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FREE PDF Ñ BOOK Adrian The Brotherhood of Fallen Angels Æ HEATHER GROTHAUS Õ In the medieval Holy Land four brave Crusaders fight tyranny and betrayal They are the Brotherhood of Fallen Angels—and one by one they may discover that love is the greatest adventure of all   From palaces and cathedrAn in ruins Now a wanted man he is forced into hiding at The Brotherhood of Fallen Angels Abbey his brilliant mind plagued with nightmares his spirit broken until Father Victor presents him with a fiery redhead in need of help only Adrian can give   Maisie Lindsay is the lady in waiting to the ueen of Wyldonna a small kingdom off the Scottish coast that is being blackmailed by none other I received a free eARC copy of this book from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewI don't even know where to begin with this review I read the first book in the series Valentine and loved it This book was so vastly different from that book it is like comparing night and day Was the first book better? That depends if you are expecting this book to pick up where that one left off and continue in the same vein you will be very disappointedThis book does pick up where Valentine left off but it veers way off the medieval romance trail and goes headlong into medieval fantasyparanormal romanceAdrian is the scholar of the group he was also the one most violently abused in captivity He is barely alive when Roman recuses them and has spent the last couple of years healing from his wounds mentally and physically He is an angrybitter man When it is revealed that their enemy was not killed as they believed Adrian reluctantly volunteers to go to Wyldonna a mythicalmagical island to help the ueen find a treasure and thwart Gladyer's evil plans When Maisie and Adrian meet for the first time it is most definitely not love at first sight He is annoyed and she doesn't have time to waste coddling him She is wondering if she has time to trade him in for another monk But when she sees the tattoos on his arms that he had done to cover his scars she believes he is destined to come with herAdrian is a very logical man if he can't see it or hasn't read about it he can't believe it From the very beginning of their adventure he cannotwill not accept that Wyldonna is a magical place He even tries to rationalize Maisie's magicOnce they get to her castle he starts to believe and as he accepts what before he couldn't he begins to heal and become stronger The romance in this book was very subtle and the love scenes subdued I believe they loved each other but the romance was not in the forefront of the story This was about Adrian healing than it was a love story between Maisie and Adrian The ending was heartbreaking I read it and didn't believe it I almost stopped reading but thought there is no way it is going to end like this and thankfully it didn'tI did enjoy this book it was reminiscent of Bertrice Small's World of Hetar Series minus the really hot love scenes I can honestly say it wasn't what I was expecting but it was very good I think the writing was excellent and the storyline very imaginative If you are looking for something a bit different this is the book for youI am glad I read it and I look forward to Roman's book

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In the medieval Holy Land four brave Crusaders fight tyranny and betrayal They are the Brotherhood of Fallen Angels and one by one they may discover that love is the greatest adventure of all   From palaces and cathedrals to fortresses Adrian Hailsworth’s engineering genius is evident across the land including the castle of Chastellet But a bloody siege has left the stronghold and Adri wwwmelissa413readsalotblogspotcomI so wanted to love this book The description is awesome the cover is awesomebut I just could not get into it I loved the character of Adrian and some of the others but it just wasn't enough I loved the idea of the magical creatures and of course fighting evil and the love part but I don't know it just didn't grab me Maisie Lindsey comes to the Fallen Angels Abbey to get someone to help her land of Wyldonna from the evil Glayer Felsteppe They send Adrian Hailsworth to help her Adrian is shocked to find out Glayer is still alive because he thought he killed him Doesn't that always seem to happen There are a lot of different creatures on the island some beasts I can't even explain and you have trolls sirens fairies and I can't think of them all Adrian and Maisie fall in love but it didn't move me Yeah I know what's wrong with me I think there will be plenty of people out there that will love this book Mine is just one opinion I would like to thank NETGALLEY AND KENSINGTON BOOKS for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for my honest review

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Adrian The Brotherhood of Fallen Angels #2 Than the Brotherhood’s most treacherous enemy The only chance of saving Wyldonna lies in unearthing its vast fortune hidden within a labyrinth of deadly traps and secret passages The challenge enlivens Adrian as does the passion Maisie ignites But she is far than she appears and the truth may force Adrian to sacrifice his heart’s longing to save her before it’s too late for them a This is the second book in the The Brotherhood of Fallen Angels I have not read the first book in the series so for me it was a stand alone book Adrian Hailsworth who has had what I think to be a awful hard life So much so that he has nightmares of his past Adrian is at the The Brotherhood of Fallen Angels Abbey to heal While there our heroine Maisie Lindsay comes there to ask for help with about Wyldonna her ueen and Maisie home At first when Adrian is told the story by the Abby he doesn't believe such a place exist but when they mention his enemies name that is blackmail the little country he finds that he must go there to see Adrian thought he had killed him and can't think he is alive He meets up with Maisie to start their journey to her homeland and starts their story of love and the what they have to overcome