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That Love is fool’s goldMeanwhile Samantha’s been caught up in a hedonistic lifestyle of cigarettes and alcohol with the 24 hour party people but now she’s had it up to here with Mancunians Cheaters weirdos and two faced scummers the lot of ’em When the drugs don’t work it’s time to grow up but no one’s going to take her for granted again Don’t look back in anger? Screw that She’s never been one to walk away2000 Tunes is a meditation on life family friends growing up and following your drea ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Mark and Sam work in the same office but Mark is uiet keeps his head down and is mainly invisible to some of the staff Sam on the other hand is a team leader open bubbly and gets up to all sorts out of work – thoroughly enjoying the party scene with her best friend Emily who also works on the teamMarks life has been tough but he’s trying his hardest to not end up like his Dad in prison and his brother Denny a criminal and thug The one thing that has always got him through is music When he gets tied up with some local gangsters all thanks to his family he’s in a tricky situation and he battles with himself about the right thing to do Meanwhile he decides to make some personal changes and bumps into Sam whilst out shopping They spend a lovely day together and a budding friendship begins But with their own issues affecting their heads and hearts their road to romance isn’t an easy oneSam is having a hard time of her own Her Nan has recently passed away and being in Manchester when her family are all in Wales is hard Partying to occupy her time she constantly clashes with her boss and is miserable in the house she sharesBut what will Sam decide to do? Will Mark make the right decision? And will they finally end up together?I really enjoyed getting to know Mark and Sam They’re both very deep complex characters with their own histories but Mark definitely got to me the most Such a lovely guy despite his upbringing and family he wants to do well in life but has no confidence At times I really felt like he may have a slight learning disability; he finds it hard sometimes to interpret people’s comments manage certain situations and is very sensitive It’s heartwarming to read and I just wanted to hug him He just wants to do the right thing but struggles with knowing what that is especially when it comes to family His love and knowledge of music is extraordinary and helps him to get by He also has some cute aspects about him his alternatives to swearing which I found adorable and made me chuckle at timesSam as I’ve said is pretty much the opposite Bubbly and outgoing but has her own problems I felt a bit torn about Sam; I did like her and wanted them to get together but at times I wanted to give her a bit of a talking to The other characters in this are also fab Emily would drive me nuts as a best friend and definitely takes things too far sometimes Roger is such a creep and angered me on numerous occasions; and Ben and Dave are fab I wasn’t sure about these 2 either at first but they definitely come through – especially DaveI did find the story a little hard to get into a first and it is very long Although the story is slowly revealed I think it was a little slow for me to begin with It picked up for me about half way through and then I really wanted to keep going to reach the conclusion I liked that each chapter brings in a new song but I did find the references to music too much sometimes but then the title kind of gives it away so it’s probably down to my own expectations I think if you’re a fan of the Manchester music scene of the time then you will love this and it will take you right back Don’t get me wrong some of the songs bought back memories for me but my music tastes at the time were pretty differentOverall I did enjoy this and would read from the author It’s taught me that reading something with so much music in probably isn’t for me but that’s not down to the book that’s just my personal opinion However I do think lots of you will enjoy it and the story of Sam and Mark is brilliant and will reel you in It will bring out a lot of emotions especially if you adore Mark like I doAs I’ve mentioned if you’re a music fan especially the Manchester music scene then you will throughly enjoy this; and if you’re familiar with Manchester as a place then definitely check this out However I don’t want any of you to discount this book because you don’t fit into these categories You’ll still enjoy this if you’re a fan of a gentle and unhurried romance wonderful in depth and complex characters with back stories and literary fictionsagas So if this is you check this out

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2000 Tunes “He started to sketch a face A random face With dark eyes and hair Just any old face He made the chin too small and drew over it but then it looked like a double chin That wasn’t appropriate for Ah He had been drawing Sam”Mark Hopton’s an outsider obsessed with Manchester music He knows the dates facts band members lyrics histories and places He can join them in complicated webs of association because he knows the secret everything’s connected Music’s his escape into a better worldOh man he needs After enjoying Cold Fusion 2000 so much I was looking forward to Drinkwater's next book and this didn't disappoint It has everything I have come to expect from Drinkwater's writing Dialogue that nails the metre and manic exuberance of the Manc tongue Perfectly realised rudderless 20 somethings stuck in empty jobs and flats A dash of magic realism in the form of a 'Kathy Burke impersonator in the flesh' The obligatory dig at Stretford 'Crammed by day dead by night Morrisey grew up in Stretford No wonder he was miserable' Manchester music holds this book together as it holds Mark's life together But dig deeper into this seeming love letter to the Manchester music scene and starts to read like an obituary All the good music gone The Hacienda closed The Conti faded captured here before the lights go out for the last time a year laterMark makes endless connections between the music he loves 'It's like a pattern for me It's all for me it's all connected' But these patterns form a web as sticky as that woven by his family that fixes him in the past so he can't see the future He is ' Lost in music' and only when he realises that going over the connections is as futile as repainting double yellow lines on a transient skin of a city that doesn't care can he move on Only then can he live the words of one of the bands he loves 'The past was yours but the future's mine'

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2000 Tunes kindle ´ 468 pages Download ✓ “He started to sketch a face A random face With dark eyes and hair Just any old face He made the chin too small and drew over it but then it looked like a double chin That wasn’t appropriate for Ah He had been drawing Sam”Mark Hopton’s an outsider obsessed with Manchester music He knows tThat escape His dad’s in prison his psycho brother’s only one step away and they’re twisting his melons trying to make him risk his freedom by smuggling drugs It ain’t easy saying no when family and their shady contacts can be bone breakingly persuasive Heaven knows he’s miserable nowThe summer sun does bring one ray of light he secretly admires Samantha a beautiful Welsh girl at work Watching her is like listening to music it strengthens him she’s his wonderwall of true faith He’s happy with 2000 Tunes by Karl DrinkwaterManchester Summer #2Samantha Rees and Mark Hopton should have nothing in common than being employees at the same business seeing one another at work and living rather unhappy solitary lives and then again they just might cross paths and find something special in one another before the end of the book This book has elements of than one genre with New Adult coming of age finding oneself and romance as easy picks but it is all of those and then something What I liked Mark a good person who made of himself than either his brother or father His interest in music sustains him in ways that are intriguing SamanthaSam a woman that seemed to have lost her true self in a city far from home working in a job that did not enrich her life She had potential she could not realize until she was able to embrace a much needed change Bazzy Intriguing character that reminded me a bit of a movie I once watched Drop Dead Fred The writing story and how it all came together That both Sam and Mark made positive decisions by the end of the book The illustrations at the beginning of each chapter Some of the supporting charactersWhat I did not like Mark’s father and brother Not really a dislike BUT did wonder how the two would be in the future but may never find outDid I enjoy this book? YesWould I read by this author? YesThank you to the author and BOTBS Publicity for the copy to read – this is my honest review 5 Stars