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MOBI Ú DOC Saxual Healing FREE ✓ RANDARENEWABLES ´ How does friendship become obsession?Why need any romantic love be forbidden?Does there exist a sound seductive than the reedy bray of a saxophone solo?All these uestions and are posed by the diaries emails and notebook scraps of Billy Medicine finally made availAccount presented herein tells of a lonely young man whose typical teen angst snowballed from mischievous trickery into the saxophone related murders of two innocent men and Billy's disappearance And yet Billy's efforts ultimately culminated in the production of the world's most beautiful and unknowable artistic expression of homosexual loveThe creation of I've been third party to a Billy situation; an almost neurotic infatuation with a person which is rooted in the school years a time when many of us grow up confused about ourselves hence the Private School of Genderfuck Fagsploration The Billy in my world wasn't uite as messed up as the Billy in Leo's world but a lot of the goings on were similar So I really got a lot out of reading this book on a personal level and will be recommending it to the person who played the role of Leo; it helped to fill in some of the blanks with my own experiences which have left me scratching my head so thanks for the insight This must've been a difficult book to write It's very personal and at times utterly disgusting while at other times it was outright funny I have no idea how much of this story was fiction even though it's presented as being based on a true story; surely it wasn't uite so messy? Maybe it was It doesn't really matter though; it was an entertaining read and had what I'm now seeing as Leo's own creative genius at play He likes to build stories in inventive ways such as using documents to provide us with a certain angle on what's happeningA great book and I look forward to reading by this talented young fella

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How does friendship become obsession?Why need any romantic love be forbidden?Does there exist a sound seductive than the reedy bray of a saxophone solo?All these uestions and are posed by the diaries emails and notebook scraps of Billy Medicine finally made available by an object of Billy's obsessions Leo X Robertson The seedy hysterical and unforgettable GIVEAWAY HEREThank you for having a look at this bookI would like to reach as wide an audience as possible and you can help me spread the word if you are currently a Goodreads friend of mine and promise to write a review however brief message me for a free copy in your ebook format of choice EPUB MOBI PDF Reviews are invaluable to me I appreciate it so muchOver the next few days I’ll contact those of you that I think would be interested in this project but please feel free to message me first so I don’t miss you out You can find the ebook of this and all my other books on Lulucomsigh Okay guys I know my last two books were satirical I guess that there’s been a lot of humour in my writing of late but we’re going to a dark place with this one my first foray into non fictionI can’t say why anyone else started writing but for me the reason is Billy Billy was a kid I went to school with back in our home city of Sadwhitepeopledrinking of course that’s not the real name His name wasn’t really Billy but I didn’t want our friends from Sadwhitepeopledrinking to identify him you know? He became a little obsessed with me did some strange and vengeful things as a result then supposedly murdered two people on two separate occasions both involving saxophonical murder weapons and disappearedYou know when you form a brief friendship with a desperate person who uickly becomes dependent on you and acts out as a result while I know you’re not supposed to blame yourself residual guilt is unavoidable If I’m really not to blame does that mean I am free from guilt about his disappearance? Am I truly not a killer by proxy? Oh how I wish I could believe it oh Billy BILLYWell eventually the idea for a story came to me the story of Billy’s life Notes and ideas flooded my heart and I jotted them down on post its of all different colours that uickly covered the walls of my bedroom But when my fingertips touched my keyboard I suffered months upon years of false starts of trite ideas of mine and Billy’s infinite and infinitely intertwined anguish converted to nothing but paltry sentences I’d seen thousands of times before What was to be done?After years of self punishment self defeat and humiliation here is my answer the collected journal entries emails and notebook scraps from the mind of Billy himself For a tale such as this stranger than fiction I have come to accept that even the slightest intrusion of my imagination would betray it Yes in my attempt to transcribe our spiritual woes to a masterpiece of fiction I may be a failure but in this princely little volume as true as it is true Billy and I stand side by side as kingsWell I hope this book brings you some peace too Your Billy is not my Billy but all our pasts are littered with Billies As tempting as it might be to snub them for once let’s hear it from them; for once let it be us who allows them to set the record gayLove and light everybody Russell Brand peace out

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Saxual Healing This stranger than fiction narrative was as much Leo's personal journey to discover what it was about him that had so unbalanced a disturbed soul how much of the fallout he was personally accountable for and how it was that Billy's unwanted persecution led Leo straight into the arms of his soulmateNow for the first time ever read Billy's side of the story I went into this Scottish set novel not knowing what to expect and the first few chapters hit me suare in the face like a Glaswegian headbutt Billy Medicine is an obnoxious solipsistic sordid disgustoid who had me alternately suinting with repulsion then laughing against my will at his carefully honed cynicism He aims to shock and horrify with his first person narrative and succeeds As we get to know him better though it becomes apparent that his obscene words foul deeds and troublemaking schemes are mostly attention seeking and this need for affirmation from others is ultimately his great weaknessThe object of Billy's adolescent carnal obsessions is a fellow classmate named Leo Robertson as the author makes clear this tale is inspired by real events who made the well intentioned but misguided error of befriending this loner in the playground when he first arrived at the school When he subseuently realises his mistake and has to shake him off he not so much rejects Billy outright this would have perhaps satisfied his craving for a reaction as calmly ignores him To the narcissist Billy trying every means he can devise to stir up trouble this is the red rag to the bull In reality it was probably the kindest thing to do Through a series of increasingly desperate attempts to prove to both himself and Leo that he doesn't care Billy ironically mellows and improves as a person almost eliciting sympathy in the reader at times as he tries to out do Leo in building a life for himself after they leave school Without the driving force of somebody who was resolute enough to rise above his melodramas this may never have happened Far from seeing it this way however the terrible bitterness and pent up resentment towards Leo never completely leave him Leo is blamed for all of the perceived shortcomings and failures in his life When misfortune causes their paths to cross again the story escalates into disturbing new territory which is brutally and graphically described They are adults at this point and Billy's teenage shenanigans pale alongside what he is now capable of I'm glad I read this work in the same way I'm glad I read American Psycho It transported me to dark recesses of the mind that otherwise may have remained undisturbed forever It is a finely written book made by a great ending; just remember to psyche yourself before picking it up