and fight A twisted battle of wit and trickery ensues with one common goal vengeance Sydney and Gray set out to make each other miserable But misery loves company and soon walls are destroyed and truths are revealed that could change their future forever NA college at its best Very well done hate to love trope I adored this book It was hilarious and sweet Sydney was sassy full of life and unpredictable Gray didn't stay far behind he was her perfect match not afraid to keep up with Sydney when it came to revenge ideas And the title is spot on because both their minds were crazy devious I'm still laughing when thinking about the gold glitter and taxi rideI will be looking forward to from this author for sure very curious who the next book will be aboutAnyway if you like college romance books and if you like to laugh a lot while reading this book is for you