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O han logrado conuistar su corazón Por suerte o por desgracia todo cambia cuando el libertino y supuestamente depravado lord Damerel se instala en una propiedad vecina Entre él y Venetia nacerán sentimientos a los ue se opondr. This is a sweet little historical romance with a hero and heroine who are like minded in being smart witty and refreshingly honest with each other Unlike most of this genre the virginal lady knows exactly who the rake is and loves him anyway because she can see that beneath the veneer of ugly behavior is a kind man She Venetia ugly name and how is it pronounced has seen his kindness in action when her younger brother Aubrey who has a lame leg is injured horse riding near the gentleman's estate and Damerel takes him home to recover While there Aubrey is handled beautifully by Damerel who instinctively realizes that the boy hates pity and truly despises being treated like an invalid The character of Aubrey is wonderful and I soon grew to love him just as much as his sister does Aubrey is a brilliant scholar and also has a rapier wit like Venetia and although uite acerbic and self involved truly loves his sister and wants her to be happyAll's well that ends well and there are some skeletons in everyone's closet that make this love match not nearly as uneual as we are led to believe in the beginning

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Venetia Author Georgette Heyán con fuerza familia amigos conocidos e incluso el propio Damerel Así pues tendrá ue ser Venetia uien tras superar dudas y algún desengaño se valga de toda su astucia para doblegar el destino y conseguir auello ue más dese. Here's the thing This book is one of my all time favorite books I've read it so many times by now that I lost count And yet I never wrote a review because I could never really find the right words to do this book justice When I finally convinced two of my good friends to give this book a try yet another re read was in order And guess what I still love it and still can't come up with coherent reasons why Let's start with the heroine I wish you will tell me some of the things you have done I think not he said dryly I said some of the things you have done she exclaimed indignantly You can't have spent your whole life getting into idiotish scrapes The ugly look vanished as he burst out laughing Most of it I assure youI ADORE Venetia She is one of the most sensible level headed determined and yet completely loveable heroines I have ever had the pleasure to read about Whatever life throws at her and boy does it throw things at her a terrible egotistical father who pretty much buries her alive on his secluded country estate the egotistical brothers who never think about her happiness the self centered aunt who doesn't do anything to help alleviate her situation to name only a few she somehow remains cheerful and optimistic never gives up and always finds a way to be happy with what she has I truly envy her in that respect I love how she never tries to change Damerel how she sees him for exactly what he is and loves him for all his bad parts together Then there's our darling rake Jasper Lord Damerel Fair Fatality you are the most unusual female I have ever encountered in all my thirty eight years You can't think how deeply flattered I am she assured him I daresay my head would be uite turned if I didn't suspect that amongst so many a dozen or so may have slipped from your memory More like a hundred Am I never to learn your nameI LOVE this man He comes such a long way in this book and not because someone forces him to change but because meeting an innocent little whirlwind who turns his life of debauchery upside down actually makes him re evaluate his life choices and accept that he has screwed up and he is not good enough for her as he is He's no angel and I love him even for that He hasn't been a good landowner or anything but he does try his best to become oneI absolutely love his sense of humor I wish I had someone to trade Shakespearean insults with in everyday conversation Which brings me to the most delicious banter I can't come down that ladder while you stand there watching me Can't you Oh that's easily remedied he retorted and removed the ladder It was this impish action which drew the protest from her which Oswald heard Fiend She said Do put it back and go away Not I he replied grinning up at her But it is most unchivalrous of you No no On the contrary The ladder is clearly unsafe Oh the banter Be still my heart 3 These two are truly euals if not in education or anything else but definitely when it comes to wit and humor They love teasing one another try to find the most obscure poetry reference to uote and see if the other one recognizes it I love every moment of it Last and MOST IMPORTANTLY the narrationOh sweet mercy the heavenly narration 3 Richard Armitage is one of my favorite actors and narrators He has such a beautiful voice it's just a delight to listen to No matter how long the book he always finds a uniue voice for each character that helps you identify who is speaking at every moment without a clue from the text Even his female characters sounds believable It's just tremendous fun to listen to him bring a book to live If you don't believe me see Becca's review below he managed to get a complete audiobook hater to admit that this is perfection At this point I have actually listened to this book often than I have read it and trust me if you hear the man's voice you'll understand why Sadly this is an abridged version which cut some of my favorite moments but this in no way dims my love for this production There is a reason this is the book I turn to whenever I'm in a slump or just need a pick me up I love the characters their determination the heart and humor and all of it together makes for one perfect reading experience If you have never read a Georgette Heyer book I cannot recommend this highly enough as a starting pointAlso here are the reviews of the two friends I convinced to try this they both loved it so YAYLacey's reviewBecca's review

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Venetia Author Georgette Heyer Review ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ↠ La bella y perspicaz Venetia Lanyon vive con su hermano Aubrey en una mansión de Yorkshire A sus veinticinco años disfruta de una existencia apacible y razonablemente feliz aunue sólo ha tenido dos aburridos preteLa bella y perspicaz Venetia Lanyon vive con su hermano Aubrey en una mansión de Yorkshire A sus veinticinco años disfruta de una existencia apacible y razonablemente feliz aunue sólo ha tenido dos aburridos pretendientes ue n. Chapter 1 in which I continue my love affair with a most enchanting author Chapter 2 in which Venetia is established as a heroine of much wit honesty and vitality Chapter 3 in which Venetia is contemplative of the rakish Lord Damerel and her brother Aubrey takes a wracking spill Chapter 4 in which Venetia and Lord Damerel find the best of all things friendship Chapter 5 in which it is noted that the Scoundrel is but hidden twin to the Good Man each male contains both sides; the Sensible Woman is best served by accepting that reality Chapter 6 in which I return after a sojourn in Venice to Venetia and find her just as charming as ever Chapter 7 in which we enter the excruciatingly finite mind of Edward Yardley suitor to Venetia Chapter 8 in which we enter the intensely melodramatic mind of Oswald Denny suitor to Venetia Chapter 9 in which Venetia jumps from a loft Oswald loses hold of his senses and showers her with kisses Damerel adroitly dampens these boyish enthusiasms and I smile from ear to ear Chapter 10 in which Lady Denny realizes aghast and agog that true love beats in the hearts of sweet innocent Venetia and that notorious rake Damerel Chapter 11 in which a frightful ogress enters the story Chapter 12 in which the reader is reminded that a heroine's wit and virtues are often best illustrated when she is set against an ogress of the first order Chapter 13 in which Damerel fiercely declares his love and Venetia is unperturbed by this statement of the obvious Chapter 14 in which the reader recalls that allies with the best of intentions may be obstinate and troublesome than the worst of enemies Chapter 15 in which Venetia awakens into nightmare Chapter 16 in which London fails to amuse or even distract Chapter 17 in which Inspiration and Understanding strike like twin lightning bolts Chapter 18 in which a shockingly exciting secret is revealed Chapter 19 in which the shockingly exciting secret is met Chapter 20 in which Venetia marshals her force of personality and wields her weapons of wit and earnestness in gentle battle against the idiotish and stoopid well wishers surrounding her Chapter 21 in a which a lady makes clear that she prefers a libertine and his orgies; and in which a perfect tale of uirky romance comes to a perfectly uirky romantic close