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Third Debt reader ☆ è Fourth Book in the New York Times Bestselling Indebted Series “She healed me She broke me I set her free But we are in this together We will end this together The rules of this ancient game can’t be broken” Nila Weaver no longer recognises herself She’s left her lover her courage and her promise Two debts down Too many to go Fourth Book in the New York Times Bestselling Indebted Series “She healed me She broke me I set her free But we are in this together We will end this together The rules of this ancie 45 5 “Choose me Love me Save me” STARS “Don’t go into the dark alone little Weaver Monsters roam the shadows and your time is officially up” KITE007 He was so right Nila You should have been careful The monsters have finally shown their ugliest faces and done the unthinkable It was brutal It was heartbreaking It was soul wrenching AND I AM FCKING RUINED Goddamn debts and goddamn Hawks “Sleep Ms Weaver Dream of me And then I’ll steal you away” JETHRO Jethro is broken Nila is gone She has obeyed him and left without even looking back She is finally safe For her to stay that way though Jet has to do everything his father orders him to do He has to let the coldness the ice the darkness consume him and leave him hollow like before That's the only way But “true love is a curse” and the love that's emanating from Nila is making everything difficult complicated and VERY DANGEROUS “Love is a chemical imbalance Ms Weaver I am no longer imbalanced” JETHRO Nila is broken She has left the love of her life alone with the wolves of his family She is finally free but not really because her heart is still back there with Jethro All she wanted was to put an end to the Debts and be the last Weaver to go through this nightmare But now she doesn't only want to save herself no Nila wants to save Jethro from his condition from himself from THEM “I’m looking Jethro And despite everything you doI SEE YOU” NILA My mind is still a mess after that cliffy ending JEZUZ so I'll keep this short and clearNila I love you woman I love your strength I love your forgiveness I love your passion I love your determination Jet I can still feel the cracks the “I fucking love you” coming out of his mouth left in my heart The hot and cold attitude did piss me off yes but we finally got to see many different sides of this broken man including his condition I would have NEVER been able to guess and I am VERY into Psychiatry Brilliant Pepper Wintersjust brilliantKestrel Oh baby Oh poor baby I'm sorry for ever judging you being suspicious and not trusting you view spoiler PLEASE BE OKAY hide spoiler

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Himself He’s embraced what he always ran from and now faces punishment far greater than he feared It’s almost time It’s demanding to be paidThe Third Debt will be the ultimate te 45 StarsI have to be honest hereI was scared shitless to start din fourth book in the series And no not because the previous book ends with a huge cliffhanger Actually every book in this series so far ended with a cliffhanger so no But because I knew something colossal will happen in this installment something that will change everything I just felt it And I was so fucking right Anywaythis installment is hands down the best so far in the series At least for me “Third Debt” is the reason why I loved dark reads The intensity the twists and turns all the dark elements are fantastically done in this book and even if some of them almost gave me an anxiety attack I loved them Needless to say this book left me wanting Yeah what can I say? I’m a masochistLike I mentioned above this installment was intense Was so intense that I was at the edge of my seat so many times and I know for sure like me you will not be able to put it down for one minute It was gripping from the first word to the last “Third Debt” is the fourth book in the series and picks up where the previous book “Second Debt” ended “Nila had my heart but my father had my very existence” The previous book in the series ends with Nila being free not by the Hawks but by someone else Nila knows she supposed to be happy because now she’s a free woman but she's not She can’t find her place in the world with his father and her twin brother All she can think about is what she had left behind the man she loves Jethro Hawk All she wants is to go back to save him from his nightmares from his family and from himself She feels ruined destroyed and empty All he wants and needs is Jethro Hawk even if she is a Weaver When Nila returns she realizes that Jethro is changed that he’s another man He’s cold and lifeless and with each and every day he becomes his father Cut “I’ll break you again Jethro Hawk I did it once I can do it a second time And then I’ll save both of us” No matter how hard Jethro tries to stay away from Nila he can’t and Nila knows it She knows he belongs to her as much she belongs to him As the story progresses Jethro tries hard to fight his feelings for “the little Weaver” and their attraction but he eventually realizes he tries in vain “We were both destroyed And the only cure was to give in” “Look at me” “I’m looking Jethro And despite everything you doI see you” I have to admit this book messed up with my head and left me speechless Like I mentioned before the story it was so captivating and held my attention for several hours like no other I didn’t have time to get bored for one minute First and foremost I have to say this installment like the others installments in the series ends with a cliffhanger a huge cliffhanger the worst cliffhanger ever Needless to say I would do anything to have the next book in the series Like NOW I rarely get impatient when I read a series and one of the installments ends with a cliffhanger but this time Mrs Winters fuck up with my head I really liked how the story progressed I know it was a little slow at the beginning but for me it really worked because I had enough time to remember what happened in the previous books in the series That doesn’t mean I forgot what happened in the last books No I’m talking about all the small details that counts and make the story interesting and uniue In this installment we find out about Jethro’s “condition” I would have never guessed about this mysterious condition Never Not in a million years It was my first time reading about something like this so I found it very interesting and original I love when an author surprised me in a good way especially when we’re talking about a series because let’s face it it’s hard for a continues series to bring an interesting aspect or an interesting twist to hold the reader’s attention Like the previous books in the series I really liked Nila and Jethro With every installment we get to know better these two remarkable main characters They are different from other characters I read about and I’m not talking only about characters in dark romances they are three dimensional so they very well developed If you thought you knew Jethro think again because in this installment you will meet the ‘real’ Jethro Hawk And I loved 'real' Jethro I really felt for him and even if he was a little annoying to say the least he didn’t manage to piss me off We all remember how naïve Nila was in the first book in the series Right? RightIf in the previous book she wanted revenge no matter what in this book like I mentioned before all she wants is to save Jethro and to fight for them to be together Nila here is as strong as in book2 I loved her determination and the fact she’s ready to stand up for herself and for what she wants “they forced me to do this But I would do it my way I hadn’t broken any of Cut’s rules I’d played along I’d painted a picture for the world to eat up I’d just been smarter than they gave me credit for” Once again the chemistry and the connection between Nila and Jethro are palpable and very well done The same thing I can say about sexual tension between them Fantastically doneAll the side characters like the main ones are interesting in their own way but the one who stand out for me was Kes I always knew he was one of the good guys and he proved that in this installment I’m dying to know how the story will progress so I'm dying to read the nest installmentCan't fucking wait “Nothing is ever black and white Nila You should know that by now It’s all how you survive the grey”

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Third Debt Indebted #4 Nt game can’t be broken” Nila Weaver no longer recognises herself She’s left her lover her courage and her promise Two debts down Too many to go Jethro Hawk no longer recognises 5 Ugly Cry Stars Her heart belonged to me And my heart belonged to her Jethro What an amazing intense emotional and suspenseful roller coaster ride If you are following this series you know how awful second debt ended So starting this book brought back all those emotions and so yeah I was an emotional wreck from the beginning The story continues with the two families fighting over their ancestors sins The Hawks believed that the Weaver's first daughters belonged to them to pay ancestors past debts The Hawks are the most wealthy family there is They have Jewel mines weapons and they have a hidden motorcycle club They basically have power and money that the Weavers would never have It starts basically right where it left off Jethro Hawk aka Kite had fallen in love with Nila Weaver the last Weaver alive They had gone thorough so much in the last 3 books Nila's twin brother Vaughn had cause so much social media attention to help her get out of the hands of the Hawks Jethro let her get away he told her to get her freedom and in return he was ready to die for her However Cut his father which I absolutely hate so much decided to give him another chance to live He gave him an ultimatum which Kite had really no option but to accept in order to protect Nila his brother and sister from his heartless father and also their evil brother Daniel Cut offered Jethro some magic pills that helped him be numb and immune to feel He basically became an asshole once again to protect his love ones His brother Kestrel aka Kes and sister Jasmine aka Jaz where so upset at him He basically ignored them and stayed away so that he could become like his father and take over the family's inheritance like he was supposed to as a first born child Jethro Nila aka Threads was safe back home in London however she was lonely and incomplete She also had fallen in love with Jethro The last 3 books they have both suffered they were both broken but together they felt complete She desperatly wanted to be back with him and save him from his crazy family She was willing to sacrifice herself to save him and her both from this madness that was the ridiculous debts Nila So much happened in this book that had me on the edge of my seat I couldn't put this book down My emotions where all over the place At first I was devastated and crying so much to protect Jethro But then I wanted to kill him I was so pissed at him So when Nila had the chance to make him suffer not really intentionally but I couldn't helped enjoyed it However you get into Jethro's mind and understand his struggles you can't help to just love him all over again I hurt so much for both him and Nila He finally broke through his walls and let her in We were both destroyed And the only cure was to give in Jethro I came here to be filled taken ridden I came to find you again I came to remind you of what we have I came for so many reasons Jethro but most of all I came to save you Nila You should know you’re it for me Nila There’s no turning back from this I’m on your side until the end Jethro Kes was the perfect brother and friend I freaking LOVED him on this book so than the others He truly stepped up to help Nila and Jethro I truly hurt for him as well They were powerless again their evil father and grandmother Yes that old bitch Bonnie OMG I have so much anger right nowJethro and Nila were put through so much on this book Again testing their true love Nila had to pay the Third Debt in order for Jathro to take over The events that happened during this debt were unbelievable Like OMG what just happened? I was mad I was excited then happy then mad But nothing absolutely nothing could of prepared me for that ending I felt like I was watching a car wreck but there was nothing I could do to stop it It was the most painful ending ever I hate Cut Daniel and Bonnie I want to use this on them lol I am still trying to wrap my mind about what I just read but I can't get my thoughts straight I feel like it was all a dream that it never happened Pepper you truly gutted me but I still LOVED this because I felt so much and I didn't expect all this madness of events Saying that I will stalk the author down to get the next two books ASAP because I just need answers And because I have hopes that this ending is just a twisted game and that is not true a girl can just hope A kiss was a disaster A kiss was power A kiss was love and togetherness and faith It was so many many things But this this was something so much More I want I want everything Jethro Book Series Order PURCHASE LINKFor reviewsrevealsgiveaways visit