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Everything's bigger in Big Sky country including the hearts of the Montana MenChampion rodeo rider Dane Bowden is eight seconds from winning under the Vegas lights one last hurrah before reluctantly returning to his family's Montana ranch But his bull has other plans When Dane wakes up he's sure he's died and gone to heav. Coffee Dates with Her Lucky Cowboy First Date We take a trip back in time to a moment where Dane Bowden and Bell briefly meet as young teens That meeting influenced each of them differently Fast forward to present day at the Championship Rodeo in Vegas where Dane has  has the best ride of his life and wins When dismounting something goes terribly wrong He wakes briefly to see the same girl who saved his life years ago Ooo so many things happen on this first date and I am hooked I love sweet talking Dane and Bell is uite the mystery I am all in for my second date Second date Banter flirting and a slow building romance develop as Dane begins to unravel Bell Bell is unsure of Dane’s sincerity especially with the slew of woman coming to visit him at the hospital Folks refer to them as Dane’s Dames but the we learn about Dane the harder I fall We slowly begin to understand Bell and her history Part of me is so damn proud of her and the other wants to protect her at all costs Side threads begin to develop regarding friends of Dane's and a dangers enemy is lurking All of which has me singing the “just one chapter” mantra Third date Swoons heat danger and shedding a tear moments had me completely wrapped up in this date While I have no doubt we will get our HEA twists and danger have me wondering if we will survive this unscathed The pacing of the story is fantastic and I just did not want to set this down We see other couples from previous novels and get to know new ones We see hints of what will come in the next book and I closed Her Lucky Cowboy completely satisfied and craving from of this author and her Montana Men Copy provided by publisher This review was originally posted on Caffeinated Book Reviewer

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Her Lucky Cowboy Montana Men #3En because the doctor who comes to his aid is the same girl who saved his life and disappeared years agoBell would do anything for Dane He's the fantasy that always kept her going A child genius hidden away by her family Bell was the secret no one talked about the girl no one wanted Despite finding success as a young surg. This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance Summary  Dane Bowden is a champion rodeo rider and has worked hard to win his last rodeo ride But after reaching the eight seconds he is injured from the bull who attacks him and crushes his leg the doctor who saves his leg and his life is the same girl who saved his life years ago but disappeared and was unable to find her until now Bell has always admired Dane ever since she saved him and felt his sweet smile and gentle touchbut knew she could never have him Bell is a dedicated and genius Doctor she struggles with human contact and doesn't know how to react to Dane's flirtatious ways she refuses to be another of his women that he seems to collect Dane wants Bell but not just to make love to her wants her for herself He sees a woman that he can't resist a sweet and kind young woman that has been dealt a harsh blow in life While he ends up at home on his ranch that his parents left for him he is determined to pursue her because he knows that she is something pure and special and wants to know about Bell But Bell is being stubborn and is making Dane work for his affections Soon Bell will need to face her past if she wants to have a future with love and family a life she has only dreamed of or read in books but if Bell chooses to trust in Dane's lovethen she can have it all The Hero Dane Bowden is a cowboy and a Rodeo Bull Rider He grew up on a ranch with a loving family and his brothers He is dedicated honest and hardworking Dane is not your average hero Dane while working on the ranch fell off his horse and ended up injured and a young woman with a face of an angel and a kind smile saved him until his father was able to reach him He never knew who this mysterious angel was but he searched for her He knew that he needed to find the person who saved his life Now it has been years but he has never forgotten his mysterious lady When he almost loses his life and his leg but this same angel fights for him and saves his life he refuses to let go of her this time This time he will prove to her that she is worth fighting for Dane was uite a delicious hero despite his flock of women He has this type of confidence that is appealing but he has never really had to fight for a woman before He is famous and that draws women to him like bees to honey What I loved most about him was how he takes it all in and accepts it and is uite persistent and never gives up The Heroine  Bell was the result of her father having a one night affair Her mother dumped her with her father Her father already had a family and refuses to let anyone know of Bell and deserted her with his mother Bell was raised with a loving grandfather until he died when she was young but her grandmother views her as a sin and worthless Bell inherited her genius brain to her father and grandfather When a opportunity arises for her to go to college she takes it and by the time she was in her early twenties she was already working as a surgeon Bell is smart loves her books but lives alone She doesn't know how to interact with others on a personal level just a professional one Her childhood made her who she is My heart just reached out for Bell because she has never really known much love except from her grandfather who passed away when she was little She has been emotionally abused by her grandmother but despite the horrid way she has been treated Bell is sweet and loving and doesn't have an unkind word to say about anyone Plot and Story Line  Her Lucky Cowboy is the third book and this is the last brother's story Like the two previous books this story had a level of emotional intensity that definitely made me feel so drawn to this story From the beginning where we see how Bell and Dane first meet and I am not sure if it was intending to be written i

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Her Lucky Cowboy (Montana Men, #3) Free download ï 9 ✓ Everything's bigger in Big Sky country including the hearts of the Montana MenChampion rodeo rider Dane Bowden is eight seconds from winning under the Vegas lights one last hurrah before reluctantly returning to his family's Montana ranch But his bull has other plans When Eon she's still the awkward girl who's never had a boyfriend So why does Dane a notorious playboy and sizzling hot cowboy insist on taking her on a real dateBell is the only woman in Dane's heart When a rodeo rivalry turns deadly it's his turn to save Bell's life because he sure as hell won't lose his guardian angel again. Dane Bowden was saved as a boy by his angel after being thrown from his horse In the blink of an eye she was there and just as fast she was gone Now years later after winning the rodeo championship his bull attacks him and crushes his leg only to again be saved by his angel Dr Bell has led a hard life Sure she is literally a genius but her family disowned her and the one person who truly loved and cherished her her grandfather died when she was young Tucked away in the house with her crazy and religious grandmother it is amazing Bell is sane at all At the rodeo with her half sister the chosen one she watches as Dane is injured and she runs into action hoping fences running to Dane and herself being attacked by the damn bull With a long road to recovery and a man intent on showing her he wants to be worthy of her Bell will have to fight her own insecurities and find her happiness and of course just as they are someone will endanger lives and risk their HEA 45 stars