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Murder on the Iditarod Trail Alaska Mysteries“Adrenaline pumping    A polished action mystery    with dazzling Arctic sights” Marilyn Stasio The New York Times Book Review   Winner of the Macavity Award and the Anthony Award   Murder on the Iditarod Trail is a gripping mystery set during Alaska’s world famous Iditarod a grueling eleven hundred mile dogsled race across hazardous Arctic terrain   It is an arduous sport but not a deadly one But suddenly the top Iditarod contestants are dying in bizarre ways first a veteran musher smashes into a tree then competitors begin tu. “I did I did I did the Iditarod Trail” Sue Henry’s Murder on the Iditarod Trail which was first published in 1991 is labeled as a cozy mystery but to me it was much intense than a cozy Spread out over twelve days and one thousand miles the famous Alaskan dog sled race provides an exciting backdrop for murder When a musher is found dead on the trail it appears to be an accident but things begin to look suspicious when contestants die In this ultra competitive event state trooper Alex Jensen wonders are these deaths sabotage gone awry or are they murderMs Henry is no stranger to Alaskan culture; she’s lived there for decades and teaches writing at the University of Alaska in Anchorage She obviously did her research on this grueling time honored event right down to the basics of mushing trail checkpoints and even the personalities of racers I liked many of her characters although I had trouble keeping some of them straight There were three potential killers with very similar temperaments and that added to the tension as one of the female challengers Jessie Arnold was always in the thick of things and therefore in need of watching At least that’s what Trooper Jensen seemed to think Jessie is determined to prove otherwise The development of their relationship was fun tooI would consider this to be mostly an adventure mystery since the plot focuses so much on the race itself Some readers might be put off by the details that the author uses to explain the history of the event and the particulars of life on the trail but I found it uite fascinating Perhaps it’s because I remember Libby Riddles and Susan Butcher breaking the gender barrier back in the mid 1980s when I first heard of this crazy endurance race The name itself comes from the native word “Haiditarod ‘the faraway place’” If you like reading about tests of endurance with a tinge of mystery thrown in this may tick those boxes for you A word of caution dog lovers will not love one particular part of this book early on It’s not extremely graphic and it’s over uickly However it cost a star in my ratingI do have to say that I read this book in the midst of a brief July heat wave and that made it even enjoyable I loved reading the weather reports at the beginning of each chapter that listed a high of something like minus 5 degrees Fahrenheit and a low of minus 22 Severe wind gusts with near blizzard conditions Lots of steaming hot coffee is consumed Lots I’m not ready for summer to end yet but reading Sue Henry’s Murder on the Iditarod Trail was a pleasant way to chill out for a day4 stars

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S easily as a bullet and only the Arctic night can hear your final screams   “Engrossing    The howling winds the snow the ice the dancing away from wolves the crazing fatigue the welcome heat and food are almost palpable” Los Angeles Times Book Review   “Excellent    well paced well conceived engrossing    moves along like a healthy well trained dog team” The Anchorage Times   “A book that will give you a feel for how the Iditarod is    Sue Henry has a genius for characterization plot and setting” Mystery News. The description give to details made me feel like I was there Thank goodness I wasn't The suspense and excitement kept me on the edge of my seat This was murder mystery adventure and romance all rolled not one The last twenty two miles of the race seemed the longest part of the story Set back read and enjoy

review Murder on the Iditarod Trail (Alaska Mysteries)

Read Murder on the Iditarod Trail (Alaska Mysteries) ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ø “Adrenaline pumping    A polished action mystery    with dazzling Arctic sights” —Marilyn Stasio The New York Times Book Review   Winner of the Macavity Award and the Anthony Award   Murder on the IditarRning up dead with each murder brutal than the last State trooper Alex Jensen begins a homicide investigation determined to track down the killer before blood stains the pristine Alaskan snow Meanwhile Jessie Arnold Alaska’s premier female musher has a shot at winning for the first time But as her position in the race improves so do her chances of being the killer’s next target   As the mushers thread their way through the treacherous trails Jessie and Jensen are drawn deep into the frozen heart of the perilous wild where nature can kill a. I don't remember how I learned about this title but I purchased it as a Christmas gift for my mother as I was in awe of her description of being taken for a short sled ride when she was the only volunteer to get on the sled as part of an excursion tour during an Alaska cruise I was surprised to see this title again recently when one of the characters in another novel was said to be reading this book In the past few days it has been my turn to read it I don't think I've imagined being that cold since reading 61 Hours Jack Reacher #14 by Lee Child as that novel's setting is during a brutally cold winter in South DakotaAlthough I had certainly been aware of the Iditarod Trail Race prior to my mother's trip I don't think I had thought about the severity of the unforgiving cold temperatures Sue Henry brings to life with vivid descriptions the trail terrain the brutally cold temperatures the dedication of the mushers not only to the sport of the race but to their prior strategy planning with flexibility during the race and to the training and ongoing care of their dog teams with special attention given during the race itself Within this extraordinary annual race setting the author has created an engrossing page turning mystery with the murders of Iditarod participants along the various legs of the grueling race In searching for biographical information about the author after reading this novel it came as no surprise to learn that Sue Henry has lived in Alaska for almost 30 years With her words as her artistic brush she paints the majesty and beauty of the landscape as well as to portray a respect for the land and its perils as only someone could portray with a personal experience of living in this state through many seasons Another gift of this reading experience is the interspersed history of the trail points and race itself that flow naturally within the storyline without sounding like bullet points from a fact sheet I have never had a desire to travel and visit Alaska not even after reading this novel but it has given me a new appreciation for everyone who lives in Alaska and to hold in awe all who choose to participate in the Iditarod Trail Race