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La última noche en Tremore Beach characters á 109 ò Um compositor ue perdeu a inspiração Uma casa isolada numa praia irlandesa Uma noite de tempestade ue pode mudar tudoA Última Noite em Tre Beach conta a história de Peter Harper um prestigiado autor de bandas sonoras ue após um divórcio complicado se refugia num lugar perdUm compositor ue perdeu a inspiração Uma casa isolada numa praia irlandesa Uma noite de tempestade ue pode mudar tudoA Última Noite em Tre Beach conta a história de Peter Harper um prestigiado autor de bandas sonoras ue após um divórcio complicado se refugia num lugar perdido da costa irlandesa a fim de recuperar a inspiração Situada n. The Last Night at Tre Beach by Mikel Santiago is a 2017 Atria publication An excerpt from my review posted on Night Owl Reviews Still this is a fun fast paced thriller entertaining enough and worth taking a look at especially since this is a debut novel and shows the author’s potential which I would say is very promising 35 starsTo read my entire review click on this link

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Hegara à conclusão de ue auilo não servia para nada Fechei os olhos e esperei ue me deixasse em paz E foi o ue aconteceu deixou me dormir durante umas horas mas depois regressou Foi crescendo até se tornar numa fisgada horrível ue me fez abrir os olhos e gritar Ó meu Deus E então estava no meu uarto Havia uma tempestade enorme lá fora?. The Last Night at Tre Beach – A Fantastic DebutMikel Santiago has written a fantastic debut and The Last Night at Tre Beach is a thriller that breaks exciting ground and moves away from usual thrillers You will feel the fear of the major character as you follow him on his personal journey of hell while there is plenty of personal guilt to go around it is as if the parish priest has sprinkled holy water all over the placePeter Harper is a gifted Bafta winning musician whose personal life is in melt down and that has created trouble for his career and he is simply not creating any music He moves to a rented cottage on the northwest coast of Ireland and the very remote Tre Beach His nearest neighbours are a retired American couple Leo and Marie Kogan who take him under their wing He is sure there is something strange about the couple but he cannot put his finger on itOne night on his way home from a dinner at Leo and Marie’s Peter is struck by a lightning bolt and has the scar to prove it He begins to experience nightmares but these are not ordinary nightmares but lucid and terrifying Things are made even worse when his two children are visiting and he has a nightmare which scares both children and shakes Peter the coreHe thinks back to something his father told him when they were in Dublin that he must have a sixth sight rather like his mother These drove her and scared her then as she could predict things that happened and Peter felt that his dreams were rather the same He is worried that his nightmares will come true out on the beach and that it will be a bloody and terrifying end for him his children and anyone else that might be at the houseWe see Peter suffering and you feel his fear especially for his children and he is pensive and cannot rest properly even though he has sought help He knows something is going to happened and he really wants to make sure he can stop it but he is not sure he canThis is a fantastic debut thriller in which you are challenged to face down your fears out in a remote cottage that faces some very harsh weather This really is an atmospheric and haunting thriller which is evocative and dark at the same time This is an intense and pleasurable read

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La última noche en Tremore BeachUma praia enorme e solitária a casa de Tre Beach anuncia se como o local indicado Tudo parece perfeito até ue certa noite rebenta uma enorme tempestade«Nessa noite soprou um vento estranho A dor de cabeça ue me deixara tranuilo durante o dia começou novamente Tiue Taue Tiue Taue como um relógio Já tinha tomado metade dos comprimidos e c. I received a copy of this book from netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewThe Last Night at Tre Beach toes the line between thriller and horror as we follow the story of Peter Harper renowned composer who's spending a few months on a secluded Irish beach following a messy divorce One night he goes out to a dinner party during a storm and on the way back he gets out of his car to move a tree that's fallen in the road and gets struck by lightning The story that follows is part mystery part thriller and part paranormal as dreams and reality begin to blur and Peter doesn't know who he can trust to keep his visiting family safe from an impending crime I mostly liked this book Although the writing wasn't great it wasn't terrible either and it was definitely a page turner My problem is that I ultimately put it down with a 'so what' feeling Without giving away any details I'll just say that I found the ending much too neat and clean the result being that any potential for emotional resonance ended up neutered I didn't mind our narrator Peter and some of the secondary characters were intriguing but they weren't particularly memorable either Not much happens until the climax which resolves itself at the 90% mark It's a boring slog through the last 10% once we already know how the main action ended up playing out Again these characters aren't particularly interesting enough that we want a thorough follow up with their lives after the main drama I also don't see the point of Judie's backstory again no spoilers but a lot of gruesome information was divulged for what I can only assume to be shock value and I'm really running out of patience for that The Last Night at Tre Beach was originally published in Spanish in 2014 The English translation will be published in February 2017 Recommended if you're looking for a uick and somewhat mindless thriller There are some cool ideas here but for me the end result was just lacking in emotional resonance