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FREE READ ´ El guardián invisible ☆ A killer at large in a remote Basue Country valley a detective to rival Clarice Starling myth versus reality masterful storytelling – the Spanish bestseller that has taken Europe by stormShortlisted for the CWA International DaggerThe body of a teenage girl has been found on the banks of the River Baztn theA killer at large in a remote Basue Country valley a detective to rival Clarice Starling myth versus reality masterful storytelling – the Spanish bestseller that has taken Europe by stormShortlisted for the CWA International DaggerThe body of a teenage girl has been found on th. An excellent Spanish murder mystery with great local color of the landscape towns and customs of Basue country Young women aged 15 to 18 or so are being ritually killed and left by the side of rural roads Although not all are sexually assaulted their clothing is slit open; their bodies are positioned a certain way; a local fancy pastry is left on their bodies; their shoes point toward the body Although this is small townrural Spain the modern world is here these young girls are into sex drugs alcohol and sexting starting at 15 years old Parents are oblivious There’s a touch of magical realism and a lot of superstition Many locals blame the murders on the basajaun a local version of Bigfoot although he is supposed to be a kindly soul They read tarot cards; hang silver thistle over their doors and cut crosses in bread to keep out evil spirits; women bring a stone from near their front door to a shrine in the woods to conceive As one of the characters says in effect We’re modern so you try all the modern stuff – psychologists priests police doctors When none of that works you are desperate enough to go back to the old traditions of leaving things as offerings to the spirits in the woodsThe main character is a young woman detective who has studied investigative techniues and criminal profiling with the FBI in the United States She has to deal with a lot of anti female bias with men in her department and with various male forest rangers and officials who disrespect her or feel she took the job of a man Some are waiting for her to fail on this assignment and to be replaced by a manThe murders are occurring around the town where the woman grew up and then abandoned for the big city Her knowledge of the local area is partly why she was given the lead on this investigation In the course of it we learn of her family history and boy does this family have problems She has two sisters both of whom have disintegrating marriages; all three are trying to have a child but none of the three can conceive The oldest sister is positively poisonous in her attitude toward her two younger sisters Many women have some bad relationships in their families; some have bad relationships with their mothers; few have a mother who tried to kill her Our heroine has to return to this world she left behind and she has to get back in it up to her neck some of the evidence starts to point toward members of her extended family This is what I call an environmental novel the weather – the constant rain drizzle chill and fog – is like a character in the novel and in that way it reminds me of The Shipping News by Annie Proulx and Snow by Orhan PamukWe are treated to some very good writing Of a murdered young girl’s friends at her funeral we read “They had lost the natural brilliance of youth and the air of constant playfulness born of the confidence that they will never die Death should have seemed a thousand light years away for them part of an unimaginable old age but it had taken on a real and palpable presence They were afraid struck by the kind of fear that leaves you motionless and wishing you were invisible so death can’t find you and left ashen faced and old before their time by its proximity” This is a really good read and it was a ‘5’ for me up to the very end where it seems that the author got tired of writing it and rushed it to its conclusion Sure we learn who the murderer was but there is no exposition of the various clues leaving you to wonder how they fit in One of the characters is shot in the head in the last few pages and a policeman says “I’ll take care of him” so what happened We have heard contradictory things about the main character’s mother being dead or alive and we still don’t know at the end So I give it a ‘4’ but it’s a ‘5’ if you don’t read the last chapter photo of Basue country from indioguidecom


Surrounded by forest it conceals a terrible secret from Amaia’s childhood that has come back to haunt herFacing the superstitions of the village Amaia must fight the demons of her past in order to catch the killer But what is the dark presence she senses lurking in the shadows. I watched in Netflix but as always a lot better the book Audiobook in fact and the performance was also amazingThriller with magical point Characters well presented and developed I enjoyed it Highly recommended

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El guardián invisibleE banks of the River Baztn the second in a month Soon rumours are flying in the village of Elizondo Is this the work of a serial killer or something even sinisterInspector Amaia Salazar leads the investigation returning to the Basue country where she was born Shrouded in mist and. I just want to say before I review this book that it's very handy to have all three books to read Or perhaps as audiobooks as I did Well the first book did I have both as a paperback and audiobook but I preferred listening to them The narrator is fabulous Anyway they are so good all three and it's like one book split into three parts So get all threeIn The Invisible Guardian do we get introduced to Amaia Salazar who will lead the investigation of the death of the teenage girl found on the banks of the River Baztán She herself has grown up in the village of Elizondo close to where the girl was found and returning there with her husband who is an American artist will bring back dark memories Her childhood was very traumatic and this still affects her life Then the killer strikes again Is there a serial killer loose or is it the Basajaun who is killing the girls The Invisible Guardian is just my kind of book with an interesting main character who has to return home to a town that has a lot of superstitions I love small town settings when it comes to crime novels especially towns with secrets The setting of the town of Elizondo in a Basue valley added to my interest since I knew nothing about the history of the Basue people and this was like taking a step back in time to a superstitious time I uite liked getting to know about the invisible guardian the Basajaun a creature of Basue mythology that is said to protect the forests The Invisible Guardian is a great book that I recommend warmly