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Free download Leap of Faith (La Flor Series, #1) ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ I met Jake when I was seventeen and at eighteen I became his wife The years that followed were enchanted like a fairy tale romanceThen in the blink of an eye my perfect world unraveled—I lost a part of myself and myI met Jake when I was seventeen and at eighteen I became his wife The years that followed were enchanted like a fairy tale romanceThen in the blink of an eye my perfect world unraveled I lost a part of myself and my dreams shattered around meAt twenty five I was left a widow pregnan. Book 1 in the series which can be read as a standalone is a blend of; a light bit of supernatural a ghost contemporary romance and military men add in two strong heroes view spoiler don’t worry there’s no cheating hide spoiler

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T and mother of twoFast forward almost five years I exist but I don’t “live” I had to learn to live without him with only our memories and my tears I raised our children and I lived his dream without a thought to myselfThat is until the day at the stoplight when a pair of viol. Great story butI loved the plot of this extremely emotional slightly paranormal read You actually get two love stories in one since we have the story of Faith and her late husband Jake then we get the story of Faith and ZaneThe book opens with Jake our first H at a fortune teller’s table not by choice of course The gypsy tells him the upsetting news that he’s going to die young but not before cheating death once with the help of a “ghost” with purple eyes He will then trust that ghost with his treasures his girlsFaith fell in love with Jake at first sight when she was seventeen and he was 23 and the single father of Rylee We get their story through flashbacks throughout the book Jake was sweet alpha and made one heck of an H which was sad since we knew his story wasn’t going to end wellJake and Faith had around seven years together before he was killed After he was gone she found out she was pregnant with Skylar She took another 4 years to mend her heart and focus on being a good Mom for the girls and to get the company Jake had started off the groundZane enters the picture at this point and pretty much takes over I loved Zane From the get go we were made aware that Faith did not know Zane but Zane knew her and had promised to be her and the girls protector Obviously she was hesitant but they had one heck of a connection I loved how Zane went all out to show her he was the man her and her girls needed and that he was all inSo where does that “But” come in Well it was a great story but I wasn’t crazy about how it was written At times it had a fairytale ish feel to it Everyone was just so sweet and perfect At others it was almost like a documentary instead of a romance Why you ask There was a whole lot of telling going on but not a lot of show Entire years are skipped with just a mention in passing about major events like when Jake and Faith had to get married uickly due to military orders or Faith playing in the World Cup we don’t even find out if her team won It was like we’d occasionally get highlight reelsWe get the funeral but aren’t told what killed him until much later Then we literally fast forward 4 years and it’s mentioned almost in passing that she got her MBA so she could help get Jake’s company off the ground that he started with Gunnar My comment”Who the heck’s Gunnar and what corporation” At 220 pages there was a lot of room left to show us all this Being with Faith as she went through her pregnancy alone got her degree and fought through her grief would have made this one heck of a book Trying to basically cram two love stories into such a short book just made for a rushed bookEven though I really liked the thought of the story and I loved the characters because I felt like there was so much missing from the book I couldn’t give it 4 full stars I do plan on reading the next one in the series but I’m hoping some of the problems from this one will be worked out A good editor would have done wonders with this bookSpice’s rating 3 It Could Have Been So Good Stars

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Leap of Faith La Flor Series #1Et eyes stared back at me In that moment the numbness started to disappear and lightning hit changing my world once againThis is a contemporary romance and book one in La Flor series Each book will be able to be read as a STANDALONE and some material is NOT suited for people under 1. This story grabs your heart at the prologue and doesn't let go until you finish the epilogue Sometimes it is a little difficult to follow as the dates bounce back and forth a bit but there always seems to be a good reason for this Skylar is a hoot She adds so much needed comedy to this story Can we keep him momma ROFL This story had my emotions running the gambit One minute I would be chuckling and the next I had a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes I found all of the characters to be interesting in their own ways I instantly fell in love with all of the female characters except for Lisa I have now read this story twice and I can honestly say that I loved this story and will be reading it again I look forward to reading from this wonderful new author