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characters As aventuras de Tom Sawyer ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ½ No prefácio ao clássico As Aventuras de Tom Sawyer Twain revela nos ue o seu propósito ao escrever o livro fora entreter rapazes e raparigas e fazer recordar aos adultos auilo ue eles próprios tinham sido E é assim ue as encruzilhadasNo prefácio ao clássico As Aventuras de Tom Sawyer Twain revela nos ue o seu propósito ao escrever o livro fora entreter rapazes e raparigas e fazer recor. I was five and a half years old when my mother gave me The Adventures of Tom Sawyer as a New Year's gift she is a literature teacher and I have been reading novels since the tender age of four or so and so it seemed appropriateBeing a diligent and serious¹ child neither of those ualities have stuck with me unfortunately I opened it to page 1 and started reading I even took it with me to kindergarten where other kids were learning letters and I was mercifully allowed to read hefty tomes having obviously achieved full literacy by that point¹ Me age 5 and Mom The diligent seriousness is all over this picture This book initially left me uite confused but I was undeterred after all the world was a confusing place full of adults and rules and great books even those without pictures And I was very proud to own books without pictures after all But his one was just too strange its beginning did not uite fit with the rest of the uite fun story it was odd and dry and incomprehensible for the first 40 pages or so and it even was about some other guy Samuel Clemens who was not Tom SawyerA few years later I reread my early childhood favorite I probably reached a ripe old age of eight or so still diligent but a bit less serious already It was then that I figured out what seemed strange about the beginning of this book when I was fiveYou see I diligently slogged my way through the most boring academic foreword assuming that was the first chapter What amazes me that I managed to stay awake through it Good job five year old me Excellent preparation for that painfully boring biochemistry course a couple of decades laterAfter that foreword slogging through any classic was a comparative breeze Yes I'm looking at you War and Peace You know what you did you endless tomeAlso as it turns out when you include two characters named Joe in one book Injun Joe and Tom's classmate Joe Harper that can cause a certain amount of confusion to a five year old who assumes they have to be the same person and struggles really hard to reconcile their seemingly conflicting characters And as a side note I have always been disappointed at Tom Sawyer tricking his friends to do the infamous fence whitewashing A real kid knows after all that painting stuff is fun Five year old me was a bit disapproving of the silliness I have told bits and pieces of this book to my friends on the playground while dangling from the monkey bars or building sandcastles in a sandbox that in retrospect I suspect was used by the neighborhood stray cats as a litterbox but I guess you have to develop immunity to germs somehow We may have planned an escape to an island in a true Tom Sawyer fashion but the idea fizzled After all we did not have an island nearby which was a problem Also we may have got distracted by the afternoon cartoonsSomeday I just may have to leave this book within a reach of my future hypothetical daughter as long as I make sure it does not come with a long winded boring introduction

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Dar aos adultos auilo ue eles próprios tinham sido E é assim ue as encruzilhadas da infância onde se cruzam liberdade e responsabilidade são trilhadas co. Well the Show Me State showed meShowed me how you do it How you write stories so colorfully and so well crafted you could almost cry from reading themPaulette Jiles took me all over the state of Missouri this week in her 2002 publication of Enemy Women a historical fiction novel that takes place in 1864 and then Mark Twain took my daughters and me to St Petersburg Missouri to the real world of 1876And what's in that world of 1876 MissouriWell riverboats wagons poor white boys overprotective aunts pretty girls adventures in caves and talk of orgies knives guns pipe smoking and a freuent use of the “N” wordAs the narrator of this novel to my daughters these ualities necessitated an immediate discussion at the start of the book We needed to talk about this before we went any further in this readHere's the deal I don't use the “N” word and I don't hang out with people who do I made my boundary clear right as we started I am clever enough to read ahead and say what needs to be said without making myself uncomfortable by using language that twists my intestinesHowever I made something else clear to my girls just because an author depicts their characters authentically does not make them a racist nor does it make the book racistMy children have a writer for a mother They know than they want to know about the writing process and they've also watched their mother eavesdrop on than her fair share of conversations They know by now how obsessed I am with authentic dialogue I can't stand any writer sugar coating or contriving what they hear But as a mother would I have enjoyed either of my girls reading the “N” word over and over again in this book NoAs the narrator and the mom I chose to leave out all references to the “N” word skip over the boys' curiosity about “orgies” and leave out about half of the talk about smoking And focus on the good The best parts for me watching my daughters laugh at what a drama ueen Tom Sawyer is and being reminded of how many “death scenes” Tom conjures up in his mind so he may convince himself that he's a good person when he visualizes how many people will mourn him I loved watching my girls cover up their faces in disgust when Tom Huck and Joe stripped down to their birthday suits on the island doing handstands and sword fights and whatnot I couldn't help but be reminded of Out Stealing Horses My middle child mumbled from behind the hands covering her face “boys are so repulsive”Yes this is a boy's world for sure These barefooted boys with the ringworm on their scalps and rings of dirt around their necks are a bunch of river ratsBut I must give Mr Twain the credit he deserves here for bringing these authentic characters to life though I do understand the difficulty we face reading some of these classics They are snapshots of how people behaved how some people still behave and sometimes those are painful reminders

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As aventuras de Tom SawyerM imensa mestria humor e pés descalços por um autor ue não se coíbe nunca de elevar à condição de caricatura as contradições e as certezas dos adult. عن مغامرات الطفل الشقي توم سوير وأصدقاءهThe adventures of naughty little boy Tom Sawyer and his friendsYou won't believe it wrote 150 years agoas Mark Twain's procedure is simple and fluid He do not show off with language techniues or dictionary's vocabulary just adventures and events no silly metaphors an enjoyable novel that i have read at one session On starting reading Huckleberry Finn I knew that it was the second part of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer so I went back to the first part since I have a spare time لن تصدق أن هذه الرواية كتبت قبل 150 عام تقريباًفأسلوب مارك توين سهل سلسولا يستخدم تلك الأساليب اللغوية التي تقوم على الاستعراض بمدى إلمام الكاتب بمفردات القاموسمغامرات وأحداث، لا استعراض للتشبيهات اللفظية،رواية مسلية جدا، أنا قرأتها في قعده واحدة تقريباًعندما بدأت في قراءة مغامرات هاكلبري فين علمت أنها إنما كانت تعد الجزء الثاني لمغامرات توم سوير، فاستحسنت أن أبدأ بقراءة الجزء الأول مادام لدي المتسع من الوقت وهذه هي آخر كلمات الجزء الأول قبل أن يخطر له كتابة جزء تاني عن صديق بطل الجزء الأول، فلم يعط الجزء الأول نهاية لعله يلقانا ثانية