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read Dandelion on Fire kindle Ü Kindle Edition Ö sherry torgent ¹ Everyone knows the legend—Greene Island is cursed 17 yr old Hardy Vance doesn’t care about curses All he wants to do is graduate from high school and head to college on the mainland But Hardy has a knack for finding trouble When he getHas a knack for finding trouble When he gets stuck doing community service with a girl that has a secret their lives uickly become entwined in a murder mystery that leads straight back into th Giving this an extra star because it’s self published but boy does it need a round of edits and revisionAbsolutely no sense of place Where is the island geographically? What is it like? What do the residents do for a living other than skulk around old folks homes?The mysteries make no sense Magic and super advanced tech seems commonplace but then the same characters who can accept omniscient eye computers and teenage boys who can astral project at will are surprised at poisonous dandelions?I wanted to like it who doesn’t like a mysterious island adventure but it just doesn’t hold togetherAlso was that Jesus at some point in the visions?

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Everyone knows the legend Greene Island is cursed 17 yr old Hardy Vance doesn’t care about curses All he wants to do is graduate from high school and head to college on the mainland But Hardy This was first published on a cup of tea and an armful of books I was provided a copy of Dandelion on Fire by the publisher in exchange for an honest review I recently became a reviewer for a small publishing company located in North Carolina called Blue Ink Press Dandelion on Fire is the first novel I’ve received to review from them Blue Ink Press was founded in 2015 Their aim is to represent and publish young adult authors but they also represent local authors from their area I’m very excited to work with themHardy only wants one thing to make it through his senior year of high school unscathed so he can escape Greene Island for college on the mainland Unfortunately for Hardy things never go the way he plans When a mistake lands him in community service with a strange new girl named Darcy things begin to unravel Darcy has a secret And suddenly that secret connects Hardy and Darcy in ways that begin to spiral out of control Everyone says that Greene Island is cursed Hardy is starting to believe itThe plot of Dandelion on Fire was steady throughout the novel Unfortunately steady doesn’t always make for uick reading I felt very relaxed while reading this even during the moments that were meant to be fast paced and nerve wracking There was a calmness to the writing style The plot did pick up toward the end of the novel but because of the earlier meandering of the plot it didn’t feel very balanced All of the action was clustered at the end As a result I ended up being a little surprised at the conclusion because it seemed so sudden I expected pages The action at the end made me excited about what Sherry Torgent was doing with the story It was just unfortunate that it hadn’t been included earlier Dandelion on Fire is a mystery with slow pacing There weren’t enough moments where Hardy and Darcy discovered something that gave answers toward the larger mystery; instead I felt that it focused on the mundane moments of Hardy’s day to day life too much Something exciting would happen and I would think “this is it this is when we find out– –” but then it would seem to backtrack Hardy would be concerned about a senior picnic instead of being worried about the murder that had taken place on the island The book also has a supernatural element to it For some reason the Curse of Viola has given certain individuals powers Throughout the novel these supernatural things are mentioned but never really focused on I hope that a solid explanation is given to us in the next novel Like much of the action the supernatural points of the novel were clustered at the end Because of that the ending seemed abrupt There’s no return journey to “normality” with a greater understanding of what has happened to Hardy There were a lot of uestions both about the supernatural and the mystery but few seemed to be answered It’s a good start to a series because we’re not given the complete answers in this first book It pushes readers to check out the next book in the seriesThe book focuses on Hardy and Darcy with a few side characters that come in and out of the action It’s a novel about them as much as it’s a mystery Hardy was a straightforward very simplistic character He longed for a return to normality and often had to be dragged about by Darcy Gradually this began to change but as a result of his initial actions I felt that he was kind of boring He didn’t want t

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Dandelion on Fire Greene Island Mystery Book 1 E island’s dark past and the dreaded Curse of Viola It's up to Hardy and the supernatural abilities of his friends to uncover the horrible truth using the only clue left behind A dandelion se Where do I even begin with Dandelion on Fire by Sherry Torgent? This book is a genre bending blend of coming of age romance mystery sci fi and fantasy neatly bundled as book with a simple dandelion puff aflame on the cover In it we follow socially inept Hardy as he stumbles into a complex plot bigger than himself Somehow the mysterious girl he has detention with is connected to his grandfather who is supposedly dead but definitely still alive since he takes care of him after school Throw in some high school drama and a secret government program a best friend who has special abilities other than Cricket noise ventrilouism and a three hundred year old curse and you've got a crazy roller coaster of a ride that does not end the way you expect it to As if you could expect anything trying to combine those crazy elements But Torgent pulls it off and she does it AMAZINGLYIt's not often that I can't predict a book's ending but this one got me And how in the world Torgent was able to sueeze so many non stereotypical characters and genres into one YA novel is beyond me She has a gift There is just so much in this novel It's hard to even describe what this book is about but it's still so so good This novel truly stands out and is a breath of fresh air for the YA genre Torgent shows us that we can have knock out new YA stories that are intense heart breaking deep clean and mind blowing without being numbingly stereotypical raunchy and a wash rinse repeat of everything else in the YA mystery sci fi genre She has earned a loyal fan with this book and I will be reading anything else that comes from Torgent especially book 2 of the Green Island Mystery series